By  David A. Franklin, Jr.

What can be said about modern-day GOP? Let us ‘deposit’ a reality check… 

1 . They are intellectually bankrupt and they are beholden to their Corporate Masters
2.  They treat women worse than they do animals and relegate them to insects/caterpillars failing to accept that the
     God they so vehemently claim they serve, populated this earth on a hierarchical basis - humans occupying the top of
     the animal kingdom
3.  They are moral empty vessels preaching one thing and doing the opposite.  They preach, advocate and attempt to  
      moralize getting government out of your lives while simultaneously undertaking to torpedo government into
     every bedroom in the country and in every uterus in the land.
4.  As far as having original thoughts on anything - they are not blessed with originality. They continuously and       
     unabashedly adopt Fox News Channel's extreme talking points word for word, thought for thought without even 
     injecting a comma, a question mark or a full stop - period!

Republicans, or no… let me say, the Republicans who are in the open talking and espousing “Republican values and norms” in this 2012 hunting season (for the White House) are in a drunken stupor. This from drinking the corrupted tea served at the Tea Party and by imbibing the venom of the extreme right, all this intensified by the fact that they just plain refuse whether by design or ignorance to accept the facts – to acknowledge reality. 
They not only fail to admit to themselves that Barack Obama has accomplished more positives in under 4 years than the previous GOP administration did in its entire eight years but are disseminating their skewed interpretation of facts flavored with lies. Candidates are either not brilliant or are blinded by the unquenchable desire to be in the White House that they will not bend one iota to listen to the public outcry. “Jobs are what we need” not lessons in moral behavior, not counseling on abortion, not arguments on birth control. The people have been socialized on those societal and shared
issues from birth over several generations and so embedded in their DNA is the ability to think for themselves, choose for themselves and therefore need no direction let alone from elected individuals (or hopefuls) These individuals must be schooled to understand that their sole purpose is to see to human resource empowerment, to an efficiently run fiscal (not the moral) governance and to see to fair and just law enforcement to name a few items on their job description. 

Not only the Presidential hopefuls but the governors and state houses in GOP dominated legislatures are behaving as if God died and left the GOP in charge. The fact of what is their prime duty and focus and the direction in which they are expected to channel their efforts totally eludes this bunch – they dodge this reality. 

As far back as early 2011 (pre Occupy Movement) I wrote a piece stating that only the voice of the people will prevail but GOP is deaf to the people’s voice, blind to the reality of the suffering of American families and dumb in their
interpretation of what normal people the world over call reality. Singling out one major variable in the negative economic
impact for elementary analysis – high gas price which is being credited to Obama’s management or lack thereof.  As a consumer and a layman and not claiming to be even a lay economist my question is, and I am sure that of many
Americans:“What is the difference in the equation between now and in 2008?” 

1.  June 9, 2008 - Retail gas prices rose above $4.00 per gallon
2.  June 15, 2008Speculators pushed up the price of crude oil and consumers suffered
3. July 7, 2008 - Gasoline went to a record high of $147 per barrel and the US average price per gallon of regular gas
                            went to $4.11
4.  Later th at year, oil price fell to  below $120 per barrel and the Federal Reserve rate was at 2% and gasoline
     fell below $2.00 per gallon

Currently, some factors which seemed to have caused this decrease in price are in place and even better than in 2008

1.  Fed rate is being kept to 'near zero' projected to be so until late 2014
2.  Early this morning (April 10) Brent North Sea crude for delivery in May is $121 a barrel
3.  New York's main contract, West Texas Intermediate crude states a price of $101 a barrel

Now the real fly in the ointment the speculators will have to stand up and be man enough to take the blame. This year has seen gasoline futures up 22%.  The speculators in my layman’s perception push up prices by predicting future levels of consumption ‘lay-waiting’ the consumers’ pay check and mortgaging the life-style and the basic existence of ordinary working Americans. Doing an excellent job of disemboweling the consumers’ individual future and the future of the entire nation. The major contributor to the current high gasoline price is because Greedy American (synonymous with the GOP) are hedging their bets against the success of the country and job outlook for working America primarily
protecting their wealth who like Governor Romney (the possible next president) stash in off-shore banks so that the only
beneficiaries is they and their families and not the country.

A peculiar brand of patriotism don’t you think?

GOP your (reality) check just bounced, it has been dishonored!!!



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