By David A. Franklin, Jr.

If this condition (dry-eye) is left untreated it leads to pain, ulcers, scars on the cornea and definitely some
degree of vision loss. I kept wondering where is the vision of the GOP leadership because everything they do
or say is for the here-and-now and for one reason… to undermine President Obama and his progressive plans for
the country, as a result they take the country hostage. Their gazillion attempts at repealing the Affordable Care Act and finally to shut down the government so as to defund this Act which is the law of the land. They oppose every bill and
plan that would project into the future, with wide-eyed, dry-eyed stupidity, call for impeachment where there is no
impeachable action by the President.  And… they have not one single alternative plan…. Not even a bad plan. For the G-NO-P, the word is “NO” to everything. Now I know why there is no vision on that side of the fence - Ted Cruz has given me the full explanation “Republicans do not blink”.  

At his town hall meeting this Tuesday, Cruz pontificates:  "A significant amount of Republicans  assume, with an impasse, that President Obama will never ever give up his principles, so Republicans have to give up theirs. If you have an impasse, you know -- one side or the other has to blink. How do we win this fight? Don't blink." He sees the country’s wellbeing a personal fight to win. And by the way, what is the “Republican principle”? 

On gun control, abortion, the environment, Immigration Reform, Healthcare Reform, Voter suppression, “Entitlement” spending accurately defined as any spending that does not funnel money directly in the pockets of their all-powerful corporate rulers. On almost everything Cruz’s politics is repugnant, detestable and distasteful to say the least and with that attitude he charges his flock that like him, they must not  blink… win this battle of “Obamadom”  at all cost or rather – no matter the cost. One of his fellow “Mad Hatters” Steve Fincher (R-TN) justifies the need for entitlement spending cuts as follows: "The role of citizens, of Christians, of humanity is to take care of each other," the congressman concedes, but quickly adds "not for Washington to steal from those in the country and give to others in the country."


Cruz’s sharp elbow tactic has annoyed not only fellow senators on both sides, but also significant parts of the populous
on whom he and the Republican Party must depend to fulfill his Presidential ambitions and the party’s hopes to occupy the White House ever again. 

The Party has many leaders, a small subset being members of Congress the rest are activists, governors, interest groups, fundraisers and big donors and more. What we see within this large group of leaders is unanimity on at least one thing for better or worse. These people do not blink on anything. Blinking means compromise and compromise would most likely benefit the country but the only ones they need to benefit are their personal agendas. And this dry eye syndrome that has overtaken the leaders of the GOP serves nothing but destructive purpose to the country and also for the personal aggrandizement of each of this group of vultures.

Health professionals caution that “If symptoms of dry eye persist, consult an eye care professional to get an accurate diagnosis of the condition and begin treatment to avoid permanent damage.” But indications are that this condition has existed since 2008 and has worsened beginning with the injection of an overdose of the “Mad Hatters” - the Tea Party in 2010. It is apparently too late these loony rightwing extremists have brought the party to a stage where it is suffering permanent damage.

Again one advice is "to determine if the disease is the underlying cause of the dry eye since there might be an underlying disease which needs to and must be treated before correction of this loss of vision can begin.”
And indeed there is or are underlying cause(s).  Extremism, self-glorification, demolitionist mentality (bring the government to a standstill, forfeit in the national debt), political terrorism. 

It is reported that Cruz gave the impression to his peers in college that he has nothing to learn from anyone else. This, according to Erlic Leitch who lived in Butler College with Cruz. Leitch said Cruz argued over anything and nothing just to argue and that his only reason for talking with you was to convince you of his (Cruz’s) rightness. Can this college
boorish, ignorant and crude attitude work in politics? Yes and no. It has worked so far in his political career since it sits so comfortably in the Tea Party paradigm; but I predict we are looking at a schooled version of Sarah Palin. The behavior of the Republican Party continues to reflect the Party’s identity crisis and so we continue to witness first-hand the demolition derby.


In March of 2012, Ryan Lizza, a New Yorker correspondent in his piece “Life of the Party” pointed out what was obvious then as it is now “the
Republican base has become more conservative. The good news for the GOP is that their "intense policy demanders" are energized; the bad news is that their involvement means Republicans have moved farther away from the American mainstream. To win at the national level, the GOP needs an actor to both unify their base and bring in Independents. At the moment, they don't have one”.
Isn’t it the same condition that exists … no persists to date? 


Dry eye syndrome can be associated with immune system disorders, defined as causing “abnormally low
activity or overactivity of the immune system. In cases of immune system overactivity, the body attacks and damages its own tissues (autoimmune diseases). Immune deficiency diseases decrease the body's ability to fight invaders, causing
vulnerability to infections”

The GOP is both attacking and damaging its own ‘tissues’ and is causing vulnerability and has opened itself to lunacy.  Moderate Republicans say they are not on board with this over-riding psychosis that prevails in their party but they do nothing to fix it and at the end they come together and go down with the ship with the mentally ill segment of
the Party.

The party is totally subjugated and directed by its far right extremist minds. With the injection of this extremism Republicans have melded radicalism, bigotry, heartlessness and raw partisanship resulting in dysfunction that is exceptional and unparalleled. The wanton and immoral use of filibuster, the 2011 scare tactic with the debt limit (and they are planning another round of this later this year), consistent action to undermine the economic recovery by saying ‘no’ to any plan to stimulate the economy, the decision in the House to only bring to the floor for a vote bills that can guarantee the majority of the majority; a feat which is unattainable since the majority party is populated with 
obstructionists whose interest is far removed from governing the country. 


This dry-eye syndrome and its underlying diseases are rendering total blindness to a party that could and used to provide constructive opposition to keep the country on the right track.
The titles of the ‘greatest democracy on earth’ or ‘the beacon on a hill for the world to follow’ I am sure evoke a chuckle from the rest of the world! 

The likes of the school yard bully Ted Cruz together with the Tea Party Fraternity and those groupies who have no personal conviction but to jump on whichever bandwagon that might be popular at whichever time is sinking the GOP ship.

The few reasonable souls within the party are like lone voices in the wilderness and they cannot be heard over the din of the mad dogs.


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Sharon Mills
08/28/2013 9:40pm

I love this column! After reading what a great Republican MLK was, I needed a good laugh. Keep at it.


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