Why Do Republicans Hate Women So Much?
By David A. Franklin, Jr.
Nirvana’s song “Rape Me” may be open to several interpretations.  Republicans it is apparent, are receiving this as an invitation by the women of America to commit this bastardly act on them. 

“Hate me
Do it and do it again
Waste me
Rape me, my friend”


Republicans display a penchant to debase, demean, degrade, and defile women with the thinking that they have the absolute and supreme authority over all aspects of women’s lives.  Whether it is on the job (less pay for equal work and no recognition for promotion although women may equal and even outstrip their male counterparts in ability and performance), in the bedroom, in their uteruses, in their sexual organs in general, being against preventive healthcare for women, and the list goes on. As I asked in an earlier article - where did these people come from?  Did they happen on planet earth from outer space and even so, do they have mothers, grandmothers, sisters, wives, daughters and nieces?  Or are they themselves women – since women too, are among those who vote for these laws? Or is it that these Republicans who repeatedly cosponsor and vote into law these suppressive, authoritarian, and draconian rules by which women should abide, are still living in the cobwebs of time? In the late 19th Century to early 20th Century rights were fought for and won, during which period:  
1.      Married women were legally dead in the eyes of the law 
2.      Women were not allowed to vote 
3.      Women had to submit to laws when they had no voice in their formation
4.      Married women had no property rights 
5.      Women were not allowed to enter professions such as medicine or law 
6.      Women had no means to gain an education since no college or university would accept women students 
7.      Women were not allowed to participate in the affairs of the church
8.      Women were robbed of their self-confidence and self-respect
9.      Women were made totally dependent on men.

Item number 3 above is what obtains within the thinking of the Republican Party- Women have to submit to laws when they have no voice in their formation.
The status of women in the Mormon Church has a
question sign hanging over it and continues to be a source of debate as it has been since before the death of the church’s founder Joseph Smith, Jr. in 1844. In other religions also, woman equality is still being hindered – the Catholic Church where nuns/women cannot be ordained as priests for example.  These Republicans (under the pretext of Christianity) see themselves better than other religions that practice these anti-woman sentiments. Republicans are among those who are the strongest critics of other religious  practices as it pertains to the treatment of women in other cultures and societies. How different are they and their faiths from Islam where equality of women is abhorred?  Is this not the same horse?

Anti-Women Bills
In the past four months alone, all across the United States, State Houses dominated by Republicans have introduced some 916 Anti-Women Bills – at the  expense of, and forgetting jobs, healthcare, budget. Another 300+ bills are pending. Their hate stems from fear as women are thriving in all spheres of life in 21st Century America coupled with these haters’ un-emancipated minds. When compared to the Taliban, today’s GOP is exactly the same. Their avid
supporters bomb health clinics that provide the opportunity for women to choose not to have a baby (even in cases of rape and incest) and strongly believe that women should be seen but not heard (Stepford Wives Syndrome). They have done a good job in demonizing Planned Parenthood and have become the standard bearers for the last of the chauvinistic Old Boys Network.  Any female who still would vote for Republicans after all this, needs serious  psychological help with their Stockholm Syndrome. GOP “War On Women” (from Moveon.org) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=834jIeRQd3M&feature=relmfu

Let it be known that a woman’s place is in the House. In the House - in the State Senates and State Houses, in the U.S. Congress, in Governor’s mansions across America and ultimately the White House. 
And, for the love of everything that is good in this world, can someone please explain to me what the hell is “legitimate rape”? When we find this out, we can rename Nirvana’s song to “Legitimately Rape Me Republicans”!
From Todd Akin to Paul Ryan to Mitt Romney to the entire Republican House, those in the Senate and beyond in the “jerk-osphere” of the Republican Party they share those backward and anti-woman sentiments and one can only postulate that those females among them be it professional colleagues or family members are keeping their places in the male-centric moronic commune called the Republican Party.   
I will ask one delicate question for the road – Should Todd Akin’s daughter be raped (God forbid) by one from the “other side of society”, by someone of other ethnic origin and the baby comes looking “not like them”, would he allow his daughter to keep the pregnancy and would Akin walk around with that "different” baby and be proud of his grandchild?  He sure should but would he? I am absolutely positive he would damn well not!  Talk about circumstances Mr. Akin et