Get Over It Republicans – Barack Obama is President!  Recognize that you ended your relationship with the truth and moderation and are now romantically involved with ‘Stinker’ (The Tea Party) and Stinker is the lover you should never have.

The Death of Republicans, the Tea Party and the Extremism In American Politics

By: David A. Franklin, Jr.
In the 2001 American romantic comedy film ‘Get Over It’ the girlfriend of a teenage boy ends their relationship and moves to another boy, Stinker. While there is nothing romantic or comedic about the drama being played out in Washington, Republicans need to get over President Obama’s win and get on with doing the country’s business. But no! I forgot they haven’t done any real business since George W. Bush through to the last four years when all they did was lie, cheat, deceive, con, defraud and dupe to get in the White House while earning for the House of Representative the worst rating in not so recent history.

‘Stinker’ (the Tea Party) and the Republicans have become severely unhinged and irrational. Thanks in a large part to the re-election of Barack Obama as President of the United States the other part is that they are intoxicated by hunger for power, and are haters and racists! Yes, I said it – racists. I will not expand on this incrimination of the GOP of obvious and glaring discrimination against the President. The sad part is that it is being played out in full view and the world watches and laughs at the country which indeed was and continues to think it is the beacon of good, common sense and elevated thinking.  As Stinker and his girlfriend (GOP) continue to froth at the mouth, they slip further into irrelevance at home and abroad, they take the country with them on this downward spiral while other world powers get into bed with concentrated thinking and sensible action to improve their economies and their world recognition and approval. 
America is making a dramatic comeback economically under the great leadership of the Obama-Biden Administration and they just cannot accept it.
The movie “Get Over It” was set in a high school to a post-high school background and by God this pair (GOP/Tea Party) is acting the part perfectly! The constant threat of a break up and of domestic violence by the Tea Party if the GOP should ever act outside of its desires, a perfect manifestation of adolescent behavior in their developmental transition from childhood to adulthood exhibiting a fight to gain cognitive, emotional and social maturation. 

The GOP turns the guns on to each other casting blame on individuals. Instead of looking at what they did wrong as a collective political movement, they rather blame others for their idiocy, their hate and their sheer incompetence. 

I am reminded of the Whig Party back in the 1800s that represented the main national opposition to the Democratic Party from the mid-1830s until the early 1850s. As it was then it is now with the Republican Party. 
But we must remember that the infighting and blame games of the 1800s Whig Party resulted in its division and finally its demise. The same pot pourri of multiple personalities that characterized the Whig Parry persist to date and are evident in the GOP – socially conservative, liberal in religious matters, moral reformists, evangelical revival influence considered as significantly important, exploitation of fears of northern abolitionist interference to arouse popular support then, as it is now with fear mongering that 47% will take over by sucking dry the country’s coffers and the voter suppression to eliminate minorities from exercising their right to vote. 

Again, it is significant that just as the Whigs were torn apart by sectional interests that brought about a quick end to the party, the same scenario is being played out in modern-day Republicans. A party that was formed in 1854 from the remnants of this disdain for fairness, and the explosion of infighting and division. But what can we say, the GOP was spawned by the Whigs and hence their DNA must be the same. 

In the 1800s they took a hard-line stance against changing times, thus ensuring that they became a footnote in American political history. Their twenty first century child, like them is fast becoming irrelevant and faces the scary future of obsolescence. A political movement whose claim to fame is catchy slogans and wedge issues that the majority cares nothing about in the bigger scheme of things. The Republican Party is heading in that direction slowly but surely. Who is to blame for this circular firing squad? Some say Karl Rove. Others say the Moral Majority and fringe social groups. Still others say Grover Norquist and Reince Prebuis. Still others say Billionaires/SUPER PACs who tried to buy the 2012 election. I agree that all the aforementioned are to take blame. But, the Republicans lost mainly because they are hell-bent on keeping the status quo. They fail to realize that America has changed demographically, socially, economically and structurally over a hundred year span. I feel that the main reason they lost so badly is because of the involvement of the Tea Party Movement. The Tea Party did not hijack them; they were invited in by the current crop of failures known as the GOP Leadership. 

They appeal to the marginal group in society who live off fear and ignorance and base their unfounded prejudices on negative stereotypes which are largely baseless and have been proven many times to be downright foolish and backward. The Tea Party movement cannot be taken seriously as they often tout candidates for office who are out of main stream rational thinkers. What Washington, D.C. needs is rationality and common sense! Those two words can never be uttered in the same sentence with Tea Party.  

The GOP’s continued stubbornness to be stupid can only serve in making Democrats the only viable option. This is to their detriment and dangerous in the long term for America since any party in power over a protracted period will become complacent with no credible challenge to their governance. Republicans are against the idea of internal change and actually exhibiting this through their actions. 
They attempted to be inclusive during the last campaign but, how can they claim to be inclusive overnight? They went extremely far right then so as to attract independents, they came to the center. But their extreme right views made them a mockery when they tried the centrist position. They paid a hard price as American voters put them over their knees and spanked them for their hypocrisy and for being such counterfeits. Mitt Romney,  Allen West, Todd Akin, Sarah Palin, Sharron Angle, Christine “I’m Not A Witch” O’Donnell and Richard Murdoch are just a handful of recognized names who were endorsed by the Tea Party. They are proven losers and, being affiliated with the Tea Party, the Republicans continue to sink further and further into the abyss of political nothingness. Good for them! 

Republicans refuse to learn that nothing can make this president lose his faculties as they have. Nothing moves him to stupidity – a condition that inflicts their members. Obama is forward-thinking and is always four to five steps ahead of them. By the time they think they have caught up, he has moved even further ahead. 
The epitome of crazy is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different and favorable result. As a Democrat, I hope they continue with this absurd path. Having the Tea Party dictate who should be the GOP candidate is CRAZY! It is not hard to predict that Senators Lamar Alexander, Lindsey Graham, Saxby Chambliss and John McCain will be primaried by Tea Party backed candidates. They are all up for re-election in 2013.

The only reason that Republicans still have a majority in the House of Representatives is because they gerrymandered Congressional districts, so they could keep control. They masked their gerrymandering under the guise of redistricting because they knew full well that they would have been rejected by the electorate. Their days are numbered because they continue to hinder, block, do nothing and backstab America. We elect our leaders for them to compromise and to get things done. This current crop of politicians mostly Republicans, are not doing what they were elected to do. They bow to the demands of Grover Norquist, they concentrated on making Barack Obama a one-term president and we but not them, seem to recognize that that is a battle lost and at the expense of the progress of the great country we live in. They have failed miserably and it is time to move on.

There is a new dawn in America. Destiny is being fulfilled as we march forward in the 21st Century led by Barack Obama at the helm. Love it or hate it that is the reality.



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