By: David A. Franklin, Jr.

Three Goals in a row: Immigration/Dream Act, Arizona Law and Affordable Health Care

What is a hat-trick? hat-trick or hat trick in sport is the achievement of a positive feat three times during a game, or other achievements based on threes.”

Obama runs well oiled political machinery that always catches Republicans off-guard.Obama is like a fox in the box and pounces on the slightest opportunity. Just when his detractors thought they had him, he sneaks up, gives them a nutmeg for good measure and scores goals one after the other. He comes out unscathed, leaving them thoroughly humiliated and in total bewilderment.
The kick and rush method used by Republicans is beyond pathetic. They are grabbing at straws, hoping that the American voters will forget their tomfoolery, while the Middle Class suffers and get redefined as the poor and the poor become the” Under-the-Bridgers” – the homeless. Such play-acting is not lost on the American people. They fail to
realize that Obama is the ultimate play-maker who always makes something good out of nothing. One would believe that Republicans would know better by now---but, they don’t – the keep trying the same pranks over and over again. The definition of a crazy fool is doing something repeatedly and expecting a different outcome. That is so with the Republican Party. Truth be told, they belong in the bush league (pun intended) and not in the premier league of
American politics.

Goal Number 1The Immigration Law/Dream Act
Unlike past and present elders in the Republican Party, who have so far taken a moderate approach to immigration, Mitt Romney has gone ultra right-wing fringe. He is for the mass expulsion of non-documented immigrants and for the ridiculous hope of self deportation. Romney: Self-Deportation Is The Answer.
Good luck with that pig-headed approach. I have one question for you Mr. Romney “Your father was born in the  Mormon colonies in Mexico.  That makes you a child of an immigrant.  Did your father self-deport to America with the hope that someday he might achieve the American Dream to become the President of American Motors Corporation and the 43rd Governor of Michigan and the dream that his son will one day be able to run for President of this great nation?”  Your father is no different from other fathers/parents.  Why then should his dream come to reality and you are
standing in the way of others to realize and enjoy that same dream?  Did you break and discard the mold of that dream after you achieved yours?

All President Obama wants is to preserve that same path that you and your family have enjoyed over time!!!  Is that too much to ask?

Goal Number 2 - The Arizona Immigration “Papers Please” Law
Simply put, where does Governor Jan Brewer get off playing Queen! She and the Secretary of State tried to get the HB 1070 Immigration Bill rammed through the Republican dominated State Legislature. They want to legalize racial profiling which they have been perpetrating for some time now, regardless of harassing American citizens in the  Republican defined dragnet.  Is this apartheid? Is this South Africa?  Oh no!  My apologies South Africa this practice of racial profiling was abolished over 2 decades ago! America if you recall was a big participant in the list of embargos against that country bcause of this practice – oil embargo, trade and arms embargo.  Why then is this Arizona Law smell of apartheid?  

Advantage Obama and Democrats! 
Democrats in Congress must step up to the plate use this wind beneath their wings and show some spine for a change. Stand up for principles against the (GOP) Grand Obstructionist Party.  Blue Dog Democrats, make up your minds if you are Democrats and rather than staying and behaving just like the GOP, get the hell out of the party and stay home.   
Goal Number 3 - The Affordable Health Care Act of 2011 (Obama Care)

In March 2010 the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), a non-partisan government agency, estimates that the Affordable Care Act will lead to a net reduction of $143 billion over 10 years. When the GOP legislators put forward their idea of repealing the Law, CBO estimated that the GOP Bill would add $230 billion to the deficit if enacted, also over a period of 10 years. The new Health Care Law does not intervene at all between doctors and patients, although it does set up minimum benefits for Insurance Companies”. This according to
On July 11, 2012 House Majority Leader Eric Cantor will have a vote in the attempt to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act in the face of the United States Supreme Court voting 5-4 to uphold the Law. Majority Leader Cantor, House  Speaker John Boehner and their fellow Republican lawmakers will continue to try to vote it down as the supreme law of the Land. I invite them to run on this issue in 2012, they would ensure a certain loss! To learn more about
the Affordable Health Care Act, please visit

With the Supreme Court’s ruling, the President and Democrats have gained traction and popularity with America on the subject of Affordable Health Care. Their job now is to properly educate the citizenry on what it stands for and what it
would mean to the general public. Failure to do so (because of Republican lies and distortions), will sink them in the coming election this November. Since the Law took effect, 2.5 million more young adults- the group most likely to be uninsured-have insurance. Under the law, insurance companies CANNOT refuse to cover Americans due to “pre-existing conditions”such as asthma, cancer or diabetes. It also caters to preventative care for women. There will be no cost for mammograms, pap smears and flu shots. By 2014 it will be against the Law for Insurance Companies to discriminate against women by charging them more than men for the same coverage Seniors too will have better benefits. The new law strengthens and protects the Medicare earned and gives new important benefits. There is no ceiling to the amount of coverage– coverage dies only when you die.

Romney’s and the GOP’s Scarcity Mentality

The only rationale to the GOP’s objection to such benefits for every American is because they suffer from the disease Scarcity Mentality.  This is the belief by those who suffer from it that there is not enough to go around.  Romney and the
Republicans are deeply scripted in this mentality.  These “patriots of America” where Liberty and Justice is supposed to be for all see life as having only so much – there is only one pie to share. Should anyone else get a piece of that pie, it would mean less for them. The GOP is definitely inflicted by this mentality.  They are never willing to share recognition and credit and especially power and profit!  And get this - this grudge to share extends to not wanting to share with even the American people who help them in producing the power and profit Romney and his GOP friends enjoy.  Yet they feel that something is being taken from them when the American people receive special recognition, or like President Obama when he experiences remarkable success or achievement

The symptoms displayed by Romney and his cohorts are obviously that of one who is inflicted with this ‘disease’. They go into a defensive mode as a result of President Obama’s or the people’s achievement of the slightest modicum of success. They scream, they rant and lie because the success of others mean failure to them. It is a psychosis.

Principle is lacking at the core of the Republican Party and definitely at Mr. Romney’s core beliefs - but I would urge them, to become more principle-centered human beings.  This is the route to developing an abundance mentality where
they can become genuinely happy for the successes, the good fortune and well-being and for the achievements of the American people.  And daaaaaahhh!
Less you forget Republicans, this is the very reason you are elected to office. You will see that the success of the  American people and as an obvious extension of America itself adds to...rather than detracts from...your lives. 

And by the way…. hold your breath there are more goals coming.


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