Why Rick Scott Is A Joke & Florida has become The Jerry
Springer Show of American Politics

By David A. Franklin, Jr.
And it came to pass in those trying economic times, when political madness ensued in our beloved Sunshine State of Florida! Hardships there are but Florida is where beaches are beautiful, the gorgeous women make guys suffer debilitating whiplash and the weather is hot 24/7--- as is the case with politics in America today. 
States with Republican Governors, with the help of their State Legislatures, SUPER PACs and other big money “outside” donors, go through extreme lengths to see to it that voter’s lists are scoured and certain groups
of people disenfranchised because of the following: 
a)   Having a past criminal record and/or prior arrest/incarceration although they have paid  their debt to society as   
      society dictates
b)   Have a history of voting for the Democratic Party
c)   They belong to a Minority Group (i.e. Black, Hispanic, Woman, Disabled, Legal Immigrant able to vote, and they 
      incude the poor of all ethnic groups)
d)   Unable to show what Republicans have determined to be “proper” I.D. to vote
e)   Don’t speak English fluently
How low and despicable can the actions of one person be? Rick Scott rode into the Governor’s Mansion because some careless voters took it for granted that populist progressive Democrat, Alex Sink, was able to defeat him – so they did not turn out to vote. Scott was coming off that Medicare scandal investigation that exposed a scam of Healthcare providers who shafted the system of billions of dollars. Any educated voter would push for a criminal trial for the guilty to be charged and put in prison for a long time. Instead with the veil of impropriety hanging over the head of Scott, he ran successfully for Governor of Florida. It is Florida after all what can we say?

Everything that is supposed to be in the playbook fundamentals in basic human decency spiraled out of control making the people of the State look foolish, backward and ill-informed. Sometimes one wonders if an uncomfortable number in America who vote aren’t in this category of persons. We witnessed this in the recent recall attempt in Wisconsin and the continued efforts by at least twelve (12) States using intimidating guerilla tactics to disenfranchise some of their citizens. Nazi Germany would have been proud of today’s current Republican leadership in using scare tactics, outright intimidation and the use of fraud to win by any means necessary. It is their way or no way at all! In the good old days of Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neal there was the art of compromise. There wasn’t blind political ideology or greedy corporate vampires like the Koch Brothers who try to control everything because they threw money around recklessly. It was always about putting America first and how we can move to the next level where the country, on a whole, benefits. Not the few in the 1% but the whole.
The Occupy Wall Street Movement (OWS) has turned out to be a bust. My suggestion is that they organize by getting
people registered to vote for more progressive candidates who share their ideals and common political goals. The Tea Party was able to do that brilliantly. The results saw their fringe (i.e. crazy) candidates being elected to Congress in droves as well as in State Legislatures and Governorships across the country. Sitting idly by in public parks, communicating through Social Media and chanting kumbahya has failed miserably. Bill Maher was correct in mocking OWS ever so elegantly when he made the point that the Tea Party mobilized and were both effective and successful. That is what the OWS must do if they want real change and be taken seriously. Maher was right! Meaningful change will not come from hippies, and other socially progressive movements, sitting around on their butts in public parks “protesting”. If that shouting mentality isn’t changed to actual mobilization then America is screwed! It’ll only lead to more frustration and nothing being done to make effective change. 
Florida puts the “fun” in  dysfunctional:
Can the State get anymore screwed up than it already is? Florida leads the way in being dysfunctional. In fact, Florida puts the “fun” in dysfunctional. The State brings it to new heights starting back to the 2000 presidential snafu. Then till
now, Florida has been in the public eye. As it stands now, I boldly predict that it may come down to Florida and/or Ohio in the Electoral College vote. Rick Scott is doing his part to rid Florida of some 182,000+ registered voters. The Federal Government is counter-suing Florida as a result. A great majority of residents in Florida “dislike” Governor Rick Scott. Even people in his own Republican Party not a fan of his. I guess they are having buyer’s remorse and are unable to do jack about it. Why? Because, before demitting office, Jeb Bush signed a bill into law stating that no Florida Governor can ever be challenged in a recall election. The typical response in Florida was to go along with that and do nothing. When will Florida ever learn? 
Florida is fast taking over as the poster child of everything backward. Fast and surely Florida has become the next Jerry Springer Show of American politics. Thanks in large part to Rick Scott and Republican demagogues who so successfully appeal to the people’s prejudices and are so efficient in their manipulative and dangerous actions. They put ideology above practicality/pragmatism. The madness must end Floridians! Stop Rick Scott by electing progressive people come August 14th, 2012. From County and Citywide Judgeships, Commissions and School Boards to Local City Councils, the State House and State Senate. This is the only way to curb Governor Scott’s crazy enthusiasm and bring back some semblance of order and respect to the great State of Florida. Failure to do so would be detrimental and have epic negative ramifications come election-day this November. 
Stop being the laughing stock of America and do the right thing Florida. The entire nation - the World, is watching! Take your Democratic rights back from rapacious Corporatists and SUPER PACs.  

Return true power to the people.