When Republicans Killed With A Smile
 By David A. Franklin,  Jr.
And it came to pass in those days when sufficient oxygen was not being supplied to the brain of the GOP front runner and as a result, the delusional Willard Mitt Romney began to claim credit as the architect of the American Automotive Industry bail out.  “I pushed the idea of a managed bankruptcy. Finally, when that was done, and help was given,
the companies got back on their feet. So I’ll take a lot of credit for the fact that this industry’s come back.”

He was addressing a group of auto parts maker in Cleveland, Ohio on May 7th, 2012.

Everything good that has happened to the economy recently, he wants to spin to take the credit. Who advises him? Are his advisers aware of the recordings of him flip-flopping on every issue major and minor? Or have his advisors fully embraced the “Etch a Sketch” persona?  Are they banking on the short term memory of some voters?  He and his campaign cause Pinocchio to blush, squirm and recoil with all their barefaced lies. 

Romney’s unmitigated gall and absolute arrogance are both dangerous and sad. Dangerous because he believes his own follies and sad because some voters, every election cycle, continually fall for this type of shenanigans. Their blind loyalty to the Republican Party leaves much to be desired. I question anybody’s sanity when they proudly proclaim that they are Republican especially in this current environment when  the actions and utterances of the ‘also ran’ GOP presidential hopefuls and Karl Rove and his super pack, and all the other Romney surrogates are so cringe-worthy! I’ve had the good fortune of meeting some. Their collective lack of awareness is beyond shocking. They live in the land of “Utopia” where ignorance is bliss. They are smoking some strong stuff because people all over the world know for a fact that this economic quagmire, was caused by them and their Wall Street Lords and Masters. Republicans consistently vote against any reform which is obviously beneficial to the countrythat would “promote the financial stability of the United States by improving accountability and transparency in the financial system”. A case in point is the current JPMorgan Chase $2billion trading loss. 
Have we considered why so much out-of-state funding is being poured into the Wisconsin election to recall Scott
? An unprecedented phenomenon -
 -   A Republican win will give the go-ahead to proliferate his “divide and conquer” strategy throughout the 29 states with Republican Governors
 -   To legitimize union busting
 -   To make theses states completely red and adopt the right to work posture
The other Scott– Scott Brown of Massachusetts he too is another star of the Republicans and of Wall Street.  Remember or if it is you did not already know, please be informed that: 
-   He delivered for Wall Street with his vote to eliminate from the Dodd-Frank bill the proposed $19 billion tax on banks which would contribute to regulatory overall. 
-  He peddled his vote in exchange for some significant concessions for Wall Street. 
-  Amplified contribution and support of Senator Brown from his Wall Street owners.  
-  Financial sector contribution to Scott Brown sky-rocketed by over 300% from 4% of his total 2010 campaign contributions to 13% in only the first quarter of 2011.  This aptly described by John McCarter, May 2, 2012, Daily Kos – “Scott Brown double dips on massive Wall Street campaign donations” as All of which makes regular guy Scott Brown (owner of six! houses) one very lucky, and well-financed, stooge.”

Why all this pouring of funding by these interests, the apparent threat to the financial industry’s status quo presented
by the industry’s primary nemesis, and Brown’s Democratic opponent Elizabeth Warren. Will Brown be able to disclose fundraising ties he might have to the JPMorgan Chase, Wall Street bank which is now under scrutiny? Rumor has it that
Massachusetts postal workers are contributing to Brown’s lead over Elizabeth Warren because they believe his promise to pump back $11 billion into their budget which was taken from them by Congress which prefunds their pre-retirement
health care fund. 
That is his smile while he lives high on the Wall Street hog!
And there is the third Scott - Rick Scott of the way down south state of Florida.  
- In 2011 he cut $1.3 billion from the education budget and in 2012 include $1 billion. As one describes this, it is like burning down someone’s house and replacing it with a wooden frame house and calling it progress. He is killing
with a smile 
-  Scott approves plans to fund a new university near Tampa (Florida Polytechnic) although Tampa is the home University of South Florida (USF) of one of largest university in the state whose budget is severely
cut in the same budget.  This new university is a stone’s throw away from USF. 
-  For this fiscal year, Florida will cut 4,000 state jobs and are already reducing funds for higher education and
healthcare.  Spending cuts are so severe that Palm Beach County Clerk/Comptroller said constituents might sue. 
Yet Rick Scott is boasting about his success in cutting state budget and has grown “completely comfortable” with his custom made boots to boot – no pun intended… custom built with his name, an alligator, the state flag and those of the United States, Spain and France.  He is killing with his smile.    

In the words of the illustrious George W. Bush:
 "There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on —shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again."

Are the American people seeing through  the Republican smiles?  I sincerely hope so.. if not, they will be killed.



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