By David A. Franklin, Jr.

It was back in 1994 when James Inhofe (Republican of Oklahoma) coined the phrase “God, Guns and Gays!” as the theme for his U.S. Senatorial campaign. This has been a constant nauseating GOP mantra to this day.

The Republicans have been obsessed with these topics ever since.

The U.S. Supreme Court is currently deliberating Same Sex Marriage. Great! As a straight man, I hope that gays are allowed to marry and have the same rights as straight married couples? This nation is absolutely not a one-religion (Christian) nation and nobody, especially Democrats, wants to take away anybody’s guns. Americans simply want gun owners to be more responsible and to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, children and the mentally unstable. Is that too much to ask? Why fight against stronger gun control laws? Haven’t we learned anything from the rash of school shootings in recent years? Logics would dictate that it would be the decent thing to pursue. It seems not. What will it take for common sense to finally prevail? Are Republicans that afraid of the National Rifle Association? (rhetorical question).

I find it hilarious, but at the same time somewhat deeply disturbing, that right wingers and Christians think that America was founded, and is built on Christian principles. If we care to analyze history we will see that America was founded on genocide, murder and mayhem. Just ask the Native American Indians who were on the land way before Europeans arrived? When
the European settlers arrived, they came with diseases, murdered people who were here before them, looked different than them and others died because of genocide through evil enslavement. The same applies to African-Americans who went through hell for hundreds of years because of slavery. We saw a near total annihilation of a people due to greed, hate and xenophobia. Sadly, it is human nature to destroy when we are not educated on a particular subject. Kill now, ask questions later. That is, and has always been, the “American Way” for some - whether it is the refusal to educate themselves about cultural customs, or demeaning a race because of the color of their skin which amounts to sheer ignorance and idiocy.Regrettably, some in America up to this day, swim in the cesspool of ignorance, intolerance and bigotry. And to put the cream on the
top of all this folly, enter the Republican Party and the sycophants of the Tea Party – Republicans who are nothing but fawning flatterers of the Tea Party, they ingest the Tea Party’s madness for no other reason but for personal gain - it has nothing to do with “good of country”. And this nightmare refuses to end.
Prior to the 1965 Voting Rights Act, it was the Democratic Party who harbored such ills that permeated society. Some hated the idea of inter-racial marriage, the black person’s right to vote, a woman’s right to vote, and the long list goes on. Because of the courageous stance by President Lyndon B. Johnson, the landscape of the American electorate changed drastically and forever. The Dixiecrats, or the old time Democrats, switched to the Republican Party in droves. The “New” South was born and the “Southern Strategy” employed by Republicans from Richard Nixon to Mitt Romney. Sadly it has taken 45 years for America to wake up and strike that thinking down. The demography and ethnic build of America has over time experienced dramatic change, yet the GOP refuses to change with the times. Good for them! Only a fool refuses to
learn from his/her errors.  The Republicans’ actions can only be defined as lunacy. Whenever one keeps employing a strategy which fails time and time again and in the case of the GOP, refusing to recognize the obvious – demography and the all important distinction of each group (women, young voters, gays, people of color). Republicans have seemingly adopted the “Back to the Future” fiction and have jumped head-long into Doc Holliday’s Delorean; they keep going back to 1968. Mitt Romney tried to employ the “Southern Strategy” and failed  embarrassingly. After all, this is the same GOP who makes stuff up as they go along. They are out of touch, outclassed and out of their minds when it comes to reality, and seem not to be within earshot of what Barack Obama and the real America is about today. They have failed to come to grips with the new and evolving American electorate soon to be dominated by the “Minority Majority”.It makes them mad to a point where they say they will change but persist in doing the same ridiculous nonsense that causes them to humiliate themselves daily. It is the new norm and their stupidity, their hate and tantrum shine through their transparent hypocrisy.

As a Democrat, I hope they continue on this self destructive path. But, is it good for America? Absolutely not!!! They have repeatedly proven how incompetent, inept and out of their depth they are when it comes to knowing what is right for America. And those who continually vote for these crazy, fanatical, extremist clowns need to really do some self evaluation of their own sanity and question their character. Who could vote for a party that continues to assault the rights of women, working class people, minorities, undocumented immigrants, gays, etc.? The very definition of crazy is doing something over and over expecting different results. Sigmund Freud would have a field-day examining the minds of such sociopaths.

