By: David A. Franklin, Jr.

Mitt Romney And His Surrogates Are Plotting To Steal The 2012 Election.

   It says a lot about a person when the best he can do is lie. Not only lie but lie about lying. Although he has been repeatedly proven a liar by the Media, he keeps on lying without flinching, showing no kind of remorse or shame. That is a sure sign of a Class A narcissist. The psycho-analytic definition of a narcissist reads: “A person with a social personality disorder who has an exaggerated sense of self-importance and superiority and an excessive need for admiration”. Placed besides the meaning in the dictionary is a picture of Mitt Romney. 

This need for admiration and recognition extends from his sense of entitlement because of who he is. The child who was given everything he ever wanted or desired – the spoilt brat. So he sets his sight on the White House and if it takes lying, and lying and even assassination of character (those of his GOP colleagues in the presidential primaries and the President’s) he will do it. We need no more evidence than his cold and heartless behavior with his trampling of human lives and livelihood at Bain Capital, the times when by his own uttering we see his true self – “I like to fire people”, “…47% of Americans think they are entitled, dependent on government and aren’t willing to take personal responsibility for their lives… I don’t care about those people.”

Congressman Paul Ryan has underscored the “birds of a feather stick together” cliché. The common thread of lying and shamelessness, the kind of lies my grandmother would term barefaced, and dry-eyed lies”. Ryan has turned out to be a real albatross around Romney’s neck and vice versa Romney around his neck. But birds of a feather do stick together! 

The Group of Bandits:
Having defined the pillars on which this Republican 2012 campaign stands, with the two liars at the core – or no they are not the core, they are the water boys for the real captains of the ship. Although they seem to be front and center of the game, they are but the boys who work on the sidelines and provide water to the real players in this game saying and doing whatever they are told/instructed to do.  And I say “real players” because there are the Republican Governors (special shout out to the Florida posse and Governor Rick Scott) and the most recently discovered GOP’s potential voter registration fraud, the RNC, the Koch Brothers, Carl Rove, Sheldon Adelson to name but a few of the “GOP Steal the Presidency Group”.
• Nine (9) Republican governors and their secretaries of state control the electronic vote count in Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Arizona, and New Mexico while Wisconsin  elections is controlled by the state’s Government Accountability Board that is the governor’s appointment.
• There is the nation-wide GOP disenfranchisement campaign and where the pre-election efforts fail, these governors could flip their states’ electronic votes to Romney and provide him Electoral College victory.  There is nothing to stop this from happening, is there?
• The disenfranchisement strategy designed to deny millions of Democrats the right to vote. The Brennan Center of New York estimates that this could result in tens of millions of American votes.
• Stripping voter rolls. In Ohio alone, approximately 1.1 million citizens have been purged from lists since 2009.  GOP surrogate groups such as True the Vote is perpetrating this "21st Century Jim Crow Law" which is criminal and morally wrong. 
Herein lays the problem:
1. Although this massive disenfranchisement drive has evoked strong reaction in the form of lawsuits, loud outcry from voting rights activists, et al it is not obvious if there is a parallel campaign that will guarantee that votes will be  efficiently counted once cast. 
2. Regardless of the serious problems with electronic tabulations in the elections of 2004 (the disgrace of the century) and in 2004 no less, these electronic voting machines have proliferated state electoral machinery; AND we must be aware that the GOP’s clandestine moves have no boundaries.  In Ohio for example we look at the resume of the contractor with the responsibility for Ohio’s vote count? 
GovTech, a Republican owned company who in turn contracts Smartech for servers and for IT support a company named Triad both Republican companies. 
3. Republican sympathetic companies have secured contracts to provide electronic voting machines not only throughout Ohio but throughout other key swing states and these are not easily traceable.  The irony of this is that these have been funded by Federal grants under the Help America Vote Act. The Federal Government funding the disenfranchisement machinery – depriving select Americans the legal right, the privilege to vote. 

All that and more are in the thrust to steal the 2012 elections by the Conservatives, the Christian Conservatives, the Family Values group and the “Honest, Holier than Thou” people.  But maybe the following is saving the best for last.

The best for the last, and the last straw:

    Strategic Allied Consulting owned by Nathan Sproul.  Who is this Mr. Sproul? He is a Mitt Romney’s paid political consultant and a seasoned GOP operative. Strategic Allied Consulting was paid $3 million over the August and September to register voters in the key swing states. This effort to rig the election is in the form of fraudulent voter registration applications. Addresses and party affiliations changed and a number of other irregularities including registration of dead people. 
The implications of addresses and party affiliations changes mean these voters if they are real, and the effort would be worthless if they are not real voters (GOP theft machine doesn’t waste time and effort on useless outcomes).  Some of these addresses are moved to shopping centers and gas stations so when the ‘real’ person turns up at the precinct to vote, their driver’s license would show a different address and by law they could not vote. I can bet that the party affiliation change is from known Democrats to Republican and would you vote for Romney or down the ticket Republican because the Supervisor of Election records show you are registered otherwise. Hell no! That is another way of disenfranchising Democrats.

The irony is that this fraud was first discovered in the Sunshine State where the Laws are historically the most transparent of all the states except when it comes to those involving electoral matters it seems. Florida is the state that is the pioneer for voter list purging, shortening early voting days, eliminating Sunday before election day voting, and the Governor’s raucous outcry of voter-list irregularities. Unless I am not listening closely enough, Mr. Righteous Rick’s (Scott) silence on Florida’s Voter Registration Scandal is deafening!  Were all Scott’s outcry and his pioneering of voters-list purging, and his request for INS citizens register to fine-tune his witch hunt nothing but a smoke-screen to take attention away from what he could have been fully aware of and maybe contributed to, in the orchestration of this Strategic Allied Consulting/GOP skullduggery? Please convince me otherwise.
 I reiterate - all this unfair and dishonest practice of Romney, Ryan, Scott, Rove, Koch and GOP cronies being executed in secrecy to trick and steal the election will not work.  You are up against truth and honesty. You are up against the Obama machinery which if you take your head from out of the sand for a few seconds you cannot but see that the records keep on working against all your efforts! You are up against a President with 3 C’s – Cool, Collected and in Control. He is an Attorney (a constitutional one no less) he is a Professor - and rarely does one see these two qualities/experiences meld so well with street smarts.  In this instance the melding is perfect between the lofty experience and qualities of Attorney/Professor and street smarts and everything in between. 

Romney and his group, the GOP ruled House of Representatives and obstructionists in the Senate, are applying the stealth of the Boogie Man but listen to the song Hush, Hush, Hush Here Comes the Boogeyman    
“Don't you be afraid of him if he should visit you 
 He's a great big coward so I'll tell you what to do…..
Say shoo shoo and stick him with a pin
Bogey man will very nearly jump out of his skin”


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