The ‘fringe’ is now in charge.  There is role-reversal and the status of moderate Republicans has been relegated to become the ‘new Republican Fringe’ By: David A. Franklin, Jr.

Why does a dog wag its tail?  Because the dog is smarter than its tail. Therefore with the tail wagging the dog, does that mean the tail is now smarter than the dog or has the dog gone totally crazy?
I revisited some of my blog articles and went back in my archives to 2011 at which time I blogged for a different boss and I came up with some gems! The one that hits me most is one published in August 2011 titled: POLITICS OF RECONSTRUCTION: VOL. II 
NICE GUYS FINISH FIRST - WHY BARACK OBAMA WILL WIN RE-ELECTION IN 2012  Embedded in this article are some predictions which when I read them I have to control myself and not begin to believe in some prophetic gift I might have! But really fun and joke aside, anyone could and should have seen it coming….and I quote:

 “I boldly predict a Civil War between the two factions in the coming months leading up to the Republican National Convention in 2012”. August 2011

 What I failed to predict was that the ‘Civil War of the REPUBLICans’ will continue after the 2012 election is lost.

  “The Republicans have gone further to the dark side catering to the fringe Tea Party. The Tea Party is nothing more than a fringe movement fueled by the unfounded fears of people who refuse to accept that their time as being the majority is fast coming to a close. Instead of embracing the inevitable and be rational, they would rather take the course of destruction by any means necessary…”  

Their followers’ hearts rule their heads and eventually Establishment Republicans will have a hell of a fight, verbally and maybe otherwise, if it continues to get out of hand.”

In the nine days since November 6th, we see this fight begin and escalating. Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, Fox News, et al are continuing on the same path refusing to accept that the election is over and the election is lost!   

Those in the party who suffer from episodes of ‘on-and-off decency’ are now pivoting back to decency brought on by the concussion caused by knock-out punch the electorate gave their party in the form of a convincing loss!  I predicted this would happen and I am not shy in saying ‘I told you so’ and I have no pity for them.  I believe in a two party system because the ruling party is as good as the opposition it gets.  The irony of this belief is that up until the past 4 years, this belief translated in my mind as positive; thinking that the opposition keeps the incumbent on their toes to ensure the people’s will is carried out and maintained.  It can be the opposite - the Republicans have since 2008 blocked everything that would benefit the American people. 

 The atmosphere is rife with ironies, now that there is the tug-o-WAR and a Civil WAR.  Where were these paragons of virtue?  The likes of Bobby Jindal, the Republican Governors, Joe Scarborough who are suddenly criticizing Mitt Romney?  Why have they now invoked the light of heaven to shine on them because of Romney’s sore-loser telephone call that came to light recently?  For those of us who were not fooled and to those who were not fooled but played the hypocrite, we all knew full well that Mitt Romney has not changed.  We are all aware that irrespective of what he said that he is a rich spoilt brat who knows nothing other than getting what he wants and looking down his nose on the disadvantaged of the society whose sole existence in his book is to be his workers - pawns for him and his cohorts to be used in their game of “who can make the most millions"?.  He said it in his famous 47% speech. Suddenly everyone is aghast and hyperventilating because of his most recent telephone call in which he uses the same theory and philosophy to describe the people who did not vote for him. “Had it not been for those Moochers, I would have won”… that is all the man was saying.  

Haley Barbour said it right. ‘GOP needs a 'proctology exam'

Before they get the exam, and for the examination to be effective, they need to take their heads out.

In another of my blog articles “Epic Republican Failure”03/01/2012 I wrote “And the Presidential candidates continue to fiddle while the Republican Party burns. Haven’t the Republican Party learnt from their 1964 electoral trouncing? Not unlike the current Tea Party wing, it saw the advent of the fringe rightwing movement coming into their own and they all but alienated moderates and independent voters”. 

The candidates were not the only ones who were fiddling while the Republican Party burned.  The entire group from Boehner to Cantor, from Mitch McConnell to Michelle Bachmann the fringe and the moderates were lost in their fantasy bubble.  They were blinded by the high they got from the exuberance of pathological hate ….and they salivated thinking hate can win elections because the American people are shallow minded and are Moochers who really do not understand.  

But the “GOP’s ‘REALITY CHECK’JUST BOUNCED!” – my article of 04/10/2012.  “In this 2012 hunting season for the White House they were really in a drunken stupor from drinking the corrupted tea served at the Tea Party and by imbibing the venom of the extreme right, all this intensified by the fact that they just plain refuse whether by design or ignorance to accept the facts – to acknowledge reality.”  

Mitt did say “If leaders are saying one thing and doing another, their leadership is badly damaged.”  In response to Mitt's utterance, I did say '"From your lips to the voters’ ears" and they heard all right.  

And I am not fooled or my position not softened to the dilemma of the Republican Party (which is self- inflicted) because it all boils down to integrity and at this moment I have yet to see this quality in any Republican (except for my new best friend Governor Chris Christie) who has put himself or herself out as the bastion of the party’s values – and there are many of these ‘defenders’ who espouse varied interpretations of what they say is the norm within their party.

We will see the ‘Civil War of the REPUBLICans’ continue through to the next general election cycle because each faction is stubborn and especially the far fringe haters who cannot change because hate and prejudice is in their DNA.  And for the next four years the target of their hate, President Barack Obama will be in their faces in their wake hours and in their nightmares.

Go ahead GOP ….  we will continue to watch you implode! And please remember their living-will reads “Do not resuscitate”