By David A. Franklin, Jr. 

For beginners, the Republican Party was licking their chops after the 2010 mid-term elections when the Tea Party contributed 28 of the 39 seats they needed to take control of the House from the Democratic Party. They
literally won the House for the Republicans and since then Tea Party members have sought their rewards and have gotten it by fair or foul means. 
The GOP seemed to have expected these people to come in and fall in line or at best be rational human beings but the
2010 win is like karma….. it is biting the Republicans in the butt. The party just does not know what to do with them, how to handle them or how to get rid of them. Classic case in point, the House Speaker John Boehner when you think he cannot look any less stupid, any more of a coward any more out of control of his caucus he does.  Members of the Tea Party in the House hold Boehner where it hurts, applying pressure at will. No wonder his face wears a permanent scowl.

Up front, former U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) urged these ‘new-comers’ to “put on their boxing gloves and be sure not to be ‘co-opted by congressional leaders”. And put on their gloves they did but contrary to party’s wishes and hopes the gloved fists are being used to decimate/destroy their own party. This is a true case of “all that glitters is not gold” or “be careful for what you wish”.


Like the Syrian civil war the Republicans have many players, each with their own agenda and not with the interest of their country factored in.  Syria has the ruling Alawite sect (Shiite Muslim offshoot) which makes up President Assad’s senior political and military associates, the Sunni Muslims which is the majority and is aligned with the opposition; and then there are the other ethnic and religious minorities – the Armenians, Christians, Kurds, Druze, Palestinians and
the list goes on.

In comparison with Syria, the Tea Party which itself is a divided group boasts the SACs (Self Aggrandizing Clan)
sometimes led by Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and then by Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) the most transparently disgusting of them all, Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) and Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah). Then there is the group of
Partiers who are not showboating as the foregoing but just as dangerous. Three or four sects of Tea Partiers which these ‘leaders’ dumb down with every utterance, with every clown show.
“Tea Party voters are a pretty self-assured lot. They're 100 percent certain that if they stand by conservative principles (as they define them), scorning any compromises, a minority can rule the world”. 
What Tea Party Voters Don’t Understand, Mark Salter, Real Clear Politics 9/25/13.
We have the Establishment GOP who really seem to speak one thing which resemble reasonableness but vote the other for fear of being primaried in their districts by the Tea Party - these are the NBBs the No-Backbone-Bunch. Rep. Peter King(R-NY) the exemplary, classic specimen of the NBBs says it loud and clear that Ted Cruz of the SACs is a fraud and that Cruz is among the group of “Senate Republicans trying to force this issue (of defunding Obamacare) are holding the entire Congress hostage.” One would release a big sigh that at least there is one or even two reasonable heads in the Republican Party but then despite Kings vocal protest about this defunding baloney, he voted for the bill!!! A bill which supports the continuing resolution to fund the government but to defund the healthcare law. King’s explanation that he voted thusly “to keep the process going”. One cannot be sure who is talking at any one time, is it King the Reasonable, King the Scaredy Cat, or King the Pendulum…who? And so it is with so many of these NBBs. And like in the Syrian war, we cannot  forget the other religious and other types of minorities, chief among these is Sarah Palin who like a sleeping drunk opens her eyes and mouth and makes some stupid utterances when she thinks it is time for some  self-publicity. Not unlike Al Qaeda are Fox News and conservative talk show
hosts, Rush Limbaugh being the leader of this group.


It is plain even to the Grade 2 Elementary School student who is in the early stages of learning critical thinking that the goal of the GOP is to continue to escalate and amplify their hate for the President while in the meantime reducing the federal government to rubble. 

THREE OF GOP's SORE THUMBS...Yes, GOP has many thumbs and they are all sore!!!

The part-time, on-and-off Tea Partier Rand Paul’s eyes are fastened on the White House who together with Marco Rubio decided that a sure path to presidency is to join Ted Cruz. So in this civil altercation within his party Paul is doing a “hit and run and back again”. The one minute he is a political outsider because he reads Americans as being sick and tired with Washington while at the same time underscoring the point that he has in his arsenal, enough knowledge of
government to drastically cut its size, its scope and government’s invasiveness in the lives of the American people. But hold on! Remember even if you do not agree with one’s opinions, ideas and ideals one can respect the individual for what he/she stands for if he/she holds these resolutely. But this Paul character (and a character he is) is straddling
between a tea party libertarian and at times convenient to him, he tries to appeal to the GOP establishment the group that he was so successful in running against in the 2010 mid-term elections. He now realizes that he needs to throw to the Establishment GOP members a bone of appeasement that would taste like he is on their side, supporting them but it is a bone that is transparently covered with the meat of manipulation, and exploitation at very least. Why do individual players in the GOP game think they are the only ones endowed with good sense?
VIDEO: Why Americans Are Against War On Syria
Published on Aug 30, 2013  
In this video Luke Rudkowski
documents an anti-war protest on August 29th 2013. He asks the protesters why they are  protesting, what people should know and what they hope to happen:


Would you agree with me that this previously sensible group called Republicans who have benefitted from the likes of the country’s 16th and their first Republican president Abraham Lincoln who lead the nation (not the party) out of its worst internal conflict – the Civil War and bringing strength and organization to the Republican Party is gone to the dogs?  Lincoln set the stage and example to resolve a civil war of national proportion and these now-a-days self-serving, extremist political terrorists do not have the belly to, in the first place avoid a civil war within their ranks and should the conflict evolve as it has, to come together and lead as an homogenous group. No they can’t this
is just a greedy, self-serving group seeped in hatred for the President and love of self at the expense of the country. 
The Tea Party is a thorn, a spike and a prickle in the butt of the Republican Party. Democrats could say ‘keep on doing what you are doing Republicans’ if it were not that this group’s actions is bringing the country to its knees, destroying what hard working, well-meaning, logical, insightful Americans past and present have and continue to build. 

At times the situation seems hopeless but it is not. What can be done to this group of buffoons, Americans have the most powerful ‘weapon’ to surgically remove them from the management of the country! The power of the vote!!!
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