Get Over It Republicans – Barack Obama is President!  Recognize that you ended your relationship with the truth and moderation and are now romantically involved with ‘Stinker’ (The Tea Party) and Stinker is the lover you should never have.

The Death of Republicans, the Tea Party and the Extremism In American Politics

By: David A. Franklin, Jr.
In the 2001 American romantic comedy film ‘Get Over It’ the girlfriend of a teenage boy ends their relationship and moves to another boy, Stinker. While there is nothing romantic or comedic about the drama being played out in Washington, Republicans need to get over President Obama’s win and get on with doing the country’s business. But no! I forgot they haven’t done any real business since George W. Bush through to the last four years when all they did was lie, cheat, deceive, con, defraud and dupe to get in the White House while earning for the House of Representative the worst rating in not so recent history.

‘Stinker’ (the Tea Party) and the Republicans have become severely unhinged and irrational. Thanks in a large part to the re-election of Barack Obama as President of the United States the other part is that they are intoxicated by hunger for power, and are haters and racists! Yes, I said it – racists. I will not expand on this incrimination of the GOP of obvious and glaring discrimination against the President. The sad part is that it is being played out in full view and the world watches and laughs at the country which indeed was and continues to think it is the beacon of good, common sense and elevated thinking.  As Stinker and his girlfriend (GOP) continue to froth at the mouth, they slip further into irrelevance at home and abroad, they take the country with them on this downward spiral while other world powers get into bed with concentrated thinking and sensible action to improve their economies and their world recognition and approval. 
America is making a dramatic comeback economically under the great leadership of the Obama-Biden Administration and they just cannot accept it.
The movie “Get Over It” was set in a high school to a post-high school background and by God this pair (GOP/Tea Party) is acting the part perfectly! The constant threat of a break up and of domestic violence by the Tea Party if the GOP should ever act outside of its desires, a perfect manifestation of adolescent behavior in their developmental transition from childhood to adulthood exhibiting a fight to gain cognitive, emotional and social maturation. 

The GOP turns the guns on to each other casting blame on individuals. Instead of looking at what they did wrong as a collective political movement, they rather blame others for their idiocy, their hate and their sheer incompetence. 

I am reminded of the Whig Party back in the 1800s that represented the main national opposition to the Democratic Party from the mid-1830s until the early 1850s. As it was then it is now with the Republican Party. 
But we must remember that the infighting and blame games of the 1800s Whig Party resulted in its division and finally its demise. The same pot pourri of multiple personalities that characterized the Whig Parry persist to date and are evident in the GOP – socially conservative, liberal in religious matters, moral reformists, evangelical revival influence considered as significantly important, exploitation of fears of northern abolitionist interference to arouse popular support then, as it is now with fear mongering that 47% will take over by sucking dry the country’s coffers and the voter suppression to eliminate minorities from exercising their right to vote. 

Again, it is significant that just as the Whigs were torn apart by sectional interests that brought about a quick end to the party, the same scenario is being played out in modern-day Republicans. A party that was formed in 1854 from the remnants of this disdain for fairness, and the explosion of infighting and division. But what can we say, the GOP was spawned by the Whigs and hence their DNA must be the same. 

In the 1800s they took a hard-line stance against changing times, thus ensuring that they became a footnote in American political history. Their twenty first century child, like them is fast becoming irrelevant and faces the scary future of obsolescence. A political movement whose claim to fame is catchy slogans and wedge issues that the majority cares nothing about in the bigger scheme of things. The Republican Party is heading in that direction slowly but surely. Who is to blame for this circular firing squad? Some say Karl Rove. Others say the Moral Majority and fringe social groups. Still others say Grover Norquist and Reince Prebuis. Still others say Billionaires/SUPER PACs who tried to buy the 2012 election. I agree that all the aforementioned are to take blame. But, the Republicans lost mainly because they are hell-bent on keeping the status quo. They fail to realize that America has changed demographically, socially, economically and structurally over a hundred year span. I feel that the main reason they lost so badly is because of the involvement of the Tea Party Movement. The Tea Party did not hijack them; they were invited in by the current crop of failures known as the GOP Leadership. 

They appeal to the marginal group in society who live off fear and ignorance and base their unfounded prejudices on negative stereotypes which are largely baseless and have been proven many times to be downright foolish and backward. The Tea Party movement cannot be taken seriously as they often tout candidates for office who are out of main stream rational thinkers. What Washington, D.C. needs is rationality and common sense! Those two words can never be uttered in the same sentence with Tea Party.  

The GOP’s continued stubbornness to be stupid can only serve in making Democrats the only viable option. This is to their detriment and dangerous in the long term for America since any party in power over a protracted period will become complacent with no credible challenge to their governance. Republicans are against the idea of internal change and actually exhibiting this through their actions. 
They attempted to be inclusive during the last campaign but, how can they claim to be inclusive overnight? They went extremely far right then so as to attract independents, they came to the center. But their extreme right views made them a mockery when they tried the centrist position. They paid a hard price as American voters put them over their knees and spanked them for their hypocrisy and for being such counterfeits. Mitt Romney,  Allen West, Todd Akin, Sarah Palin, Sharron Angle, Christine “I’m Not A Witch” O’Donnell and Richard Murdoch are just a handful of recognized names who were endorsed by the Tea Party. They are proven losers and, being affiliated with the Tea Party, the Republicans continue to sink further and further into the abyss of political nothingness. Good for them! 

