By: David A. Franklin, Jr.

Walker is deceptive. He is in the pocket of that small group of greedy corporate Lords who together govern the
nation, for their own purposes. Walker joins them to force the working class to its knees.

It’s going to be a long day on Tuesday, June 5, 2012 for the good people of Wisconsin. Election fever is high with both sides jockeying for an advantageous position going into the election to recall their disgraceful Republican Governor Scott Walker.

To boot or not to boot---that is the $65,000 question?

Governor Walker has outspent his opponent, Mayor Tom Barrett, 25 to 1. Super PACs and billionaires, like Charles and David Koch, have contributed millions of dollars to retain the services of their less than incompetent stooge, Scott Walker. The lines are clearly drawn as venomous ads and scurrilous accusations fly freely from the Walker camp. They will stop at nothing to win this recall even if it means lying and manipulating the narrative. Have they no shame? Of course not!

These are some of the many reasons why Governor Scott Walker is dangerous for Wisconsin and must be recalled:

1) Wisconsin a right to work state: He single handedly, through Executive Order, signed into law that Wisconsin 
   should become a right to work State. The majority Republican State Legislature rammed through his Bill
   by proxy/voice vote. Tried to strip workers of Collective Bargaining Rights. Without that, Corporations have free reign
   to do whatever they want and workers would have to suck it up and live with it.

2) Slash Education Budget: He is ensuring that most Wisconsinites cannot compete for jobs or be employable
    by gutting Public Education funding to pay for tax breaks for corporations. This system ensures an uneducated job
    corps so he and his corporate bosses can pay below subsistence wages and only the top echelons who can afford
    to pay for education will be eligible for the top notch jobs. Another bullet point in his “Divide and conquer” plan.

3) Union Busting: He has openly trampled upon Worker’s Rights by Union busting. Walker ruthlessly-callously 
     attacked labor unions and collective bargaining at the behest of his puppeteers the Koch brothers. In March 2011 he 
    signed a bill that ended most union rights. His expressed thinking on the matter? The law would grow popular over 
    time!  He was caught taking the subservient bow to big campaign donor Dian Hendricks promising to turn Wisconsin 
    into a right to work state with his “Divide and conquer” plan.

Disenfranchised Poor Children: Cut half a billion dollars from Medicaid leaving some 30,000 poor kids without 
    Health Care coverage and at least another 65,000+ people would be adversely affected by these deep cuts in the 
    Health Budget.

5) Record Job Loss: Walker peddled his policies as a blueprint for job creation but his record is the opposite. The 
    Bureau of Labor Statistics shows Wisconsin losing far more jobs over the year April 2011 to April 2012 than any of 
    the other 49 States.  Rhode Island that experienced the second-largest amount of jobs lost , saw only 4,300 jobs lost 
    in the same time. For the full report go to

Killed High-Speed Rail Jobs in the GOP’s pledge to Kill America’s Future: He returned $800 million in federal   
     assistance to build high-speed train that would go between Milwaukee and Madison. This cost Wisconsinites 
    thousands of jobs and supported his oil rich puppeteers who are against green energy alternatives because of their 
    interest and need to keep America oil dependent

7) One of Grover Norquist’s Stooges: Scott Walker joined the band of comic losers in the  GOP who hook line and 
     sinker signed on to be stooges to the Norquist dictate against raising taxes under any circumstances. He and his     
     GOP colleagues have sold out the American electorate who voted them in to manage the nation’s affairs. They bow 
    to a buffoon (Norquist) who was not elected.  Even if the financial health of the nation is threatened - and it is.  
    Prevent any compromise. Cut spending but under no circumstance raise taxes on the wealthy which would ease 
    national debt.

8)  Voter Suppression: These Laws are enacted to be used during every election. But for the court ruling, they would 
     have been in play during the recall election. 
9) Most of Scott Walker’s Campaign Cash is from Out-Of-State Corporate Donors: These again include who can 
    guess?  The Koch brothers and Americans for Prosperity.  He outspends his Democratic opponent by hundreds of 
    percentage points – some sources say as much as 25 to 1.

10) Support for Arizona’s draconian Immigration Law:  “I am disappointed by the federal judge’s ruling   
      to block Arizona’s right to enforce the rule of law without interference from the Federal government. As governor, I 
      will sign similar legislation to the Arizona Law to ensure the taxpayers of Wisconsin are not paying for benefits like 
     Badger Care and in state college tuition for people who are here illegally.” ~Scott Walker

It is make or break time in Wisconsin!
The Democratic National Committee is seen to have dropped the ball yet again, by entering into the fray with only days to go before the election. What does it take for the DNC to learn that if they don’t listen to the people, there will be a backlash against them and there will be hell to pay? It is good that they have come to their senses and are doing the best they can to see to it that Mayor Tom Barrett wins. Are the Democrats again snatching defeat from the jaws of certain victory? 

The majority in Wisconsin is sick and tired of being sick and tired. Although it will be close, it is my opinion that Walker’s Democratic opponent, Mayor Tom Barrett, will win. The voters will remember how humiliating it is with Walker as Governor.  How deceptive he is and will continue to be, and that he is in the pocket of that small group of greedy corporate Lords who together govern the nation, for their own purposes with whom Walker is joining
to force the working class to its knees.

The people need total transparency. Scott Walker, your time is up. Pack your bags and go! He is no good for Wisconsin. Power to the People every time! 
Scott Walker, I am listening for the words  ---YOU’RE FIRED!


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