The godfather of conservatism, Newt Gingrich, has been married three times. Reality star Kim Kardashian was married for 72 days. Pop princess Britney Spears was married once for a whopping 55 hours. Their patron saint, Rush Limbaugh, has been married four times. Other straight Republicans who have been married multiple times are Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and, as statistics show, that there are most divorces in the Bible Belt of America than anywhere else. Mark Sanford eloped from his wife and family to go his sweetheart and is now representing himself as candidate. But… “The Belt” is where the bastion, the fortress of Family Values emanates. In this region there are many people who fit into that country/western and aggressively prejudice stereotype. They swear up and down that they are Christians (and most are Republican) yet their lifestyles are hardly consistent with the "conservative" or Godly ideal.

They need to get off their high horse and get with the times – times are a-changing. Who are they to question someone else’s lifestyle when theirs is so imperfect? Stop with the hating of gay people! If gays want to get married let them be. If we couple Christianity with some true interpretation of its doctrines we see God the Almighty could have mandated mankind to do all good but didn’t. He gave us the option to choose between good and bad.  How dare Christians then to dictate that gays are society’s outcasts while the doctrines of the Bible plainly show that condemnation is reserved for and should be between the sinner and his/her God? The Christ in Christian said to the condemning crowd “He who is without sin, cast the first stone”. Unlike the crowd in Jesus’ time, this Christian crowd is casting the first, second and third stones and any other missile it can find or create at these groups they have so self-righteously condemned! 
Conservatives should worry about their lives and not what others want to do with theirs - gay or straight. There are more pressing things of importance in the here-and-now; these people need to wake up and come from the 1800s. Americans need more jobs, more opportunities for prosperity to live and realize their “American Dream”.

Not everyone believes in a deity. To say America is a Christian nation is a tall story even by the definition of Christianity! Stop ramming this thinking down people’s throats while trying to convince yourself that it is. Most importantly, stop being judgmental!

And there is the gun debate that absorbs so much precious time to be used in fixing the economy, for example, providing more jobs, addressing education, climate change, the poverty rate, prisons and crime, women’s rights,…… The obvious thing for Republicans to do is to listen to the people. Why is it so hard to hear that the American people cry for universal background check, limiting/reducing clip capabilities, closing all loopholes for the sale of guns at gun shows and private sales and a ban on all assault weapons.

I know Republicans are dumb but are they also deaf. Both qualities add up to being a mute. 

The time for “God, Guns and Gays!” is over. Let us do what is right by providing good American jobs, eliminating Corporate tax loopholes, making laws protecting women, the environment, gun control,
comprehensive immigration reform, proper infrastructure, education, etc. The time to act is now! Let us stop the foolishness and get cooking with what is necessary to compete globally in the 21st Century. America deserves better… No deserves the best! 

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Dedicated to Tomas Young, my dear Uncle -Chief Petty Officer John Ferguson(Retired), Spl. Victor Pagan(Retired) and all the brave men and women who have served, and are currently serving in the U. S. Armed Forces around the world.  To those who have paid the ultimate price and to those who continue to server repetitive tours of duty.  No words can ever express how much we love you and appreciate your  sacrifice....thank you!!!!   
By David A. Franklin, Jr.
Why aren’t the treasonous monsters who are responsible for the failed invasion of Iraq have never been tried, found guilty and put in prison? They must be held accountable for their deliberate lies and the selfishness and greed that have caused death on both sides numbering in the hundreds of thousands and untold suffering to countless of families in Iraq and here at home. America’s bravest (please note that not one in the Bush or Cheney family is numbered among these bravest) who are ‘lucky’ to return home (almost 40,000 from Iraq alone) come back with untold suffering ranging from seemingly simple conditions of generalized body aches and pain, to severe fatigue, memory problems and mood disorders and instability.

PTSD, (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) rolls off our tongues with such ease that even me myself do not give due consideration or cannot fully appreciate the gravity of this condition which our men and women have to live with and the stress their families and friends have to undergo to be there for them. And all this, because of lies, deceit, greed and the wickedness of a few whom the rest of us trusted to run the country and as an extension, run our lives.