Republicans refuse to learn that nothing can make this president lose his faculties as they have. Nothing moves him to stupidity – a condition that inflicts their members. Obama is forward-thinking and is always four to five steps ahead of them. By the time they think they have caught up, he has moved even further ahead. 
The epitome of crazy is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different and favorable result. As a Democrat, I hope they continue with this absurd path. Having the Tea Party dictate who should be the GOP candidate is CRAZY! It is not hard to predict that Senators Lamar Alexander, Lindsey Graham, Saxby Chambliss and John McCain will be primaried by Tea Party backed candidates. They are all up for re-election in 2013.

The only reason that Republicans still have a majority in the House of Representatives is because they gerrymandered Congressional districts, so they could keep control. They masked their gerrymandering under the guise of redistricting because they knew full well that they would have been rejected by the electorate. Their days are numbered because they continue to hinder, block, do nothing and backstab America. We elect our leaders for them to compromise and to get things done. This current crop of politicians mostly Republicans, are not doing what they were elected to do. They bow to the demands of Grover Norquist, they concentrated on making Barack Obama a one-term president and we but not them, seem to recognize that that is a battle lost and at the expense of the progress of the great country we live in. They have failed miserably and it is time to move on.

There is a new dawn in America. Destiny is being fulfilled as we march forward in the 21st Century led by Barack Obama at the helm. Love it or hate it that is the reality.


The ‘fringe’ is now in charge.  There is role-reversal and the status of moderate Republicans has been relegated to become the ‘new Republican Fringe’ By: David A. Franklin, Jr.

Why does a dog wag its tail?  Because the dog is smarter than its tail. Therefore with the tail wagging the dog, does that mean the tail is now smarter than the dog or has the dog gone totally crazy?
I revisited some of my blog articles and went back in my archives to 2011 at which time I blogged for a different boss and I came up with some gems! The one that hits me most is one published in August 2011 titled: POLITICS OF RECONSTRUCTION: VOL. II 
NICE GUYS FINISH FIRST - WHY BARACK OBAMA WILL WIN RE-ELECTION IN 2012  Embedded in this article are some predictions which when I read them I have to control myself and not begin to believe in some prophetic gift I might have! But really fun and joke aside, anyone could and should have seen it coming….and I quote:

 “I boldly predict a Civil War between the two factions in the coming months leading up to the Republican National Convention in 2012”. August 2011

 What I failed to predict was that the ‘Civil War of the REPUBLICans’ will continue after the 2012 election is lost.

  “The Republicans have gone further to the dark side catering to the fringe Tea Party. The Tea Party is nothing more than a fringe movement fueled by the unfounded fears of people who refuse to accept that their time as being the majority is fast coming to a close. Instead of embracing the inevitable and be rational, they would rather take the course of destruction by any means necessary…”  

Their followers’ hearts rule their heads and eventually Establishment Republicans will have a hell of a fight, verbally and maybe otherwise, if it continues to get out of hand.”

In the nine days since November 6th, we see this fight begin and escalating. Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, Fox News, et al are continuing on the same path refusing to accept that the election is over and the election is lost!   

Those in the party who suffer from episodes of ‘on-and-off decency’ are now pivoting back to decency brought on by the concussion caused by knock-out punch the electorate gave their party in the form of a convincing loss!  I predicted this would happen and I am not shy in saying ‘I told you so’ and I have no pity for them.  I believe in a two party system because the ruling party is as good as the opposition it gets.  The irony of this belief is that up until the past 4 years, this belief translated in my mind as positive; thinking that the opposition keeps the incumbent on their toes to ensure the people’s will is carried out and maintained.  It can be the opposite - the Republicans have since 2008 blocked everything that would benefit the American people. 

 The atmosphere is rife with ironies, now that there is the tug-o-WAR and a Civil WAR.  Where were these paragons of virtue?  The likes of Bobby Jindal, the Republican Governors, Joe Scarborough who are suddenly criticizing Mitt Romney?  Why have they now invoked the light of heaven to shine on them because of Romney’s sore-loser telephone call that came to light recently?  For those of us who were not fooled and to those who were not fooled but played the hypocrite, we all knew full well that Mitt Romney has not changed.  We are all aware that irrespective of what he said that he is a rich spoilt brat who knows nothing other than getting what he wants and looking down his nose on the disadvantaged of the society whose sole existence in his book is to be his workers - pawns for him and his cohorts to be used in their game of “who can make the most millions"?.  He said it in his famous 47% speech. Suddenly everyone is aghast and hyperventilating because of his most recent telephone call in which he uses the same theory and philosophy to describe the people who did not vote for him. “Had it not been for those Moochers, I would have won”… that is all the man was saying.  

Haley Barbour said it right. ‘GOP needs a 'proctology exam'

Before they get the exam, and for the examination to be effective, they need to take their heads out.

