Establishment vs. Every Other Fringe Element: How A Culture Of Losing & Extremist Beliefs Threaten To Kill The Party of Lincoln & Ike
By David A. Franklin, Jr.
As a Democrat, nothing feels better than to witness the exploding war between factions within the Republican Party. For the past 4 of 6 Presidential Elections, the GOP has had their butts handed to them handily by Democrats. Two for Bill Clinton, two for George W. Bush and two for President Obama.  We are all painfully aware that had it not been for the debacle of the  rancorous 2000 election that was resolved in the Supreme Court over a month after elections were closed the ratio would have been at very least 5 of 6 or who knows, 6 of 6!. 

Their failure to translate their message or forgive me… their failure at having a message period is irrefutable, overwhelming and convincing. The absence of a message that could be deemed sensible and not far over the edge of modern thinking, one that can translate into cohesive sensible alternatives are reasons for the obvious chaos within their ranks.  

One would think that with the shellacking that Republicans received from Obama-Biden in 2012, (such an easy and decisive defeat) they would want to do some introspection as a cohesive group and change their tune. But all that comes from the group is discord having the country and the world sticking their fingers in their ears from the sound coming from this group; a sound which is as intense and annoying as fingernails being scratched across a chalk board. It was an unthinkable defeat for the GOP ideology but they keep fooling themselves that winning the house is a mandate for them to continue with their foolery and irresponsible behavior. Despite the GOP house majority which is their second biggest House majority in 60 years we all know that school children in England know that they ‘won’ this by foul means.  They manipulated electoral areas, altering boundaries, in order to gain an unfair political advantage which is all this House majority adds up to - skullduggery. 

The word “moderate” is a dirty word within GOP politics today.  This is causing uproar within the closed minded and the small thinkers such as exhibited in the sad and absurd 2012 line-up of Republican presidential hopefuls. The varying factions (and there are many of these) continue to flex their individual and idiosyncratic muscles as they each want to be kings and king makers and power brokers within today’s Republican Party. 

1. There are the Traditionalist Conservatives who:
- Favor cultural traditions of old teaching methods to inculcate values and natural law. 
- They oppose feminism and show no love for what they say is “Big Government” while at the same time are in favor of ‘
  No Government’ for issues such as they pertain to big business.  But then again, they are overwhelmingly big 
  government with women’s issues and all else.
- Equal pay for women act is a ‘no no’ women should keep their places in the kitchen and at home where they belong – 
  where God intend them.
- No abortion even in the case of rape yet again because God ordained the rape and the escaladed voting restriction 
  which affects the very large/majority population of voters. 
- They fight the inevitable change of the status quo because they believe in pulling yourself up by the boot straps” while 
  those who have the heart to pull themselves are not provided with living wages to buy the boots with the straps.

2. Then there are the Fiscal Conservatives. These types believe in supply-side economics and claim to be hawkish on the Federal Deficit who were conspicuously absent during the Bush-Cheney Administration. They want to simply: 
- Privatize Social Security and are all for Free Trade also known as outsourcing American jobs
- They want to drastically reduce government spending by cutting social programs like Medicare/Medicare and Social 
- They want to totally eliminate regulations that guide varying industries in the Private Sector (Wall Street, Banking 
  Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, etc.)

In this group are the infamous Grover Norquist, Jeb Bush (Florida), Mitch Daniels (Indiana), Mark Sanford (South Carolina), Senator Tom Coburn (Oklahoma), Steve Forbes (Forbes Magazine CEO) Congressman Paul Ryan (Wisconsin) and former HUD Secretary Jack Kemp

3. The Social Conservatives are the “one trick pony” element within the GOP who focus on wedge issues every 4 years. They strongly believe in the Merging of Church Doctrine in State Affairs. The Holy Bible and not the U.S. Constitution, is the constitution and should dictate how elected officials write Laws of the Land. Homosexuality is a sin and those who practice it are doomed to Hell. Curious to know that many of these noble folks who are the most vocal against homosexuality continue to be ‘outed’ and still there are some, who behind closed doors practice this lifestyle yet they are so adamantly against it
- Strictly Pro-Life including the cases of rape and incest. Pro-Death Penalty. Sounds contradicting but, that’s hard line religious dogma. It doesn’t make sense and contradictory.
- Vehemently against tax-payer funded Embryonic Stem Cell Research because they find it “ungodly”. They want religious clergy and Faith Based Organizations to run welfare programs not the Federal Government and they preach and run on a political platform of “Family Values”. 
- Anti-Affirmative Action, Anti-Immigration and Anti-Women’s Rights
- Opposes Gun Control of any kind and so believe that the United States was founded on Christian principles and should therefore outlaw any thinking that the diversity of peoples that make up the citizenry should bow to these Christian principles and abandon their thinking. 
3. The Paleo-Conservatives represent various publications and organizations acting as “think tanks”. They are traditionalists whose worldviews are socially and culturally conservative. They have a strong distrust of modern political ideologies and structures. Their beliefs include:
- Gun Rights and States’ Rights
- Strict adherence to the U.S. Constitution (Constitutionalists)
- Anti-Multiculturalism and economic nationalists (Protectionists/Isolationalists)
- Non-Interventionalists in times of War

4. The Neo-Conservatives main goal is to promote an interventionist foreign policy. They think it is America’s right to dominate the world through pre-emptive military action against designated enemy nations. Strongly Pro-Israel no matter what and are ready to unilaterally strike foreign soil “in the name of spreading & preserving democracy.”  They feel morally obligated to defend freedom according to the Father of Neo-Conservatism Dick Cheney. These types believe in War as a first and last resort. They are neck deep with promoting and benefitting from the Military Industrial Complex and flex American global dominance as the only Super Power remaining.

