Some attention-seeking idiots are touting Ted Cruz for President like they are doing for Marco
By David A. Franklin, Jr.   
The transparent intention is to get the Latino votes while
at the same time please the Tea Party – two total impossibilities.  .  Cruz… Rubio… these are names with a Hispanic flavor and flavor only. And the smell (flavor) might be the only thing going for them and I am not so sure if anything is in fact going? The dunderheads who are putting forward these names think Hispanics (the voting block the GOP needs to bring into the party) are so shallow that they will run in droves to the polls to vote for the Republican Party because their cousin Jose, and Uncle Diego and grandpa Pablo have the names Cruz and Rubio?

NEWS FLASH!!! Hispanics are just as smart as, and in some cases much smarter than these people who are making those utterances when they are weighing the pros and cons of where to put their votes. For one, they are not blinded by ideology… they think, they reason, they weigh and prioritize issue and then they vote. Vote for the party that exhibits sense and good judgment on issues that affect the country which they live in and are an integral part of.

But before I speak any further on “Cruz for   the Latino vote”, I want to bring attention to an article published in
today’s issue (May 1, 2013) of “The Atlantic” written by David A. Graham, entitled “Yes, Ted Cruz Can Be Born in Canada and Still Become President of the U.S.” It goes on to state: The Calgary-born Texas senator is considering a bid for the Oval Office. Let's nip those birther questions in the bud right now.”  

Holy sh*t! Are my ears and eyes serving me correctly?  

Graham’s article goes on to say: “But what won't prevent Cruz from becoming president is his place of birth. Cruz was born in Calgary, Canada, while his parents were living there. His father is now an American citizen, but was not at the time; his mother, however, was born in the United States …….

In short, the Constitution says that the president must be a natural-born citizen. "The weight of scholarly legal and historical opinion appears to support the notion that 'natural born Citizen' means one who is entitled under the
Constitution or laws of the United States to U.S. citizenship 'at birth' or 'by birth,' including any child born 'in' the United States, the children of United States citizens born abroad, and those born abroad of one citizen parents who has met U.S. residency requirements," the CRS's
Jack Maskell wrote. So in short: Cruz is a citizen; Cruz is not naturalized; therefore Cruz is a natural-born citizen, and in any case his mother is a citizen.”
Where has this “scholarly legal and historical
been all this while which qualifies Cruz to run as president, the absence of which has to this day disqualifies Barak Obama who in fact has more qualifiers than Cruz?
- Their mothers were both natural born Americans 

- Cruz was born in Canada and Obama
was born in America of natural born mothers

Yet Obama is/was not qualified as a citizen to become the President of the United States of America but Cruz is. I’ll be damned! I leave the reasoning and the explanations and the obvious motives of the Obama haters to you reasonable and honest people out there because the logic eludes me. George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” has come to pass – “All men are equal but some more equal than others”!

Back to the million dollar misnomer - the Cruz name automatically captures the Latino vote? His personality is the Latino nemesis. Everything he stands for is antagonistic to the immigrant cause. 

As recent as in late March of 2013 Gary Segura of the polling firm Latino Decisions states that whereas immigration reform is very high on the Latino’s list of priorities, this might not bring a large number across to the Republicans, and for more than one reason. They look in detail and attitudes of the candidates and examine their sincerity and are able to differentiate between genuineness, honesty and bull excreta!

On immigration Reform:
1. Yet another Cuban-American who doesn’t understand 
     because he does not hurt like other Hispanics since 
     he and his countrymen continue to benefit from 
     the generous and humane “Cuban amnesty”.

2. Cruz, by having a hard-nosed focus on border security 
    at the expense of all other components of the 
    proposed bill is hurting millions of undocumented 
    persons even in his own state of Texas

3. He is opposed to earned path to citizenship because it 
    is “tantamount to amnesty” and as he said to Sean 
    Hannity on Fox News "I think that is profoundly unfair 
    to the millions of legal immigrants who have followed 
    the rules, who have waited in line."
Mr. Cruz sir, when 
    Cubans land in the United States and are given 
    permanent status after one year of their arrival, that sir 
    amounts to your people jumping the line in front of 
    millions of other applicants.

If it is that Cruz is posturing to create that presidential buzz” which I think he is, and to propel himself into the limelight, he will realize that the electorate is neither dumb nor deaf and not only will he not be president but he will assuredly fade into obscurity after he becomes a one-term senator. If he gets on board with immigration later on, his support will be viewed as insincere and self-serving. It will not help him or his party.

On Education: Quality education is another matter top on the list of issues for Latinos, a large percentage of whom lives in grossly underserved areas with underfunded schools. The access to quality education is rendered even more hopeless with state budgets for education being down-sized!

Latinos are mostly liberal in their views on issues and do not support bigger tax breaks for big business and for the top 2%, and they favor marriage equality by about 55%. Republicans it is clear consider Latinos only as a voting block and not as human beings who need human consideration.  The list of differences in thinking of this “voting block” compared to the values of the extremists in the Tea Party and Ted Cruz goes on and on. 

Ted Cruz is an upstart, a minion of the nut-wing of the Republican Party, acting as the true sycophant and bootlicker of the extremists of the ultra-radical arm in the GOP. Here is a Public Service Announcement:
That does not a president make!!!



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