In another of my blog articles “Epic Republican Failure”03/01/2012 I wrote “And the Presidential candidates continue to fiddle while the Republican Party burns. Haven’t the Republican Party learnt from their 1964 electoral trouncing? Not unlike the current Tea Party wing, it saw the advent of the fringe rightwing movement coming into their own and they all but alienated moderates and independent voters”. 

The candidates were not the only ones who were fiddling while the Republican Party burned.  The entire group from Boehner to Cantor, from Mitch McConnell to Michelle Bachmann the fringe and the moderates were lost in their fantasy bubble.  They were blinded by the high they got from the exuberance of pathological hate ….and they salivated thinking hate can win elections because the American people are shallow minded and are Moochers who really do not understand.  

But the “GOP’s ‘REALITY CHECK’JUST BOUNCED!” – my article of 04/10/2012.  “In this 2012 hunting season for the White House they were really in a drunken stupor from drinking the corrupted tea served at the Tea Party and by imbibing the venom of the extreme right, all this intensified by the fact that they just plain refuse whether by design or ignorance to accept the facts – to acknowledge reality.”  

Mitt did say “If leaders are saying one thing and doing another, their leadership is badly damaged.”  In response to Mitt's utterance, I did say '"From your lips to the voters’ ears" and they heard all right.  

And I am not fooled or my position not softened to the dilemma of the Republican Party (which is self- inflicted) because it all boils down to integrity and at this moment I have yet to see this quality in any Republican (except for my new best friend Governor Chris Christie) who has put himself or herself out as the bastion of the party’s values – and there are many of these ‘defenders’ who espouse varied interpretations of what they say is the norm within their party.

We will see the ‘Civil War of the REPUBLICans’ continue through to the next general election cycle because each faction is stubborn and especially the far fringe haters who cannot change because hate and prejudice is in their DNA.  And for the next four years the target of their hate, President Barack Obama will be in their faces in their wake hours and in their nightmares.

Go ahead GOP ….  we will continue to watch you implode! And please remember their living-will reads “Do not resuscitate” 

The American people have spoken, Big Money is Silenced
POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!! By David A. Franklin, Jr.

One man, one vote and each vote is weighted equally.  The billionaires’ contributions were not weighted as one dollar, one vote. Had that been so, the election would have been decided by a minority of less than twenty individuals. The people have spoken!
Love and Hate:
Martin Luther King, Jr. said: "I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear."
This philosophy has been brought out over the past electioneering period.  I have used the word “electioneering” intentionally because what happened in the Republican camp has been just that - an attempt to win votes in an election by being insincere and unscrupulous.
The pure/unadulterated hatred spewed at the President was sickening.  Even if hate were present in any other regime prior to the advent of Barack Obama it was not evident, and maybe for the absolute reason that the “haters” in times past, at a minimum had, and exhibited respect for the office of the president. Haters exhibited a modicum of decency which is lacking in Republicans of this era.

I hope those who indulged in this level of loathing, FOX News, Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, John Sununu, Franklin Graham, Newt Gingrich, to name a few and the sliver of the country who pundits said would vote and indeed have voted for Romney out of utter hatred of the President have learnt. Learnt that hate is negative energy and this expended energy would have better served them and everybody else if applied to positives such as contributing to a discussion that would benefit the country.   

"Love and hate can never be friends,
Oh no, oh no.

Here I come, with love and not hatred.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow I,
All the days of I life.
Envy no one, no wish to be with no evil man,
For there'll come the day,
When you'll be whipped by the Father's hand."

Dennis Brown -

The Republicans have indeed been “whipped by the Father’s hand” and will continue to be whipped if they do not do some soul-searching after growing a soul that is, and change their tune.

Lies and More Lies
"A lie cannot live." Martin Luther King, Jr.
The entire Republican campaign was built on lies. And the American people have proven that they are much smarter than these politicians and their cohorts estimate.  The electorate read through their veneer of lies. It is nothing short of insulting that these “leaders” - present, past and “wanna be’s” of the Republican Party could think that they could fool the people.  

The people listened, watched and decided!  They have spoken. 
March into the Future as One Country, One Destiny

So, congratulations to President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. There were several campaigns which stood out. But, the one that stood out mostly for me was the U.S. Senate race in Missouri. Well done Claire McCaskill! Job well done by all Democrats who ran excellent campaigns.  

Lessons learnt by Republicans (I sincerely hope). We need to put the past behind except to utilize the experience to march into a challenging but success-driven future – hand-in-hand, “One Nation Under God Indivisible, With Liberty And Justice For All!"
By David A. Franklin, Jr.
Kitchen Politics 123 predicts a win for the President and by a comfortable margin in electoral votes. The GOP and their operatives will continue to the bitter end to try to steal the election!!! 
At press time, there are statements which could be rumors, that in two very important swing states - Ohio and Florida less than three hours after polls open, election officials say black ink has run out!  If this is true, it is either another of the last minute fouls in the game right in front of goal. or some Supervisors of Election, Staff and Administration must be fired on the spot for total incompetence. 