5. Moderates/ “Rockefeller Liberals” (aka R.I.N.O.: Republican In Name Only) are fiscally conservative and socially liberal for the most part. Only a handful of this dying breed is socially conservative and fiscally centrists. They also clash views with other factions within the Republican Party. They are for balancing the Federal Budget, Lower Taxes, for Free Trade, deregulation and Welfare Reform, pro-Same Sex Marriage and Pro-Gay Adoption, against Legal Access/Federal Funding of Abortion, Gun Control Laws, strict Environmental Regulations, Few restrictions on Legal Immigration, anti-Climate Change measures, they would like to abolish the death penalty, support “Sanctuary Cities” (relax on Illegal Immigration), and are for the Civil Rights Laws and Embryonic Stem Cell Research.
6. The Establishment Conservative group has the ability to galvanize all factions with one goal in mind---WINNING! They are well healed financially and have the backing of Big Business. There is name-recognition outside of the borders of politics and are known internationally. They possess all attributes of all the factions mentioned in this article. It galvanizes the base. They are the charismatic and/or well respected of the breed of Republicans. This group seeks to unite and members are not polarizing. They appeal to moderate and conservative Democrats alike. 

7. Libertarians are considered out of the main stream. This faction emphasizes open and unregulated Free Markets, minimal Social controls and non-interventionism in foreign policy. They oppose government social spending, regulation and taxes and favor unfettered free speech, oppose Gun Control of any type and are anti-Civil Rights, anti-IRS, they want to outsource infrastructure programs (take it out of the Government’s hands), reduce the National Debt and support the Fair Tax (or Flat Tax where everyone pays one rate). One of their pet wishes is to reduce military spending and they are highly critical of the Federal Reserve, are Anti-Women’s Movement, Anti-Gay and Anti-Immigrant isolationists. 

8. Tea Party: WHO THE HELL REALLY KNOWS WHO THESE ARE!!! But they and their fanaticism were gladly embraced in the 2010 elections by the “Win at Any Cost Republican Party” And by God this crazy radical group is costing the party big! They want to take back America. Take America back from what and/or from whom? Extreme right wing trolls on all issues imaginable. This group is mostly made up of W.A.S.P. who fail to accept that the status quo and demographics of America have changed. There now exists a “Minority Majority” but this faction does everything to upset that new status quo. 
- Anti-Progressive in all aspects and Ultra-Conservative (the further right wing is the better). Its Theo-Cons meet Fiscal Conservatism. No space for compromise on anything. It’s their way or the highway
- The group believes America should have a white majority always and refuse to accept that there is no longer a white majority. They are religious bigots, Anti-Multiculturalism, Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Minority, Anti-Gay, Anti-Civil Rights and Anti-Women’s Rights.

Their ultimate and only wish was to make Barack Obama “a one-term president” but they failed miserably.

The want to start a war with Iran and to be Pro-Israel no matter what not even exempting situations of human short comings. Their supporters/members are in part, “Armageddon-ists” born-again religious nuts and odd balls.
They act as spoilers for Establishment Republicans in primaries across America and suffer from classic “foot in mouth” disease where they say outlandish nonsense only to have the electorate turn against them. Mitch McConnell (Kentucky- US Senate Minority Leader) is one classic example, perched at a vantage point to create havoc for the country and to make a fool of himself and his party.

9. Rush Limbaugh and FOX News are the major group if not they form the biggest faction – they are the major influencer and enabler of the aforementioned eight of this tortuous group of people GOP. 

Diversity is good – at times…but the Republican party has nine or more diverse groups, each with its strong and firm beliefs; groups notoriously unwilling to see/accept that it is one party and a house divided among itself will not stand. There are at least ten battles in the GOP war which continue to be waged with each army, all ten battalions standing firm ground in their exclusivity and non compromising dogma. 

There is an implosion of gigantic proportion within the GOP so it is easy to predict with this unrelenting stand-their-ground of each faction, there is no chance of a Republican president in the White House in the near future. Good luck to them in retaining the House of Representatives or getting a solid majority in the U.S. Senate come 2014.

I really don’t mind especially if these crazy people are all the GOP has to offer. It is sad but to stop ourselves from sinking into total depression over this demise of a party I invite you to bring the popcorn and soda and join me watch the "War Games”

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