The Presidential hopeful is now a true “Presidential Wanna-be”. 
By: David A. Franklin, Jr.
The urge, the longing, the itch and the craving to be in the White House is so overwhelming. The evidence of this ‘want’ used to seep through the edges and the cracks of Mitt Romney's skin but has now engulfed him, Mrs. Mitt and all five infantile, juvenile Mitts. 

The saliva-dripping, tongue-on-the-floor exhibit by this family is almost sinful.  There is nothing in life anyone should want so much that he/she will barter his or her soul at every opportunity and sell it to the devil for zero dollars.  But then again, a Tin Man has no soul and the offsprings - the “tin-nettes” or those who marry into this setting (classified as “birds-of- a-feather”) cannot be expected to have a soul – can they?.

The most practiced and honed quality of Mitt Romney is lying and he sucks big-time - school children in England can see through the lies! We ask for transparency and we get transparency we all see through him:

On Abortion – Pro-Life with no exceptions on abortion. He is now underscoring his support for abortion and 

On Immigration – Originally in the presidential primaries Mr. Romney’s was for self deportation, vetoing the “Dream 
                               Act” then in speaking to Latino voters he said: “The kids of those that came here illegally, 
                               those kids I think should have a pathway to become a permanent resident of the United 
                               States”. As recently as early as this month (October) he said that if elected president, he would 
                               end the program that offers hundreds of thousands of those immigrants two-year reprieves from 
                               deportation, which the Obama administration began in August. October 2012

On Healthcare – His Massachusetts sweeping healthcare law expanded the state’s Medicaid program and resulted 
                            into doubled the number of insured residents which required residents to secure coverage or be 
                            taxed.  Then he vilified President Obama’s healthcare system which is mirror-image of the 
                            Massachusetts’ law while criticizing benefits such as coverage of pre-existing conditions. In the 
                            Presidential campaign he is back and forth on repeal then accept, repeal then accept.

On Taxes – Hike taxes on the middle class but give tax breaks to the rich, wealthy and famous. Then he says it will 
                     mean more take home pay for the middle class – more taxes resulting into more take-home is an 
                     oxymoron if ever there were one. But then again, Romney is a moron.
* On Foreign Policy – Summed up in the President’s words last night in the debate:
                                   “Governor, when it comes to our foreign policy, you seem to want to import the 
                                   foreign policies of the 1980s," Obama told Romney during the debate at Lynn University. 
                                   "Just like the social policies of the 1950s and the economic policies of the 1920s."

On Women’s Rights – Scary!  Equal pay for equal work, a law enacted in what Mr. Romney would call a “Third 
                                     World” country Jamaica since 1975.  JAMAICA THE EMPLOYMENT (EQUAL PAY FOR 
                                     MEN AND WOMEN) ACT Act 34 of 1975. [1st: December, 1975.] This is thirty four (34) years 
                                     before President Obama signed it into law and Mr. Romney is opposing it.  Or no ... I forgot!!! 
                                     He has a binder full of women. The social policies of the 1950s and the economic policies of 
                                     the 1920s.

On Outsourcing Jobs, or resting his money in tax-safe havens, OR ON JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING... 

                                                                  You suck Mr. Romney!
President Obama is everything that Governor Romney is not, cannot and will never be.  

The President is smart.  He did not get his entry to Harvard, his intellect, his suave, his pleasing personality, his sufistication, his charm by the affirmative action of a cash rich-father of a dunce kid, he had to earn it by his assets bestowed upon him by his Father, God. 

Mitt Romney and the far right of the Republican Party, including the Tea Party, use the term “entitlement” to demean and debase the very workers who are the backbone, the digestive system, the cardiovascular system and muscles of the country.  BUT on their side of the fence, the dictionary shows a different and elevating meaning for entitlement – because of who he is, he is entitled to the White House and the other guy for who he is, is not!

I cannot for the life of me understand why this President, with all his achievements under unprecedented harsh circumstances is so unappreciated and hated.  My mother has shared a song with me that she says sums up the answer to my question and it really does. 
Great melody – you should listen to it, especially the words some of which I have extracted and included below. 

Cut and paste......
Pop Tops “Oh Lord, Why Lord”
I search the open sky to find the reason why
The color of my skin is said to be an awful sin 
Oh Lord, Why Lord

I have to live and live and 
Give much more than I can give
Oh Lord, Why Lord

I feel the weight of everlasting hate
But my strength will not grow faint
Oh Lord, why Lord

Pop Tops (or Los Pop-Tops) were a vocal/instrumental band, formed in 1967 in Madrid, Spain and consisting of José Lipiani, Alberto Vega, Ignacio Pérez, Julián Luis Angulo, Enrique Gómez, Ray Gómez plus lead singer Phil Trim (born January 5, 1940, Trinidad and Tobago)



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