I put nothing past the Republican Party as they have no shame in their game. They'll lie, steal and cheat to win at all costs. Disgraceful as it is desperate and pathetic. But, like I always say, good always overcome evil
The following table shows the number of Electoral College Votes (ECV). Each State, and the District of Columbia, will be entitled during the 2012, 2016 and 2020 presidential elections: 
The numbers in parentheses represent the number of Electoral College Votes that a state gained (+) or lost (-) because of reapportionment following the 2010 Census:
                                                                          PREDICTIONS                                 ACTUAL RESULTS
State                                          ECV        Obama/Biden(D) Romney/Ryan(R) Obama/Biden(D) Romney/Ryan(R)  
Alabama                                         9                                              9
Alaska                                            3                                              3
Arizona                                          11(+1)                                      11
Arkansas                                        6                                              6
California                                        55                 55
Colorado                                        9                                              9
Connecticut                                     7                    7
Delaware                                         3                    3
Florida                                           29(+2)            29
Georgia                                          16(+1)                                       16
Hawaii                                            4                     4
Idaho                                              4                                               4
Illinois                                             20(−1)             20
Indiana                                            11                                             11
Iowa                                                6(-1)               6
Kansas                                            6                                               6
Kentucky                                         8                                               8
Louisiana                                         8(-1)                                          8
Maine                                              4**                  4
Maryland                                         10                   10
Massachusetts                                11(-1)              11
Michigan                                         16(-1)              16
Minnesota                                       10                   10
Mississippi                                      6                                               6
Missouri                                          10(-1)              10
Montana                                          3                                               3
Nebraska                                         5**                  1                        4
Nevada                                           6(+1)               6
New Hampshire                              4                     4
New Jersey                                     14(-1)              14
New Mexico                                    5                     5
New York                                        29(-2)              29
North Carolina                               15                                            15
North Dakota                                   3                                               3
Ohio                                              18(-2)               18
Oklahoma                                       7                                                7
Oregon                                           7                     7
Pennsylvania                                   20(-1)              20
Rhode Island                                   4                     4
South Carolina                                9(+1)                                          9
South Dakota                                 3                                                3
Tennessee                                     11                                             11
Texas                                             38(+4)                                       38
Utah                                               6(+1)                                          6
Vermont                                          3                  3
Virginia                                          13                                            13
Washington                                     12(+1)          12
West Virginia                                   5                  5
Wisconsin                                      10                10
Wyoming                                        3                                                3
Washington, D.C.                            3*                 3
Total Electors 538                                             326                      212        ___________ -   ___________

* Washington, D.C., although not a state, is granted the same number of electoral votes as the least populous 
                                     state (which has always been 3) by the Twenty-third Amendment.

** Maine and Nebraska electors distributed by way of the Congressional District Method.

(+) or (-) = Represents number of electors gained or lost in comparison to 2004 & 2008 Electoral College Map

ECV = Electoral College Votes    (D) = Democrat                (R) = Republican             (I) Independent

                                          IMPORTANT DATES TO REMEMBER

Early voting in some States began mid-October and continued through November 4. Remember these dates:

• Election Day: Tuesday, November 6, 2012 

• Electoral College formally elects a President and Vice President: Monday, December 17, 2012

• The 113th Congress is sworn in: Thursday, January 3, 2013

• Electoral College Votes are formally counted before a Joint Session of Congress: Sunday, January 6, 2013

• Inauguration Oaths of Office are taken. The new presidential term officially starts: Sunday, January 20, 2013

• Inauguration Day (Traditional date, the 20th, falls on a Sunday in 2013): Monday, January 21, 2013
“Too Close To Call” States      ECV           
- Colorado                                  9               
- Florida                                    29              
- Iowa                                         6  
- Michigan                                 16       
- New Hampshire                         4              
- Nevada                                     6              
- North Carolina                         15             
- Ohio                                       18  
- Pennsylvania                           20           
- Virginia                                   13             
- Wisconsin                               10             
  TOTAL ECV                            146                                     

Map Courtesy of USA TODAY 
I do get the feeling that it will come down to Ohio and Florida. Tagg "You're It" Romney bought electronic voting machines being used in today's election. Conflict of Interests? Clearly! 
2500 lawyers for Obama are in Ohio to oversee voting activities.  

Why Florida you ask? 

Because Florida is the Jerry Springer of American Politics! 

Sorry to say but, Governor Rick Scott and the Republican dominated State Legislature has turned it into a Banana Republic. After the debacle of 2000, one would believe hard lessons were learned. We shall see after all polls are closed. 

Who got the junk food and refreshing beverages for tonight? It maybe a long night. A lot depends on Ohio, Florida and the other "swing" States. 

Is This The End For Teapublicans? A Closer Look At Candidates Who May 
                  Unseat Infamous Tea Party Republicans In 2012. By David A. Franklin, Jr.

