By: David A. Franklin, Jr.
Romney, Ryan and Republicans (RRR) take heed you are striving (you believe) only because you are so comfortable with dishonesty. But I refer you to a simple song – I love these songs; these “message songs”.  This is by the artiste called Shine Head, “STRIVE” and I refer you to a particular stanza:

If yuh a tief tief remember God naw sleep
And although yuh rob a man and yuh get weh last week
Yuh ago laugh outta street but yuh beaten gwine steep
Caz God annuh silent river and jah know him run deep

If you are a thief, remember God is not sleeping
And although you robbed a man (the American people) and got away with it last week
You are going to laugh in the street, but your punishment will be steep (severe)
Because God is not a silent river but God knows He runs deep!
Throughout history lots of great men and women
Went about things the old fashion way 
They just kept on winning and winning. 

“The old fashioned way” Romney, Ryan and Republicans (RRR) means pure unadulterated honesty and truth! When it’s not Ryan lying through his teeth at the GOP Convention, it is Romney in the Presidential debate with vomit-worthy, shameless, bare-faced, bone-numbing dishonesty!

Romney engages his Etch-a-Sketch pretending to turn away from his plan which he has been putting forward for the past year and saying the stark opposite is his promise.  And promise it is indeed because he knows he is only trying to hood-wink the American people. He says he will do these things AND  not only does he not explain how he will achieve them but knowing full well he is only feeding these “takers”, these “others” with the heat of the campaign aphrodisiac. He said in the debate he will keep bank regulations in place, hire more teachers, maintain tax on the wealthy in total contradiction of his true intentions and opposite to what he has been promising up until the last 18 seconds before the debate.
Pre-existing conditions benefits are provided for, under his health plan. The truth is, this clause in his plan applies only in instances where continuous healthcare coverage is held by the patient and in addition that right has existed since 1996 and would discard those patients who cannot get healthcare period. This neither matches Obamacare or Romneycare! Read more in “Repeal and Replace, Without the Replace” by Jonathan Cohn, The New Republic May 17, 2012

He would end Obama programs but does not think the American public needs to know how he would accomplish this without eliminating the very things he says he will keep.
The $5 trillion tax cut is a direct adaptation of the Ryan’s and Republicans’ stated goals to lower Capital Gains tax to zero which would have Romney and his filthy rich friends  paying zero tax to the Federal Government.  
This benefit for the rich would have to be borne by the “others” “those people” whom he cares nothing about. Middle and working Americans would lose tax deductions for childcare, mortgage interest among others.  Then we cannot forget that people who receive these deductions think they are entitled and while these ‘entitled’ souls lose their entitlement, they work harder and harder to support Romney’s program that allows him and his kind, to pay zero to the country to which they claim they are so patriotic. This is not patriotism it is treason!!!

His denial to the President’s charge that he promises to cut $5 trillion dollars from these wealthy entitled soul "I'm not asking for a $5 trillion tax cut.  What I've said is I won't put in place a tax cut that adds to the deficit. ... I've got five boys. I'm used to people saying something that's not always true, but just keep on repeating it and ultimately hoping I'll believe it." is jaw-dropping. Not to mention the air of entitlement he exhibits in this utterance being utterly rude and disrespectful to compare the President and the country’s business to shenanigans of he and his and “lie-raised” juveniles!
 He has promised to extend all the Bush tax cuts and has decided to go along with Ryan’s non-acceptance of even the slightest of higher revenue in attacking the deficit.  From which angle then is he saying that all this is untrue?
I have wasted enough time and ire on the pack of thieves so I purge my mind of these negative souls and think of the great men and women who go about things the old fashion way and who just keep on winning and winning!