By: David A. Franklin, Jnr.

And it came to pass in those days, where the Grand Old Party
continued to rip each other to shreds and stopped at nothing to out-rightwing
  (or out crazy) each other. One week is a lifetime in politics. We have eight
  months to go before the big show, which will be on the first Tuesday of
November 2012. The four remaining pretenders to the throne argue over social
issues exclusively while clearly, the electorate is concerned with economics –
the ‘bread and butter’ issues. It’s still the economy stupid!!! …. And the
Presidential candidates continue to fiddle while the Republican Party burns

Haven’t the Republican Party learnt from their 1964 electoral trouncing?
Not unlike the current Tea Party wing, it saw the advent of the fringe rightwing
movement coming into their own and they all but alienated moderates and
independent voters. Fear mongering  and divisive wedge issues that meant nothing
 was the order of the day.  Today America is leaning more leftward  and they have
experienced “Trickle Down Economics” which is a miserable failure and have come to
understand  that “Compassionate Conservatism”are empty words. When will they wake up and smell reality? 
  -  religion  has no place in politics? If these gentlemen want a Theocracy, I suggest they  migrate to Iran. 
  -  The  Woman is the backbone to every Society, the cradle of  civilization. Women comprise a  sizeable
chunk of the American electorate and dear Senator Santorum, Governor   Romney, Speaker Gingrich
 and Doctor Paul women vote and contrary to your   thoughts they are strong-willed, self respecting
and determined beings. But   apart from thinking of the votes you might be losing, I cannot but wonder about
  the acceptable norms within your individual and family culture, cult or   religion that you can all denigrate
 women with such nauseating ease as you do.  
The disrespect, disregard,  contempt, rudeness, impudence and effrontery that spew from you and your 
surrogates lead me to believe you just “happened” upon the  face of this earth,  so you have
no mother, no grandmother, no wives, no daughters, no sisters, no aunts and no nieces. 

Or tell me… within your culture are your women expected to be subservient and know and keep
their places.. Doing only what the men dictate they do?
 With this GOP onslaught on Women’s Rights
–reproductive and other rights, please don’t cry  when you experience a total electoral bloodbath as women
 come out to vote in  record numbers against Corporate and Republican fascism. And by the way,
I will  not say “I told you so”.

The American people are getting back their spirit as the economy  is doing better.
The economy is on the road to recovery although the GOP continues to block progress daily and minutely.
Pardon me, but it is not only  the presidential hopefuls who are fiddling but the GOP is fiddling and they do
not care one iota if (Rome) the country burns. And fueled by the total collapse
of common sense and pragmatism within the GOP, it would burn, but for the sound
policies and proper oversight of President Obama and his  Administration.

 Verily I say unto you both believers and non-believers - the GOP side show will
continue right through into the main event in November and we will see the
results. America will prevail. Selah!



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