With only days to go before the most important election in the history of the United States, Tea Party backed Republicans are self-imploding. They are crashing and burning faster than the Hindenburg did. No knowledgeable voter respects them and these voters want to be done with them once and for all. They are a huge part of the gridlock in Washington, D.C. today. I refuse to waste precious space on my blog writing about Tea Party Republicans. Instead, I will focus on their worthy opponents who maybe spoilers. Every sensable voter would love to see these following candidates win on November 6th, 2012. I hope you enjoy the read? Here goes!
Jim Graves (DEMOCRAT)
Minnesota - 6th Congressional District

Opponent          Rep. Michele Bachmann (Republican) 
                        Assumed office January 3, 2007           

What can one say about the self-made businessman and success story Jim Graves? He has an excellent chance of retiring unpopular Congresswoman Michele Bachmann who is the epitomey of what is wrong with the U.S. Congress today. Jim Graves on the other hand shows dignity, integrity, poise and good old fashioned common sense. Good grace and class is something one is born with. He has it in abundance unlike his "fly off the handle" extremist opponent, Mrs. Bachmann. 

"Minnesota's sixth district deserves a smart, compassionate, business-savvy congressperson who will fight full-time to create livable-wage jobs and strengthen the economy, ensuring a strong middle class and improving the lives of everyone." - Jim Graves 

Patrick Erin Murphy (DEMOCRAT)
Florida - 22nd Congressional District

Opponent              Rep. Allen West (Republican) Assumed office January 3, 2010
"I’m a Pro-Choice, Pro-LGBT rights Democrat who values fiscal responsibility. I support the Affordable Care Act, Medicare and favors higher taxes on the wealthy." – Patrick Erin Murphy

Young Patrick Erin Murphy is ambitious, bright, energetic, enthusiastic, and tenacious and has openly expressed his disdain of the Tea Party Movement. On many occasions he has called out his opponent, Rep. Allen West, for giving false and misleading statements. West has shown his incompitence and irrationality on a national stage which is humiliating for my beloved State of Florida. So, with no reservation nor hestitation, I would love to see Patrick Murphy in Congress. He will bring a freshness to Congress with intelligence and compitence. Murphy is definately a rising star on the national level. He has a bright political future indeed. 

Murphy is a hard worker who never shuns his responsibilities. He is for a stronger middle class and for cutting taxes for working families in his district. Whatever he sets out to do, he always gets the job done. Latest polls show him ahead of his opponent by a wide margin. There is no stopping this juggernaut as he is on his way to unseat controversial and the very unpopular Rep. Allen West. 

His star can only rise higher. All Florida, especially District 22, should be proud. Keep your eye on him America! This "kid" is going places.

U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill (DEMOCRAT)
Opponent   Rep. Todd Akin (Republican–District 2–Missouri) 
                 Assumed office January 3, 2001

Take a bow madam. I mean that, take a bow. You have been immense, colossal. Ever confident and always a lady, Senator Claire McCaskill, has shown grace and dignity under pressure. You show exuberance in doing your job representing the great State of Missouri in the United States Senate. 
Prior to defeating incumbent Senator Jim Talent in 2006, she was elected Missouri State Auditor General and served from 1998 to 2002. She has a stellar record in the U.S. Senate and currently holds several key positions on various Committees: 

Senate Committee Assignments:
Armed Services
Commerce, Science & Transportation
Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs
Special Committee on Aging (Chairwoman) 
Impeachment Trail Committee on the articles against Judge G. Thomas Porteous, Jr.

Airland and Personnel
Readiness and Management Support
Aviation Operations, Safety and Security
Consumer Affairs, Insurance, and Automotive Safety
Interstate Commerce, Trade and Tourism, ·         
Science, Technology and Innovation
Federal Financial Management
Government Information and International Security
Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations
Ad Hoc Subcommittee on State, Local and Private Sector Preparedness and Integration, 
Ad Hoc Subcommittee on Contracting Oversight (Chairwoman)

Senator McCaskill also served as the Chairwoman of the Select Committee for the Impeachment of Samuel B. Kent, which was disbanded July 22, 2009, after Judge Kent resigned. 

Her opponent, Rep. Todd Akin, is out of his depth and far off the reservation when it comes to representing all Missourians. His vomit inducing outbursts against women shows he lacks respect and proper temperament for the important job as a U.S. Senator. This has caused a backlash and Missouri still sees her in the most favorable light. If I were a betting man, I'd bet all on Claire McCaskill to win re-election to the United States Senate in 2012. Fight for what is right, integrity, hard work and loyalty to those who she represents. That's who Claire McCaskill is in a nutshell. In February 2012, the National Journal ranked her as 50th (out of 100 members in the United Senate) as "Moderate". Not liberal, not conservative. So, it can be said that she has a chip on both shoulders which makes her perfectly even. That's the type of leadership Missouri needs right now.

Missouri does not need a fringe right wing freak who calls student loans "a cancer", who wants to privatize Social Security and turn Medi Care into a voucher program. You deserve better Missouri---and you have that with Senator Claire McCaskill.

Lieutenant Colonel Tammy Duckworth (Ret.) (DEMOCRAT)
Illinois - 8th Congressional District
Opponent      Rep. Joe Walsh (Republican – District 8) 
                    Assumed office January 3, 2011

A legitimate war hero and is all substance, style, and the epitome of the American Dream. Nothing beats a strong woman and when compared to her opponent, Rep. Joe Walsh, there is no comparison. Rep. Joe Walsh is not even worthy to tie her shoes laces to say the least. Her opponent is crass, angry, bitter and a loose-cannon with many personal family "issues". It is alleged that he owes $117,000 in Child Support. That is frowned upon by many voters in the District and around the United States. 