But I put this forward, that even if the laws of the land omit to deal with these individuals, there is a higher power called God, or the Universe whichever you prefer who/that will deal with this injustice and avenge this wrong! Their blood lust
and all for greed for Iraqi oil will eventually get them as karma always gets revenge on the wicked while they are yet alive.

Karma never fails!

Not only have 4,500 Americans soldiers died, but the dead also include up to 3,400 U.S. contractors approximately 11,000 Iraqi police, 318 allied military, and 62 humanitarian workers. An additional 39,926 Americans have been severely injured. America is now experiencing severe bankruptcy with a large contribution of this ‘legacy’ resulting from this war.

Brown University commissioned a study which shows that, since the unjust Iraq War began, the American tax payer has footed the bill and the Federal Government has borrowed a lot to fund this stupid war. It currently stands at $1.7 trillion and this is before adding future care for veterans and interest on war borrowing. Adding anticipated future costs for veterans care, Iraq's share of the $4 trillion spent and obligated for Iraq and AfPak rises to over $2.1
. Foreign Policy:  The Iraq War: Ten Years in Ten Numbers - Neta C. Crawford Wednesday, March 20, 2013

There is an excruciating pain in our collective hearts –(at least for the majority of us who do have a heart) to read about the veteran, Tomas Young of Kansas City, Missouri, who wrote a letter chastising both Bush and Cheney on their main/major roles leading up to war with Iraq. What has happened to this young man and the countless of other men and women was avoidable. But, because of falsehoods and outright lies, he awaits and inches towards a horrific death. Can Bush and Cheney for a moment imagine themselves in the position of this young man? See themselves as an insurgent’s AK-47 bullet pierces and shatters their spines to pieces. Tomas Young was only five days into his tour when that unfortunate gunfight happened. Can they picture themselves in this young man’s reality where he has not been able to walk since. He was only 22 years old then. Can you Messers Bush and Cheney imagine the pain and horror he
must have undergone, and still is suffering? No I darn well know you cannot begin to imagine? Neither can I! This soldier is the subject of a 2007 documentary “Body of War” which chronicled his recovery and the Iraq War. Screening the film to the audience, he addressed the crowd. He admitted that he wanted to end his life because of the mental,
physical and psychological pain he is undergoing even to this day. Messers Bush and Cheney do as he pleads – stand up for one minute and apologize and just pretend you are human and that you do have a heart.
Republicans want to say today that the war in Iraq was to liberate the Iraqi
people from a tyrannical ruler. That is a lie! Republicans said then that the
reason which dictated invasion was that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass
destruction and had to be stopped. That too is a blatant and downright lie! But
then having held these Republicans under the ‘integrity microscope’ since then
we have proven that they are pathological liars! They cannot control themselves when it comes to lying; they are inflicted with the mental disease of lying.
 Al Qaeda had no presence in Iraq before the 2003 U.S. invasion.   But a new organization, known as Al Qaeda in Iraq, has since formed and has attacked U.S. and Iraqi forces, and wages regular attacks on Iraqi
civilians. Additionally, by 2013, AQI had spread offshoots and technical know-how to Syria, Jordan, and Libya. If Iraq became a "front" in the war on terrorism, as Jessica Stern, former member of the National Security Council and current fellow at the Hoover Institution, and her co-author Megan McBride, say "it is a front that the United States created."
Facts researched and assembled by some of the 29 contributors to the Costs of War
based at Brown University.

TOMAS YOUNG - paralyzed from his chest down by snyper's bullet in Iraq...
There is no obvious reason for the invasion but to rob the Iraqi people of their oil, plain and simple. A spade is a spade so let us call it what it is.  As Dick Cheney said in a new documentary “The World According to Dick Cheney”,if he had to do it all over again he would. No hint that he would have approached it in the slightest of different way. And with all the evidence of abject human mental and physical suffering and the extended suffering to the total American population; with unnecessary spending causing and contributing handsomely to poverty in the country this heartless (no pun intended) and evil man shows no remorse?

