By David A. Franklin, Jr.

Super Tuesday Primaries went SPLAT !!! It came and went without fanfare although the candidates and their
surrogates were trying their best to boost up the ante. The only thing we in the stands could hear from the cheerleaders was “Give me a Y… Give me an A…. Give me a W  and Give me an N!!!     … ..“Y - A - W - N” 
And so it is with the GOP presidential candidates with just about everything they touch and try to sell to the public.  Iran for example stands out as one suchThe candidates continue to show how clueless they are…or is it just that they are playing to the anger of their far right base that hates the guts of the President…or is it that they are trying to play the fear mongering card…or are  they just engaging in bull excreta talk..or…?  It’s all of the above!!!

 “Republicans are trying to scare votes by fear mongering over Iran, but the president won’t have it.” says Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff at the State Department during Gen. Colin Powell's term on the EdShow on MSNBC last evening March 8, 2012. Even those who should be sympathetic to the GOP cause are so embarrassed they are compelled to come out with the truth and at the same time disassociating themselves from the folly – First Lady Barbara Bush included. Col. Wilkerson further said of John McCain (who I for one would have hoped we could trust his judgment on matters of war) that McCain knows only fighting from the air so his solution to bomb can only be limited to his experience and is certainly not the answer.

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, recently said “war with Iran is not inevitable”. Any person with a modicum of intelligence would take this as a sign that there is hope that cooler heads will prevail and avoid war at all cost. Diplomacy, given the chance, will work. Not so with Republicans.

Let's not forget that the Republicans are beholden to the Military Industrial Complex. Their collective naivety and lack
of foreign policy experience and knowledge come shining through. We once again see them cowering to their mouth piece, Rush Limbaugh. Do we have to wonder how strong (wimpy, weak, timid, unassertive, ineffectual) any of the remaining four might be if they become the President and face adversity  which they must? They show no vision nor put forward any viable solutions for dealing with Iran. I join our adult President in inviting them once again to be bold and say to the American people that they want war.  As he rightly stated "those folks don't have a lot of responsibility -- they're not commander-in-chief."  

Have they thought of the cost in lives  of the men and women who fight or the cost to the country’s budget?  I will ask a question of them:  “will they on this occasion be willing to support a draft and put their children’s lives where their mouths are?  Gov. Romney and Senator Santorum are you willing to send your children to fight this Iranian war. Speaker Gingrich you cannot contribute to this… can you? 
Having considered these questions, and I am sure irrespective of whatever comes out of your mouths, your gut answer will be“Hell no!!” then please shut the hell up!

Gov. Romney, Senator Santorum, Speaker Gingrich you are not cute. There are only two beings in this world that are cute  – animals and little children… Which are you?  



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