Tammy Duckworth has shown her ability in top flight government leadership (Assistant Secretary of Public and Intergovernmental Affairs in the Department of Veterans Affairs). Duckworth is Pro-Choice, for the Affordable Health Care Act, one of the best known advocates for Veterans Affairs, supported the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006, for Gun Control and is for bringing greater fiscal discipline and accountability to the billions of dollars US is spending on our military efforts. She is beloved in the district she hopes to represent and is definitely a rising bright star in the Democratic Party. Many hope she wins and all indications say she just might pull it off. 

Your moment has arrived---step up Tammy Duckworth. You have earned it! 

Mary Kathryn "Heidi" Heitkamp (DEMOCRAT)
North Dakota

Opponent      Rep. Rick Berg (Republican-At Large Seat) 
                    Assumed office Juanuary 3, 2011.

Heidi Heitkamp is a maverick and trailblazer. 

As a wife, mother, sister and daughter-her family, and those closest to her, can vouch that she's hardworking and dedicated to whatever she sets her mind to do.  She has a spine made of titanium it seems? She never backs down from a challenge whether big or small. Voters saw her tanecity when she was Tax Commissioner (1986-1992) and then State Attorney General (19912-2000) for North Dakota. Any normal person would probably fold under the pressure of such high profiled jobs...but not Heidi Heitkamp! 

Her prairie Mid-West down to earth charm, genuine suave and sophistication embodies who she is. That's what makes her such a cool person. Don't make that cool exterior fool you as she has the fire in the belly and guts like no other when it matters most. Now she offers herself up to be the next U.S. Senator from the great State of North Dakota. She offers common sense solutions and, no matter how unpopular it may be at the time, she is willing to take bold steps in doing what's right for all of North Dakota. She always put America first and not special interests. Unlike her opponent, Rep. Rick Berg, whose character is questionable at best. He isn't very upfront and acts very Nixonian. If North Dakota wants meaningful change on Capitol Hill, then the best person is Mary Kathryn "Heidi" Heitkamp. She is strong woman who is just simply amazing.   

Here is an excerpt from her website about who she is:

Big Family in a Small Town
"Heidi Heitkamp learned her North Dakota values of hard work and responsibility growing up in a big family in the small town of Mantador. Her mom was the school cook and custodian, and her dad did all kinds of jobs, from truck driver to seasonal construction.

She says her father taught her the importance of working within the community to get the job done, from building the town VFW hall to putting a public park in Mantador so that every child had a place to play. And she says her mother, who never let the bullies beat up on the little kids in school, taught her to stand up for the little guy and demand fair play.

Heidi brought those small-town values to her career, choosing a life of public service. Today, as a director of the one-of-a-kind Dakota Gasification synfuels plant, she’s a champion for North Dakota’s energy industry. Heidi believes we need to use all of North Dakota’s rich energy resources wisely, creating and keeping high-paying jobs right here. She believes in reducing our dependence on oil from the Mideast and investing in the sustainable, renewable power sources of the future, including harnessing North Dakota’s abundant potential for wind and solar power. And she believes energy companies should do their fair share to build the infrastructure that North Dakota needs to support a thriving energy industry." Source: Official Campaign Website

Elizabeth Herring-Warren (DEMOCRAT) 

Opponent    Senator Scott Brown (Republican) 
                  Assumed office February 4, 2011.

It is my firm belief that a woman's place is in the House...and U.S. Senate...and ultimately the Oval Office one day as President. Elizabeth Warren is of strong political timber, worthy of such aformentioned jobs. The Democratic nominee for U.S. Senator from Massachusetts is a wife, mother, writer of numerous best-selling books, a Harvard professor and Attorney by profession. 

She is the embodiment of the American Dream. 

She hails from a working class family from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma that struggled to be successful in life. With many obstacles in her way, she persisted against all odds and is an American success story. Women and little girls all around the world should look up to as an inspiration. 

The word "impossible" can only be found in the dictionary of fools. On a daily basis she proves that the word impossible does not exsist in her vocabulary. 

Elizabeth is proving it yet again by taking on The Establishment Candidate, Senator Scott Brown, and is being successful. Did we expect anything less? She's on her way to uprooting the Teapublican "yesman" in the very progressive State of Massachusetts. Love her or despise her, you can never take away the fact that she is a fighter for what she believes in and what is right. Beloved by many and envied/feared by the 1%, Elizabeth Warren will make a great U.S. Senator. Who knows - maybe she will make an even better President of the United Statess one day! Expect a lot from her as she is bright, enthusiastic and energetic when speaking and working on behalf of "We the People". 

Stay tuned because her star has just begun to rise and shine. Expect more from this wonderful woman in the near and distant future.

