Which is the real reason for the GOP’s love of, and eagerness to go to war?
War mongers in the GOP are egging on the President to engage in war with Syria, with Iran and with just about anything in any country around the world that moves; anything that looks like there is an opportunity to be the bully, to dive into the middle of a conflict.  For the Republicans, there is no such thing as diplomacy since diplomacy makes the US soft, seen as weak; robs the country of its status of being the ‘toughest and best’. 

What is the absolute truth?  They love war and for no other reason but that war equals mega profits to them and their cronies. 
Newt Gingrich and other presidential hopefuls, together with others in the party are known for touting war, while at the same time they try to belittle the president as being “soft on terrorism” every chance they get.  Led by the ‘chief chicken hawk’, none other than the soul-less Dark One, Dick Cheney,  we see these ‘hawks’ salivating on the prospect of war with Iran.  Why? The profits from Iraq have by now leveled off and are dwindling, and in addition there is a time-table for the ending of the Afghan war so the financial rewards, benefits and gains are being endangered and the GOP’s opportunism is again rearing its ugly head.  

Haven’t we learned from the previous decade of the failed Bush Doctrine of pre-emptive strikes? Or pardon me they have learned and experienced and gained from these brainless decisions. They have learned and earned!!! 

The GOP owns the opportunistic persona – they always blatantly endeavor to take advantage of situations in a devious, unscrupulous and unprincipled manner.  But listen up guys, the President is not buying it, he will not move to the beat of your drums but rather to the beat of good sense, conscience and cerebral engagement.  Rational and decisive thinking. His successes in this specific arena have earned President Obama the labels of ‘calculating’ and even ‘cold’ when it comes to making the right choices and believe me, inherent in all this is his Christian principles.  If you just remove the cloud of greed and selfishness from your eyes, you will be able to accept the results which you all see, but for your extreme drought of conscience you would concede and accept:

·         The economy which is moving in the positive direction despite your best efforts to cause disaster.  Which would have been better had it not been for your obstructionism and the absence of love for the country and an overdose of love for yourself.
·         Bin Laden who, notwithstanding your best efforts you could not capture
·         Muammar Qaddafi 
·         Al Qaeda operatives
  And these are but a few of the President's and the country's successes, but I must give you time to digest – time to purge your system first of all the goo and gunk – all the cloying, nauseating and poisonous thinking before you can face the truth and be honest.  And while at it, please in the name of God stop touting yourselves as Christians you are giving Christianity a bad name!  
The Republican Presidential candidates are doing nothing but engaging in demagoguery.  Every time they open their mouths their unabashed attempt at appealing to people’s darker side, to their emotions, their instincts and to their prejudices is more than obvious.  This is manipulative and it is dangerous.  Another thing they are for sure, are hypocrites.  
Republican leaders in Congress and all Presidential hopefuls (current and ‘drop-outs’) have one stated goal:             
            - not to turn the country’s economy around
            - not to consider the housing crisis
            - not to give consideration for the millions of unemployed but rather to ensure Barack Obama becomes a one term president. The level of obstruction that the current president faces is unprecedented in the history of America.  Iit is obvious they are each so desperate that they would sell their souls much less their kin folk so as to be in the White House. This is pure unadulterated selfishness, ego, and greed for power.

Tell me, under these circumstances, who could vote for the Republican Party?