Why is it that caring for the poor in other countries is so honorable but caring for the American poor is Socialism?  Not only are jobs being sent offshore but compassion too.

By David A. Franklin, Jr.

“I will not be party to socializing health care ...” ~ Governor Rick Perry (R-Texas), which boasts the highest uninsured residents in the nation.
Why do Americans – Evangelicals, Mormons and Republicans included - give so generously to the poor in other countries?  And the troubling question is - why in America these “Christian, kind-hearted, caring” people do not give to, or pray for, or vote for healthcare for America’s poor but they boast of their work for the poor in other countries? Work that includes running and building schools, clinics and hospitals.  They teach, heal and feed the poor and unfortunate of other countries but no – not here in America. 

         “Most white evangelicals in America reflexively dislike the 
         Affordable Care Act. They don’t know why, and can’t tell you why other than 
         ‘SOCIALISM!!!’ or fear of contraceptive religious persecution or death panels or 
         some other myth…White American evangelicals support health care for poor people 
         overseas. And White American evangelicals adamantly oppose health care for poor 
         people here in America.”
Fred Clark - former staff person with Evangelicals for 
         Social Action and a graduate of Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

The Mormons in their GLOBAL HUMANITARIAN OUTREACH states“The Church humanitarian work primarily helps those in need who are not members of the Church. There are many people in virtually any community in the world who struggle to meet their basic needs. The Church seeks to help as many as possible”. Where is the love for the American poor? 

Christian Conservatives Right-wing US based Christians especially Evangelicals and Pentecostals.  This group is consistent with its assault on human rights. They have broadened their US and international agenda to breed cultural wars and implant right-wing political agendas. Jesus according to their actions would not want the sick, the poor and injured to get Healthcare!!  Their “in your face” arrogance about Jesus under the guise to “save” people is a total disconnect from what their Champion preached and lived. Their Champion Jesus healed the sick (the leopards, the blind, and the lame) and fed the hungry. He said “Blessed are the poor..”  “In as much as you do to the least of these, you have done it onto me.”
The concern for poverty alleviation exhibited by these Republicans, these “benevolent Americans” begins at America’s water’s edge and radiates outwards or more distinctively away from America. It is apparent that their love of people can be and is compartmentalized.  It is fully evident that this “love and concern for others”exhibited by these holier-than-thou and concerned people and organizations is rooted in prejudice. 
“Despite significant advances in civil rights, race remains a significant factor in determining whether an individual receives care, whether an individual receives high quality care, and in determining health outcomes.”~ Kaiser Family Foundation “Eliminating Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Health Care: What are  the Options?”

And I boldly state that this lack of care is driven and dictated by a pot pourri of prejudices. Their utterly despicable and
  contemptible behavior is as a result of who is putting forward the agenda for helping the American poor and also driven by self aggrandizing agendas of these benevolent do-gooders. The deliberate plan is intended only to let themselves  seem bigger and better with their self exaggerated praise of how much good they are doing and not because they genuinely want to do good! But they should remember that the same God they claim to be serving and at the same time acting as if they own this God, knows the inner workings of their hearts, minds and souls and know the truth.  The Good Book by which they claim to live states that “God is not mocked”, and this hypocrisy and prejudice, both overt and covert is nothing but a mockery to truth and honesty.
Let me move outside of the realm of emotions and document some facts. 
The United States government is the largest donor in dollar terms to this crucial help to poor developing nations.  The US helps these countries to grow out of poverty and we must remember that this ‘gift’ must be agreed to by congress and written into the Federal Budget therefore these GOP Congressmen and women play a crucial role in allocating these sums for foreign countries while they block any bill that would help America’s poor.
The US admirably contributes to the World Food Program and the Global Health Initiative to assist the millions of starving and undernourished people in foreign/developing countries. 
The Kaiser Family Foundation 2012 Survey of Americans on the U.S. Role in Global Health looks at, among other things, the attitudes of Americans about the role and contribution of the US in its endeavor in improving the health for people in developing countries and how the public views the country’s support for global health.

 Improving health in developing countries is one of many priorities the public sees as important for the president and Congress to address in world affairs….  Within health, basic needs such as providing clean water and reducing hunger, along with improving children’s health, are seen as the top priorities, though every health issue asked about in the survey is seen as important by a large majority of the public.” ~ Kaiser Family Foundation – US Global Health

A precious few of the benefits of the Affordable Care Act read like this:

 1.       3.1 million more young adults will have health insurance under their parents plan
 2.       3 million seniors have already received a 50% discount on their prescription drugs
 3.       Millions of Americans are provided to no-cost preventative services 
 4.       Abusive insurance practices are being abolished
 5.       The Act helps small business with the cost of health insurance for their staff
 6        Coverage for pre-existing conditions

Poverty levels among children in America sees almost 15 million
children (that is 21% of all children) live in families living below the federal
poverty level. And don’t forget child poverty rates are highest among black,
Latino and American Indian children.  Statistics show the official child poverty
rates ranging from 9% in New Hampshire to 31% in Mississippi. With facts such as
this, I reiterate the obvious flavor of prejudice.  Why care for the Americans who are living below poverty levels?  There are more accolades, goodwill and publicity to be had if aid in Healthcare and Poverty Alleviation is given offshore. Not only are jobs being sent offshore but compassion too.

There are some GOP governors who flatly refuse to implement the nationalized health care plan. Texas’ Gov. Rick Perry, Gov. Rick Scott of Florida, Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona and Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana are adamant that they will not implement Affordable Care Medicare expansion into their states. 


Texas             Uninsured  27.5%        Child Poverty  34.0%          Governor's Decree: “I will not be 
                                                                                                                                  party to
 socializing  health care”

Florida         Uninsured   21.0%         Child Poverty  28.0%         Governor's Decree: “ Opting out of Obamacare
                                                                                                                                                  is the right decision for 
                                                                                                                                                  our citizens."
Arizona       Uninsured  19.0%         Child Poverty  35.0%           Governor's Decree:"Obamacare must be fully

Louisiana   Uninsured  17.0%         Child Poverty  31.0%           Governor's  Decree “We are committed to 
                                                                                                                                                working to elect Gov.
                                                                                                                                         Romney to repeal Obamacare.”

Uninsured and Child Poverty - Source Kaiser Family Foundation statehealthfacts.org
The United States Congress allocates billions of dollars in Foreign Aid annually. In FY2010 alone, U.S.foreign assistance totaled $39.4  billion, or 1.1% of the total federal budget. This was the highest level of U.S. foreign assistance since 1985. The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the State Department, the primary administrators of U.S. foreign assistance, provided $10.38 billion in security-related assistance; $10.93 billion for health, education, and social welfare programs; $3.64 billion for governance programs; $5.21 for economic growth activities; and $4.98 in humanitarian assistance. Assistance can take the form of cash transfers, equipment and commodities, infrastructure, or technical assistance, and, in recent decades, is provided almost exclusively on a grant rather than loan basis.

Don't misunderstand me, I am all for foreign aid having been brought up under the edict that "you never  have too little to share" but.....
  Why is it that caring for the poor in other countries is so honorable but caring for the American poor is Socialism?  Please help me understand!!!