Timothy Michael "Tim" Kaine (DEMOCRAT)
Opponent     George Allen (Republican - Former Governor & 
                   Former U.S. Senator)

Notable Jobs Mayor of Richmond (1988-2001), 38th Lieutenant Governor of Virginia (2002-2006), 70th Governor of Virginia (2006-2010) and Chaiman - Democratic National Committee (2009-2011)

Tim Kaine's Political Positions
He is against capital punishment except in circumstances such as the case of the Beltway Sniper John Allen Muhammad. He vetoed eight death-penalty expansion bills and adamantly opposes using the electric chair as an option. 

On gay adoption of children -  is open to adoption statint that judges should make a case-by-case analysis when dealing with adoption and unmarried couples and is open to consideration being made to all couples, regardless of their sexual orientation. 

On abortion as a practicing Roman Catholic, he is privately against abortions for religious reasons. However, he opposes overturning Roe vs. Wade

         "I strongly support the right of women to make their own health and reproductive 
          decisions and, for that reason, will oppose efforts to weaken or subvert the basic holding 
          of Roe v. Wade." (Source:

Abortion should be treated as an "individual right." Kaine has encouraged policymakers to focus on bringing down the number of abortions by - reducing teen pregnancy through abstinence-focused education. 
- ensuring women's access to health care and contraception and promoting adoption as an alternative
 Kaine supports some legal restrictions on abortion. Legal restrictions such as:
                                   - requiring parental consent 
                                   - banning partial-birth abortions in cases where the woman's life is NOT at risk.

He is a tested and proven leader. Definately Presidential Timber and worth keeping an eye on for the future.

U.S. Senator Sherrod C. Brown (DEMOCRAT)
Opponent             Josh Mendel (Republican) 48th Treasurer of Ohio (since 2011)

Notable Jobs:        Ohio House of Representatives (1975-1982), 47th Ohio Secretary of 
                            State (1983-1991) and 13th U.S. Congressional Representative 

Looking for a stalwart in modern day American politics? Look no further ladies and gentlemen. Sherrod Brown is as assured, skilled and seasoned as they come. The 2011 National Journal Annual Rankings rated him tied for one of eight "Most Liberal" member of the U.S. Congress. He wears that mantra with great pride. He's passionate about the issues, yearns to serve and leads by example. The man is a legend in the making. Cut from the same cloth as Ted Kennedy, George McGovern and Paul Wellstone. Here is a list of what he does as a member of the United States Senate:

Senate Committee Assignments
- Appropriations
- Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry
- Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs
- Veterans' Affairs
- Select Committee on Ethics

Senate Subcommittee Assignments
Energy, Science and Technology
Production, Income Protection and Price Support
Chairman - Hunger, Nutrition and Family Farms 
Chairman - Economic Policy
Housing, Transportation and Community Development
Security and International Trade and Finance
Children and Families
Employment and Workplace Safety

Senator Brown advocates full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people. He voted against prohibiting same-sex couples from adopting children in Washington D.C., and received a perfect score from the Human Rights Campaign.On November 30, 2010 Brown made a contribution to the It Gets Better Project from the Senate floor and on December 18, 2010 he voted in favor of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal Act of 2010.

Brown co-sponsored, with Senator Sam Brownback(R-Kansas), an Amendment to the Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act of 2007. President George W. Bush signed it into law in September of that year. 

Other Important Bills he voted for
- Patience Protection and Affordable Care Act (December 2009)
- Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 (March 2010)
- Affordable Care Act of 2010 (Obama Care)
- American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (February 2009): Casted the 60th deciding vote.
- Co-Sponsored Protect-IP Act of 2011 (PIPA)- 2012 NDAA which sparked major controversy over indefinate detention of U.S. citizens. 
- Appropriated funds to combat drug trafficking, reduce Medicaid fraud, assist victims of natural disasters, and fund the  
  Department of Defense (2008)

The latest polls show Senator Brown has a commanding lead against his GOP opponent, Josh Mendel, Ohio State Treasurer. As of October 28, 2012 this is what the latest poll for Ohio Senate looks like:

Candidate                      Statewide  Own Party Support    Favorable/Unfavorable   Not Sure
Sherrod Brown (Democrat)    53%                89%                        47%           44%                9%
Josh Mendel (Republican)     42%                81%                        38%           51%              11%

Christie Vilsack (DEMOCRAT)
Iowa - 4th Congressional District
Opponent   Rep. Steve King (Republican-District 4-Iowa) 
                 Assumed office on January 3, 2003.
Websites (campaign)

These days, current Agriculture Secretary and former Iowa Governor, Tom Vilsack is simply known as "Christie's husband". She has come out locked and loaded, with all guns blazing against her unpopular and misinformed Teapulican opponent. It does help having been the First Lady of Iowa. 

She continues to be dedicated to higher education having worked as a teacher and Community Organizer. A native of Iowa, Chrisitie Vilsack has the common touch and knows how to reach accross the political isle for compromise. With the toxicity in Washington D.C., who better for the job than her? 

The good people of Iowa have suffered fatigue long enough from Tea Party extremist stupidity. They will make their voices heard, especially women, on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 by electing the former First Lady of Iowa as their Congressional Representative. 