What is more puzzling is that Barack Obama kept most of the policies in place. The Obama Administration should investigate and prosecute those criminals involved for war crimes against humanity. Sorry to say this because I love my President but I must ask - Are decisions made whether or not to bring to justice deeds such as these based on what could happen to me should I have one misstep and the powers that be at that time come down harshly in

France and Britain attempted nation building after World War II in the Middle East and they failed miserably. Does America think they can do a better job of nation building today post-Iraq, post-Afghanistan and if invasion is encouraged and not vehemently dissuaded post-Iran? So far, the Iraq war has been a colossal and embarrassing failure that turned out to be too costly in human and financial damage.

There ought to be a law that stipulates that members of Congress can only vote to go to war if they have a child enlisted in the Armed Forces. I bet
these war-hungry, power-thirsty, money-worshipers would think twice about voting
to go to war?
In closing, let us hold the collective feet of members in Congress to the fire. Regardless of political affiliation, Americans must never be so complacent and so willing to believe what they are told.  They should never follow blindly like lost sheep what these “servants of the people” put forward as facts. Right now, had Congress been in a regular business environment, their every action would be micro-managed because they prove they cannot be trusted to think or act logically.  We are smarter than that and we deserve better for a change. The chips are falling into place after ten grueling years of agony over a war that never had to be fought. The only way meaningful change can occur is if people pay attention to how their government works, what politicians do in Washington, D.C. and how they do it and how their actions affect everybody.  We need to get involved in some way in our political process. Let us step out of the zone of being dumbed down and let us wake up. 2014 and 2016 are just around the corner. Let us hope good sense will prevail and Eric Holder’s Justice Department will open the case against George W. Bush and Company. That is the very least we owe the heroes who have died so their deaths would not be in vain. That way, we can honestly say we tried to right a grotesque wrong. Try to show that democracy is real and not some silly story-book fantasy. Let us end all wars and bring home all our troops. With the money we save we can rebuild America and be stronger at home and be respected abroad. Let the flag of freedom and democracy fly high. Investigate and call to answer for the atrocities, injustice and war crimes against humanity by George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and everyone responsible for war crimes against the people of Iraq and the unspeakable, incalculable grief brought to our fellow Americans!

"Non sibi sed patriae" .......(Not self but country) - “Semper Fidelis” ...............(Always Faithful) -
“ This (the US) We'll Defend" …….  God bless Tomas Young of Kansas City, Missouri, God bless our troops and God bless the United States of America.  

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How Republicans And Their Corporate Masters Continue To Destroy The American Dream
By David A. Franklin, Jr.
So, CPAC will be having their convention soon. The lineup of "regurgitators” of bile, hate, selfishness and crazy rhetoric boasts names as Rick Perry, Rush Limbaugh, Rick Santorum, Sarah Palin, Allen West, Ann Coulter, Michele Bachmann, Sean Hannity, Hugh Hewitt, Michael Savage, Laura Ingram, Mike Huckabee, Jeb Bush, Michelle Malkin, Marco Rubio, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck and many more like-minded  unpredictable, unreal and some extraordinarily silly individuals. 

America, and the world, would do so well without these flawed, defective theorists who have the news cycles tied up
each and every day pushing their Neo-Con agenda in addition to the other several and varied beliefs of whichever wing of the splintered GOP they may represent.

In addition, and sad to say, to whatever proportion America views cable television and listens to conservative radio, (FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, the political propaganda machines for the House and Senate Republicans, et al) we are led to believe that the sequester is a big scare – a sham and an attempt by President Obama and Democrats to scare voters into voting for them in 2014 and 2016 and to vilify the GOP. 

-        The  president is using the sequester “to scare people in order to grow the size of government” according to Sen. 
         John Cornyn, R-Texas,

 -       Representative Tim Huelskamp, R-Kan, says “most of the nation will wake up and yawn” the Friday morning 
         when the sequester is supposed to chip in

 -       On March 6th, Fox News  ( ‘announced’ that Leaked email adds fuel to claims White House 
          playing politics over impact of cuts” 

-         Upon announcing that White House tours have been cancelled as a result of the sequester, Rep. Kevin Cramer, 
          R-N.D said on Fox News “It’s  politically motivated. It seems childish – take my ball and go home"

-          Rep Ted Poe, R-Texas said “the people have been banned from the people’s house”

But for those who listen to local news channels in counties, cities and townships, they not only hear but have begun to feel the early effects.  To the unfeeling and callous Republicans who mock the cuts as silly I invite them to bring their cynicism to the real flesh and blood Americans to whom they are employed.

