By David A. Franklin, Jr.

The spectacle of a press conference called and presented by the National Rifle Association (NRA) on national TV this morning fits perfectly in the lyrics of the calypso (soca) song “Too Many Guns”  .

“This one have a gun, that one have a gun
Man they gon (going) shoot each other for fun.”

The NRA welcomes back the ‘Wild Wild West” and the “meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again” they promised is to populate America with more weapons. Of specific note, I hope that viewers/listeners saw and heard the marketing strategy intertwined in Wayne LaPierre’s presentation. He pledged the NRA’s help to train suitable personnel to guard every school in America FOR FREE (the public relations investment) and also offers this service to the world (this is the money-making side of the project). The food-chain is as follows the NRA who feeds themselves and the gun manufacturers who both feed the Tea Party and the Republicans. 

I have never witnessed before, such degree of callousness, insensitive and vomit-worthy barefacedness in an individual. Added to which he up-front said, he will not field any questions but he invites the media to request his presence to speak in the coming weeks. I’ll be damned!!!  I detected the arrogance in his body language from his first sentence and I seriously thought of switching to a cooking show but decided to watch but for the need to listen to the opposing side of good sense. 
Wayne LaPierre the NRA’s chief lobbyist said "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun”. He blamed everyone and every organization – parents, video games, the media and God I suppose while the NRA is the paragon of perfection that advocates a gun in as many hands as possible.

Emergencies cannot wait for the 911 call to dispatch the ‘good guy’ but we should have a ‘good guy’ at every school.  In the most critical and disgusting tone he vilified those who classify the guns used in the Newtown massacre as assault weapons.  In his soliloquy (because that is what it was to him – a play and he alone is to speak to the audience with no interruption or question) and in his arrogant tone he asks why is the gun good to guard the President and not the kids. If there were an obvious outpouring of disgust for the President that was one qualified. 

Inherent in his utterance is that the right to protect yourself in your home is one not to be tampered with and I am sure most people and myself agree, but does one need a Glock 10mm and the military style Bushmaster AR-15 rifle (assault weapons) and thirty round magazines to protect yourself or to hunt?
On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Friday morning, Tea Partier Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kansas) said it is Video Games and not guns that caused the Newtown Massacre. His body language and utterances were as repulsive as those of NRA’s LaPierre. He actually chuckled when he said “What has bothered me the most as a representative is how this has been politicized so quickly that somehow if we had changed one single law—that as I understand it, the State of Connecticut had laws against these things.” This man saw embedded in all this tragedy, something to chuckle about. He actually chuckled and with a smirk!

In addition, the Newtown victims have no legal recourse since an NRA backed law indemnifies gun manufactures from any and all lawsuits that could hold them liable for crimes committed with weapons they produce and sell.  This is at the courtesy of the controversial law passed in Congress some seven years ago - more accurately, a law written by the NRA and passed by their puppet politicians.

Earlier this week in my article I stated that I anxiously await the NRA’s press conference – and I will confess, I had foolishly thought they would provide a suggestion such as supporting banning the sale of assault weaponry to civilians but now I know my anxiety was misplaced. 

“Too many guns in this town,
Too many guns passing round!
Too many guns in this town,
Too many guns passing round!
Is every day you open de paper
All you read ‘bout is murder.
Man, this ting (thing) here is sad,
But de (the) whole damn world goin (going) mad!” 


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