Rep. Chris Murphy (DEMOCRAT)
Connecticut- 5th Congressional District 
Opponent          Linda McMahon (Republican)
Websites (Congress)

Rep. Chris Murphy has served Connecticut in various capacities. He was elected to the Connecticut State Senate at age 29 representing District 16 (1999-2003), State Legislature in District 81 serving two terms (2003-2007) and District 5 (2007-present).

Today he is running to be the next U.S. Senator from Connecticut. He sponsored a bill to that would subject Supreme Court Justices to the same ethical code that applies to other federal judges. He suggested in 2011 the possibility of an investigation to decide whether Justice Clarence Thomas had committed ethical violations that would justify removing him from office. Murphy proposed making home invasion a federal crime in 2008 after a mother and her 2 daughters were brutally raped and murdered in his District. He opposes the Three Strikes Law. Here is a list of what he does in Congress today:

House Committee Assignments
- Foreign Affairs
- Oversight and Government Reform

House Subcommittee Assignments
- Middle East and South Asia
- Health Care, District of Columbia, Census and the National Archives
- Technology, Information Policy, Intergovernmental Relations and Procurement Reform

Connecticut District 5 should be proud of their Congressional Representative. He makes things look easy and is always dependable in getting the job done correctly. That's what is needed in the U.S. Senate today. If you want a visionary leader who makes it his duty to work with people on the opposite side of the political isle? Then Rep. Chris Murphy is a man for all people. He's a great Congressman and he will make an even better U.S. Senator. What greater reward is worthy of this patriot other than a U.S. Senate seat? Chris Murphy is deserving of it and so much more. Connecticut won't regret it.                          

Rep. Joseph "Joe" S. Donnelly (DEMOCRAT)
Indiana - 2nd Congressional District

Opponent  Richard "Dick" Mourdock (Republican)

Cool, calm and collected best describes Rep. Joe Donnelly. Regarded as a moderate, he is a rarity in Indiana and in the total body politic of America today. He brings this uniqueness to Congress trying to break the gridlock that currently ensnears the once respected American Institution. 

He is a breath of fresh air who respects women, loves America and is a devouted family man. He is pragmatic and thought provoking. His every move is deliberate and motivated by making America and Indiana be a better place. He is for a stronger the Middle Class. He wants to save (and create) more American Jobs from being outsourced. He is for cutting taxes, job training, strengthening education, balancing the Federal Budget and having a more efficient government where the majority in Indiana benefit. Rep. Donnelly is definately not for the 1%. Here is a run down of his roll as a Congressman:  
Committee Assignments
- Financial Services
- Veterans' Affairs

Subcommittee Assignments
- Capital Markets, Insurance, and Government-Sponsored Enterprises
- International Monetary Policy and Trade
- Health
- Oversight and Investigations (Ranking Member)

Donnelly is a member of Blue Dog Coalition, a group of moderate Democrats in Congress. In June 2007, Rep. Donnelly was ranked as one of the ten most independent Democrats by the non-partisan Congressional Quarterly report. He often times broke away from the Democratic Leadership as it pertained to budgetary issues.  

His opponent, Dick Mourdoch, is for tax breaks for big Oil Companies and Wall Street. Mourdoch only pays lip service by pandering to anyone who will listen. It is safe to say that Mourdoch suffers from "Romnesia". Mourdoch has selective memory, speak first then think after the fact. Not giving proper thought to the sensabilities and needs of the Indiana voter. A perfect example of Mourdoch pandering was when he made the assinine "God intended" statement on rape: 

"I struggled with it myself for a long time, but I came to realize life is that gift from God. And I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen." 
~Richard Mourdoch - 2012 Republican candidate for U.S. Senate 

Mourdoch is like Missouri Rep. Todd Akin...but on steroids. The Indiana voters are clearly rejecting the "my way or the highway" approach and extremist nonsense politics. People want smart leaders who can represent them and who they can be proud of. 

Richard Mourdoch does not fit that mold. 

He's subserviant to his Tea Party Masters like a love sick puppy. Murdouch jumps to the every wish of Tea Party psycophants. Richard Mourdoch is an embarrassment to the great State of Indiana. 

The clear choice, because of his cool, calm and collected leadership, is Rep. Joe Donnelly. He has proven himself as a sensable leader who doesn't conform to Special Interest every wants and needs, unlike his opponent. He's for the people and for making Indiana and America stronger economically. A vote Joe Donnelly is a vote for practicality and common sense. The politics of stupidity and crazy fringe behavior is a thing of the past. Indiana! Reject Richard Mourdoch---elect Congressman Joe Donnelly as your next United States Senator. 

You deserve better. Don't you think? 

I think so...  

So, we are down to the wire. The moment of truth has almost arrived. It is up to the American people to decide. Do we want trickled down economics, which has been proven an absolute failure? Or do we want real change as we move forward in the 21st Century? 

Don't complain---vote! 

Give President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden the mandate of a Democratic majority in the next Congress. It is how we can move forward from this gridlock . 

The Republicans had their chance and blew it. 

The Tea Party is the Republican Party. America has suffered at their hands long enough. It's finally time for change we can believe in. 

Forward Forever, Backward Never

Vote Republicans Out!