By David A. Franklin, Jr.
A ventriloquist is a person who changes his or her voice so that it appears that the voice is coming from elsewhere, usually a puppeteered dummy. Only in this case, Rep. John Boehner is the 'Puppeteered Dummy'.
I have been watching and listening over the past weeks, the happenings in the House on the Hill in Washington, DC and although nothing has changed in the way business is being conducted I, on one of my rear occasions was discombobulated by the gamesmanship, the transparency of John Boehner playing the cards so as to hold on to his job, Eric Cantor being touted in a clandestine way as a possible replacement for the speakership, the fiscal cliff “Deal or No Deal”, protect the rich and screw the poor, take the deal and screw the country later with the debt ceiling. The list goes on and on and none of this gamesmanship - nothing, absolutely nothing seems to be focused on the wellbeing of the country’s economic destiny.

I am not sure if Boehner’s tears which were shed during his acceptance speech were tears of joy or tears of “what the hell did I get myself into?”  If we apply just a slight bit of logic to Boehner’s actions in the last two weeks of the lame-duck session we see he is incompetent, weak, wavering between doing what he thinks is right (right for his political survival) and doing what the many conflicting splinter-groups of his party want him to do… no! demand that he does. 

• The Tea Party

• Grover Norquist who demands that under no condition should taxes be raised notwithstanding the need for revenue.   
   Cut from entitlements, from those undeserving “takers” who served the country in wars created by him and his GOP 
   cohorts, cut from those who paid their social security so as to guarantee benefits after a long and hard working life, 

• Eric Cantor, his nemesis of whom Boehner must be leery because he is holding the proverbial knife to his back, 
   positioned at the location of his lungs to let every bit of air out of him.

• Past-rascals and now lobbyists as in the person of Dennis Hastert who like Grover Norquist has delivered an edict by 
  which Republicans must live– the "Hastert Rule": dictating that “only legislation supported by a majority of the majority 
  party can be brought to the floor.” A “rule” designed to limit the ability of minority members to co-opt a few majority 
  members and pass legislation. Yes, Boehner had the gonads to have an up or down vote on the “Fiscal Cliff” deal.
  Hastert on Fox News Radio Thursday ranted "Here is the problem. Maybe you can do it once, maybe you can do it 
  twice, but when you start making deals when you have to get Democrats to pass the legislation, you are not in power 
  anymore". Yes!  To Dennis Hastert and the entire Republican Party, it is about power.  What about bi-partisanship a 
  word bantered about in that same GOP circle when it is convenient for them to criticize the President for not 
  cooperating, for not bowing to the Republicans bidding?
• Let us not forget those who crawl out of the woodwork, the John Sununus and the Lindsey Olin Grahams. Boehner is 
  forced to listen to Sununu, a man who had to resign his job in disgrace as George H. W. Bush’s Chief of Staff, having 
  misappropriating tax- payers’ money by abusing some of his privileges.  He for example, used military aircraft for long 
  personal trips, a White House limousine and driver for shorter personal trips, as he did for a trip in 1991 from 
  Washington DC to Manhattan to go to a stamp auction. Has the word ‘integrity’ been re-defined to allow and accept a 
  major player in the country’s administration such as the Speaker of the House to be ordered to take counsel from 
  bandits of all kinds?

• The “maverick” John McCain who is indeed a one-of-a-kind. America has never seen a human being like McCain who 
  once they thought stood for something and who they admired but now is ‘mavericking’ his way from one unreasonable 
  utterance to the next stupid and openly conniving, devious tactic.  And to what end, eludes me and countless others. 
  He tries to undermine and discredit the integrity of others in the Democratic Party while not being aware that he has 
  succeeded in submerging his own credibility into a septic pool. 
Boehner’s incompetence became observable, was illuminated when he was obviously overwhelmed by all the pressures of his once-in-a-lifetime decision to go against the “Hastert’s Rule” and called an up-or-down vote on the Fiscal Cliff negations which having being passed, breached also the Grover Norquist Covenant.  In one fell swoop he committed a sin against two of the GOP 'godheads’. His backbone disintegrated to jell and his brain decomposed into mush and so he pulled and rescheduled a vote on a Super Storm Sandy relief bill. This is a bill overdue for attention and for passing, a bill that even the most partisan Republican would have given some attention. Had he called an up-or-down vote, this one would have passed. But he buckled under the pressure of his incompetence.

America looks forward to watching the games play out in the arena on:
1. The Debt Ceiling 
2. Comprehensive Immigration Reform
3. The Economy and Jobs
4. Taxes – yes, Taxes
5. Entitlement Reform
6. Energy and Global Warming
7. Gun Control Laws
8. Education

One does not have to think hard. We can see the people who are calling the tunes to Boehner in these debates – Tea Party operatives, the racists and those who themselves are here as ‘proud Americans’ who can claim that pride only because their forebears immigrated from other lands, the Koch Brothers and lobbyists/interest groups, Norquist and Hastert et al, Wayne LePierre and the NRA.  The will continue to shout orders from every corner of Boehner’s ears.  Let us see how he handles himself as the ‘Puppeteered Dummy’.

Boehner’s single job as House ‘Puppeteered Dummy’ is to accede to the demands of a radical, no-compromise, extreme group, and to pretend to be making deals with Democrats while being forever cognizant of the fact that there must be “No Deal”.  

Let the games begin at the expense of this great Country. 

We pray the President will continue to bring good sense, wisdom, reason, judgment and understanding to the equation.  


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