The Republican Presidential candidates are doing nothing but engaging in demagoguery.  Every time they open their mouths their unabashed attempt at appealing to people’s darker side, to their emotions, their instincts and to their prejudices is more than obvious.  This is manipulative and it is dangerous.  Another thing they are for sure, are hypocrites.  
Republican leaders in Congress and all Presidential hopefuls (current and ‘drop-outs’) have one stated goal:             
            - not to turn the country’s economy around
            - not to consider the housing crisis
            - not to give consideration for the millions of unemployed but rather to ensure Barack Obama becomes a one term president. The level of obstruction that the current president faces is unprecedented in the history of America.  Iit is obvious they are each so desperate that they would sell their souls much less their kin folk so as to be in the White House. This is pure unadulterated selfishness, ego, and greed for power.

Tell me, under these circumstances, who could vote for the Republican Party?



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