By: David A. Franklin, Jr.

We wait with bated breath - some to enjoy and others to be horrified with  the excitement, restlessness, ferment, debacle at this 2012 GOP Convention with all the rival factions, the undercurrents, the dictates of big Super Pac donors, et al.  It’s a must see!!!

 As far as the intrigue is concerned I focus on the VP pick.  There are those with mouthwatering desire to be picked and those who are convinced that they have the ‘big axe’ to dictate their wants and demands.  The first category of the “drool-ers” includes Marco Rubio the Senator from Florida and Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana and we cannot rule out the secret wishes of one such as Michelle Bachmann being a woman and all, who she thinks could help the Presidential Candidate with this demography in which he is trailing so badly.  Don’t forget she thinks she could be president so why not vice-president?

The second and larger category includes the million-dollar donors, together with those who are afforded un-tethered and unbridled access to conservative news organs – the Rush Limbaughs of this world, the Christian Conservative groups, the Fringe Right Republicans, the Tea Party and those who the “Unfair and Unbalanced” Fox Network breeds to feed their festered hatred and tension while causing the proverbial pus and infection among GOP base. Each player in this group with absolute certainty thinks that they can dictate who should be or should not be picked. 
And last, but by no means least let us not forget the indomitable Ron Paul with his resolute, stubborn, spirited and determined persona who is expected to inject a level of excitement we could truly enjoy or which could be cringe-worthy depending on which side of the isle of the theater you sit.

 I will get my glass of lemonade, and I invite those who prefer soda or beer to join me and my popcorn and be a part of the 2012 GOP Convention and whether to sympathize, or with vicarious pleasure be a part of what threatens to be the most exciting party Convention ever!

Conspiracy, plot, deception, scheme, stratagem, maneuver, ruse, subterfuge and trickery which have been applied and traded among fellow Republican Presidential hopefuls during the primary season and currently in the Presidential Campaign against President Obama and the Democrats will be for those few days later this month of August (27 through 30, 2012) expected to be directed inwardly at the Convention. It will be inbreeding of a sorts, of the bile that is so much a part of their character. All we have seen and can anticipate is that they will go against the very laws of nature: the human body for example recognizes organs and tissues as its own and does not attack them with antibodies but the GOP has never and cannot be expected to adopt this law of nature.  Great theater for some and horror for others!

Sarah Palin & the Tea Party Shadow:
Can we expect some covert side shows with Sarah Palin’s silhouette hanging over the happenings?  I think we already are seeing this.  In an article of “The Ballot 2012” Rebekah Metzler on July 5th, 2012 wrote: Experts: Romney Won't Pick Woman VP Because of Sarah Palin.  Further the article says “the long shadow of Sarah Palin still hangs over vice presidential politics, says Jennifer Lawless, director of American University's Women and Politics Institute. John McCain's decision to share the ticket with the former Alaska governor in 2008 was widely panned after a series of missteps by Palin,..” 

Sarah Palin is still the darling of the Tea Party and although she spouts nonsense they continue to buy into her idiocy and insanity, hook line and sinker for reasons obvious to some but which escapes the understanding of most logical thinkers.  BUT Governor Palin is definitely one of the flies in the ointment.

Ron Paul and the Obscure Rule 40

RNC rule No. 40(b) states: “Each candidate for nomination for President of the United States and Vice President of the United States shall demonstrate the support of a plurality of the delegates from each of five (5) or more states, severally, prior to the presentation of the name of that candidate for nomination.”

Four years ago, the Republican National Committee (RNC) instituted the Rule 40 which opens a window of opportunity for the Paul camp to cause major heartache and nuisance for Mitt Romney in the nominating his choice for VP at the convention. 

Ron Paul and his loyalists control majority delegates in at least three states (Maine, Minnesota and Iowa) a fact not to be forgotten and which has been clouded by all the other shenanigans being played out over the past few months in the party. 

In an email in June, Paul said “…When it is all said and done, we will likely have as many as 500 supporters as delegates on the Convention floor. That is just over 20 percent!
And while this total is not enough to win the nomination, it puts us in a tremendous position to grow our movement and shape the future of the GOP!"

Tell me – how better to “shape the future of the GOP” than to demand and succeed in choosing the VP pick? 

 Ron Paul backers fight effectively for GOP goals: 
The rest of the world may have moved on, but loyal followers of Rep. Ron Paul of Texas are still fighting a rear-guard — and effective — battle for delegates at the state level with just weeks to go before Republicans gather for their national convention in Tampa, Fla. A federal judge this week allowed delegates supporting Mr. Paul to file an amended complaint in a case in which they accuse the Republican National Committee of manipulating the delegate allocation process” David Sherfinski of the Washington Times, August 8, 2012 

Although some of the Paul camp says they do not plan to cause ruckus at the convention, I know the GOP Establishment is on edge. Is a speaker position for his son Rand enough pay-off to stop this possible show?  

Friends, neighbors, believers and non-believers all - the intrigued, and those who belong to the group that think “it’s not funny”… sit back, relax let the show begin because I believe there will be fun for all!



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