By David A. Franklin, Jr.

The irony called Mitt Romney can be understood by his enacting the beliefs and teachings of his Mormon faith which says in part:

 * “Truth is determined by feelings….We believe we know the truth by our  feelings. We do not rely on, and we 
    will disregard any facts that contradict what our feelings tell us is true.”

 •  “By being Mormons, we are assured of salvation – even if we are wrong”

   Never before has anyone presented him- or herself as a candidate for the presidency of the great United States of America or for that matter, as leader of “Anywhere on Planet Earth” been so shilly shally, such a waste of time, who panders to, and assumes the character of the bottom of the barrel for his own selfish reasons. Who makes impulsive, unthinking and impetuous decisions – selling his soul (I forgot, he has no soul) not caring what are the consequences or if it hurts the very country he claims to love and wants to rescue. As a matter of fact, the more disastrous the consequence the more he exhibits that snug satisfaction and he flourishes with cheers from the penny section with Palin, Limbaugh, O’Riley, Bachmann and other such in the front seat.

   His religion is up for scrutiny as is any other religion and by God, Romney himself knows that Mormonism is not a subject he would like anyone to concentrate on especially at this time.  He therefore would be expected to manufacture some modicum of politeness or decorum and take time to understand before he condemns.  “The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions” What in this statement does Romney not understand? 
And then again, his rash reaction was before ANY attack happened but please remember - “We Mormons do not rely on, and we will disregard any facts that contradict what our feelings tell us is true.”  ARGUEMENT OVER! RIGHT MR. ROMNEY?

   The fact is that having won the nomination to run for president is the first this gentleman has had to work for anything without the props of his golden spoon with which he has been fed since birth. But no! Correction, he does have that golden spoon in the form of his personal wealth and connections, and his billionaire colleagues’ contributions. Is it that his spoon on this occasion has outlived its usefulness?
   Welcome to the real world Mitt.  Because you have operated in a cloistered reality so far where if things are not handed to you on a platter, where the opportunity to maneuver is enhanced by your special environment, you  are out of your depth. Having to depend on ordinary mortals to decide your fate you see your world coming to a crash, and you are completely discombobulated!  You become a fool not knowing what to say and when. You jump at every opportunity you see to project yourself as more worthy for the pick than your opponent.  You jump at every prodding from those at the ringside of the school-yard brawl – the far right nut jobs in your party. Can’t you see they are in it to get attention and ratings and to line their pockets at your expense?  Do you have the ability to pause and think and make a decision by yourself, without the cheering and chanting from these school yard bullies?

   Then there are those with psychiatric deficiencies like Richard Williamson, a former Assistant Secretary of State under the Ronald Reagan Administration, who said a Romney Administration would have been on top of the situation before it got to this stage. Secretary Williamson like yourself is living a fantasy or totally lost on all reality. It is because of nonsense talk and thinking like this why the country’s image is what it is in the Middle East. Rightwing hogwash and
irresponsible innuendos, through a terribly dubbed short film, has destabilized an already fragile peace after the Arab Spring. It is obvious that Romney is advised by neo-cons, hell bent on starting another war in the volatile region. War equals big profit for the Military Industrial Complex and the 1%.  This is a carefully orchestrated brew-ha-ha to scare and distract the American people. Haven’t the Republicans learnt that they cannot discredit this president when it comes to diplomacy and eliminating wanted terrorists on a regular basis? All their arguments are invalid when it comes to defending American soil. Nobody does it better than the Obama-Biden Administration…nobody!  

The Unfit Mitt
     Let’s look at some of the important issues Romney supported before he was against them. On every issue, he has been on the side of whatever is popular at the time. It also depends on the audience he is speaking to at the moment. He does more flip flops than a seasoned circus seal, without shame or remorse. The words “truth” and “reality” are non-existent in the man’s vocabulary. 
Romney was for Roe vs. Wade in 1994 when he ran unsuccessfully against the late Senator Ted Kennedy. Today, he is so far right of the issue one couldn’t believe he was for it. He wants to repeal Roe vs. Wade today. 

Romney created a successful health care system in Massachusetts dubbed Romney Care. The Affordable Care Act is the off-spring to it. How can he be for his plan but against the Affordable Care Act which is the same thing basically?          
Romney was all for progressive Immigration Reform with the Dream Act. Far right Teapublicans hated the idea only because Obama is for it and they fear that it will eat away at their status quo of being the super majority in America. They will do any and everything to hold on to power. 
Romney gives no regard to the sacrifices made by men and women. He nor any of his sons have served a day in the Armed Forces yet, if elected, a President Romney would send troops to fight another unnecessary way against Iran. All for the enrichment of the 1% under the guise of “defending Israel”.

Romney got his “3:00 am call” with this latest middle east crisis and, based on his impetuous over-reaction, he flopped miserably. He showed that he is not ready for the presidency by his indecent hast to rush to judgment on the unfortunate violence in Egypt and Libya. All he deserves for his action is ridicule and contempt. He reminds me of Yosemite Sam, that ridiculous cartoon character from Bugs Bunny Looney Tunes Adventures. Has a big mouth and always putting his foot in to shut up.
Romney has no heart, as well as no brain, who nakedly panders to the conscienceless. America deserves better than you!        

The country needs Barack Obama. A man of conscience, character, confidence and who cares - not Romney who not only will lie to win but does not rely on, and will disregard any facts that contradict what his feelings tell him is true.