The stark differences among and between Republicans inside and outside of Congress are so many and varied and seem to be multiplying by the minute it makes your head spin. Not to mention that these differences are down to the micro level. 
By David A. Franklin, Jr.
The one person has several and varying personas depending on the day of the week, or the direction of the wind. Today John McCain is a Tea Partier…. but not tomorrow …. but later that same afternoon he will be a sensible sounding individual calling his party colleagues names which relegate them to crack pots.

Government shut-down advocates versus those Republicans who say it is a bad idea, and this threat of sending the government of the great US of A and its economy into a tail spin is for no other reason than to defund – you guess it! To defund ObamaCare which they have voted 40 times to repeal knowing full well they do not have the requisite number of votes to get the Healthcare Law of the land repealed. And we must remember it is the same House with the same ineffective, useless, feeble, unproductive Speaker/Leader who refuses to spend time to bring other worthwhile bills for the vote.  And they must remember that the tax payers continue to having to cough up their fat salary, their excellent health coverage for them and their families while as they sit to repeal the Healthcare Law, their college children are benefiting from the very law!
Voting against anything that looks like, sounds like, smells like the President has become such an obsession for the Republicans that they have become lunatics. Maybe not become since they might have been lunatics all along just that the President brings out the worst in them. Neurosis, phobia, insanity, mental illness all compounded in one big ball of a useless, non-productive group. 

They are divided on spending, on foreign policy on just about everything. One question to themselves is do they need to be all inclusive in their appeal to the electorate? Yes, no, maybe - this minute yes because and only because they realize their open bigotry in the 2012 election campaign cycle cost them the White House…. This is what they think but why they lost 2012… let me educate them that as long as their Democratic opponent was Barack Obama, that he was the reason they would not set foot in the White House. But let us go along with the bigotry theory. The reason is so openly and transparently self-serving and has no truth in it; a reason spoken in public by these Republicans but one that is not coming from the heart.  The pendulum swings daily on this “all-inclusive path” from yes to no and back to yes then no. 

Then there are the low personal levels as seen with the most recent Rand Paul/Chris Christie saga. Name calling being hurled back and forth and like true school yard wrangle with two grown men who are thought of as being capable of running (or is it ruining) the country! Here I must confess that I found some pleasure in watching from the ringside. Not only that Republicans are at each other’s throats but Rand Paul needs to know with whom to pick a fight; and for his own good should not be with my favorite Republican.
Coming from the mouth of a Republican who classified as “stale and moss-covered" his colleagues in the persons of Senator McCain and some of McCain’s like-thinking Republicans of the old guard. This is a classification championed by Rand Paul.  Paul reminds me of the wimpy kid who goes around picking on bigger and stronger boys who will whop him anytime and every time. He has a penchant for embarrassment. Then there are the “wacko birds” among them; loud mount, ‘bag of wind’ Ted Cruz being the chief of the wackos among the bird species in the party. Don’t forget that Mr. Ted is also being touted as one of the wackos capable of ruining… running the country!

There is always a Jamaican proverb to fit just about every occasion, issue and situation. The one that fits this perfectly reads like this “If shark come from river bottom and say the river deep, it deep, believe him”. If the Republicans say there are birds of the wacko kind among them, believe them; if the say some are stale and moss-covered, believe them. Because they are coming from the bottom of the river of stupidity in the GOP and they know. 
Ted Cruz (Texas), Mike Lee (Utah) and Marco Rubio (Florida) think that not voting spending that includes money for ObamaCare is the way to go but others think this would be a windfall for Mr. President and his party. Make up your minds guys…can you print a hymn book and decide which hymn you will be singing and cut down on the babble coming from your party? Or is it they cannot hear themselves?

Out of North Carolina came a lone voice of Senator Burr: "I think it's the dumbest idea I've ever heard". "Some of these guys need to understand that if you shut down the federal government, you better have a specific reason to do it that's achievable." Mr. Burr seems to be one of the “stale and moss covered” of his party who remember full well when this strategy was approached against the Clinton Administration and the negative public opinion which played against the Republicans. When will these upstarts such as Paul and Cruz realize that the moss covered do have some use!
Juvenile Rants And School Yard Brawls Among Republican Presidential Hopefuls...
Some are for immigration reform and others are not these latter expressing fear that there would never be another Republican President within this century if all these 11 million immigrants are given the right to vote eventually. Student loan legislation, foreign policy, national security, government surveillance are just a few; and don’t get me wrong, there needs to be differences of opinions  but when these differences are centered on ideology, personal aggrandizement, and buffoonery it might present as fun for the opposing party but it is totally dangerous to the American people.

My message to the Republicans “Continue with you Tom foolery and it will not be the Healthcare Law, or the Foreign Policy which you think is flawed or the surveillance that you think is illegal that will bring this great country down, it is you who will with your divisiveness and self-serving ways and your one-up-man-ship that is bringing down the party. Every democracy needs and deserves a good opposition party to keep government on their toes for, and on behalf of the people and for the good of the country. What you are doing is wrong and will not only cause your downfall as a party but have untold repercussion for the country you profess so eloquently that you are proud to be a citizen of.
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Barbara Wells
08/04/2013 8:27pm

I don't know how anyone who has any sense could vote for a Republican for any elected office. They are completely useless. They don't care about ANYTHING except hurting people who they think can't get back at them.


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