By David A. Franklin, Jr.

 “All men are equal, but some more equal than others”

 George Orwell’s Animal Farm speaks to the corruption by leaders of the revolution during the events leading up to, and during the Stalin era before World War II and in addition addresses how immorality, lack of sympathy, ignorance, self-indulgence and shortsightedness corrupt well intentioned efforts. Importantly, he shows how potential ignorance and apathy to problems could allow horrors to happen! It is not the act of revolution itself that is flawed but rather it is dishonest, devious, fraudulent, unfair, mendacious leadership that is defective. As a consequence the Second Amendment’s good intention to protect the right of the people to keep and bear arms and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes has been corrupted by the evil intentions of some. This good intention is besmirched by leadership who has manipulated the system and the National Rifle Association who pays the piper and calls the tune as to the laws of the land, with regards to ownership and use of weapons. The result – Stand your Ground Law.

 Can we not see parallels in this Trayvon Martin “turbulence”? A case that has brought to the fore the stinking smell of this Law, that supports the injustice that is rank and in this particular case where the law treats equal men with unequal brands of justice (or injustice)? Trayvon’s killing and the subsequent handling of the case is the representation of one of the numerous ills of this society.  The Pledge of Allegiance states “… with Liberty and Justice for all” It is apparent that “all” is for those who are categorized by leadership as those who are more equal than “the others”. 
It has always been and more so now, politically incorrect for the leadership of this country to address the inequities meted out to blacks/women/minority population.  Individuals who would want to speak out publicly are afraid of those who will demonize their statement, causing them to appear evil and threatening in the eyes of those who are the “equal men”among us.  They would denigrate any such utterances causing a very distracting side-show and the main event of
  addressing what now obtains - liberty and justice for some and suppression and injustice for those “others” go un-noticed and not addressed.  Somewhere lost in the pot pourri is the issue of equal justice for all, begging to be

There are glaring iniquitous treatment of “more equal men”  versus the “less equal men”: 
  1. Michael Vick was imprisoned for being a part of a dog-fighting ring and so he should.
    Conversely, George Zimmerman is not even arrested for killing a human being!
    Animals must be treated well and protected for even the mere fact that they are
        helpless compared to human beings but this begs the question - are animans considered
        more important than some humans?

   2. Zimmerman’s  membership on a Neighborhood Watch team amplifies the serious
      vulnerability with which communities are faced.  To include an individual in this team who  has
      incidents of arrests and charges of resisting officer with violence and battery of law enforcement
      officer, how and why in heaven’s name could he be permitted to carry a gun and given permission
      to patrol neighborhoods looking for “suspicious”   persons when he himself has been proven to be
      suspicious and an offender?  This in my opinion qualifies as keeping guns out of the hands of
      those who exhibit mental instability and violence. 
  3.  The multiple     serious offences committed by Zimmerman and law enforcers in Sanford, Florida having
       upheld, diminished and caused to evaporate each of these offences speaks volumes and confirms that
       for whatever reason, he is one of the equal men and Trayvon falls in the group of the
       “less equal than others” category.

 George Zimmerman saw a young black male, a “f*****g c**n”, an automatic criminal when he saw Trayvon Martin.  That is what society has taught him to see and he carried out his atrocity as he is taught to do, knowing full well that the laws will protect him since these “not equal person” must either be in prison, in the virtual prison of post-incarceration or dead.  
“Liberty and Justice for ALL?” This phrase is suspect under these circumstances.




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