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Paul Ryan Plays Dodgeball

Isn’t it amusing, even comical and indeed it has an entertaining flavor to it!!!  First of all I will highlight the fact that the first “drool-er” (those drooling to become “The Pick”) I mentioned in my most recent article “GOP Convention 2012” is Paul Ryan. The others can move on and hang their heads in disappointment.  The Romney clan which by now has perfected the art of the game of dodgeball, having not answered any question directly has acquired a new team member. 

Not Florida
When in his first outing as the VP running mate, Paul Ryan did not visit Florida the campaign was quick to say “Ryan skipping Florida has nothing to do with his plan to end Medicare”.  They claim that the division of the duo, one to Florida and the other to Iowa is only to spread their resources.  Really?   Believe me, any hint of jeopardizing Medicare benefits whether true or imagined, is not received well.  Medicare is such an appreciated social program that you cannot call Medicare and “cut” in the same sentence. 

Questions:  1. Do you think those over 55 (current beneficiaries, current recipients) would not be nervous of any hint of 
                      disturbing Medicare?  They are scared that adjustments might spill over to their over 55’s group
                  2. Do you think coverage would be easy to come by, inexpensive and affordable 
                      for those now under 55 when they become voucher-qualified?  
                      Insurers - would they be welcoming and provide equitable rates? 
In Iowa, Ryan dodged the ball again!  He was asked to comment on the charge the President made that Ryan joined his House Republican colleagues in “standing in the way” of legislation to help the drought stricken heartland.  His response – he will get into “those policy things later.”  Further “Right now I just want to enjoy the fair”. 

Questions:  1. How long do you think it will take for Ryan to realize that he has no breathing space, he does not have
                     the luxury of taking a break and go to the cafeteria for a snack when he is sitting in the chair and being 
                  2. Does Ryan realize that his being picked by Romney means only that he is on a short list of one and the 
                      real interview begins with the real CEOs - the electorate?
I think Ryan’s actions over the first few days are indicating that he thinks he has arrived and the job of VP is all sewed up…  He acts not only as if he has arrived, but that he is already there!

What are your thoughts?



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