Tell it to the air traffic controllers at the Detroit’s Coleman Young International Airport and the other 172 small airports around the country where the control towers are slated to be closed on April 7th of this year.  Let them speak to inherent safety issues where as a result of this shut down pilots will have to coordinate their own arrivals and departures

“Recovery efforts following a tornado in Atlanta are being drained of federal help because of sequestration related cuts. [WAGA-TV]

The Georgia Department of Labor is figuring out how to reduce unemployment
benefits by nearly 11 percent starting on March 31. [WSB-TV]

The Spokane County Meals On Wheels is looking at a $45,000 budget cut
. "I'm scared," the program quoted one official with the group saying. "How do we keep serving all the people that need it?" [KREM-TV]

Cleanup efforts following the Hanford nuclear leak in Washington state are complicated by171 million in sequester-related budget cuts
. "The largest part of those cuts would be in underground tank Management," reported
KCPQ in Seattle. "New leaks were just discovered in six of those tanks." [KCPQ-TV, KPTV-TV] 
Huffington Post, “The Sequester Cuts' Impact Goes Deeper Than White House Tours”, March 8, 2013

Within the first four days of the sequester, major airports were experiencing longer lines and processing time. We
have to remember that transportation has a real impact on business – from loss of man hours to late delivery of goods and services and for items as sensitive as organs for surgery/transplant. Airport security and immigration enforcement
personnel are not exempt.

The GOP has failed across the board in promoting their economic policies, they continue to try convincing voters that their ideological beliefs are best for
America and in the process they have lost the trust of the new “Minority Majority” and gained the chagrin of many other voting blocks. The aim of the CPAC convention one would think would be to come together and move out with a united thinking and mission and vision; but how can this be achieved with so many factions. This is “a house divided” that cannot and will not stand.The crumble is being witnessed in plain view. And while they fight and fall into decay, they take the American economy and wellbeing with them. 

Without self analysis and detailed mental examination of their thoughts and motives they will continue the fight for power within their splintered ranks and continue to be destructive to the party and to the American economy and to the moral fabric of which the country is made. 
But America is on to their game and this is evidenced in the polls. They continue to be deaf because they are steeped in their own mire of selfish and varied goals but come 2014 the people will speak at the polls, in a language one would hope they will be forced to understand or accept. And I say “hope” because the people’s voice was loud and clear in 2012 but Republicans are stone deaf.We are witnessing the official start of the Republican implosion and we are in for a treat. The distressing thing is that these “treats”are the bitter pills of a reversal in the economic recovery trend, job losses, increased poverty and an escalated clown-show which the rest of the world watches with a mixture of amusement, astonishment, horror and disbelief.  As I observed in one of my recent articles, the GOP’s internal war gets bigger with each passing day.

-Governor Chris Christie stood up for what was correct and now he’s paying the ultimate price for not toeing the party line. He was too close to Barack Obama after the Super Storm Sandy and called out people in his own party for playing politics rather than doing the honorable thing and help victims try to recover.

-A Republican majority voted against hurricane relief

-They pushed back environmental laws, fought against legislation promoting Comprehensive Immigration Reform, fought against renewing the Women’s Against Violence Act and  many more obstructions. Each faction (and in instances a faction comprises one individual) tries to outdo the other, to out stupid the other. It’s a destructive path but none of them will see the light because they are all too busy committing the deadly sins – greedfor their own pockets and elevated lifestyles, gluttonyenvy of the president and his popularity and his mandate which they work arduously to negate and to destroy anything he does even before he does it, lust to be in the White House outside of the
infrequent invitations to lunch.

And by God – sloth. 

Is there anywhere in the business of running an organization (the country is a complex business organization) that the highly paid employees take time-off to go home as often as the US Congress does? In real business, these persons would be fired, but Congress too is not immune from pink slips.Let us wait and see sequestration come 2014 and 2016 job evaluation will bring. 
There will be a real cut to Republicans from Congress!!

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