By David A. Franklin, Jr.
"It will be cheaper, faster and easier for people to go
back home and wait 10 years than [go through] this process. That's why it's
not amnesty."
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) 4/14/2013 “Fox News Sunday”.

Yes Senator Rubio, it is certainly not amnesty what it is, is “Self Deportation”.

"They don't qualify for any federal benefits -- no food stamps, no welfare, no Obamacare…..They will have to
stay in that status until at least 10 years elapses ... and then all they get is a chance to apply for a green card." Anyone applying to stay in the country under the proposal would also have to pay an upfront fine

Rubio 4/14/2013 “Fox News Sunday”. 

We extract and analyze just one of the “no benefits” above.       
“No Food Stamps, No Welfare”
– Rubio and his like-thinking Republicans are convinced that people from developing countries love hand-outs. Rubio
and his cohorts should and must educate themselves of the fact that more than not, governments of these countries do not have the wherewithal to support any level of a welfare system. “Inhabitants” of these countries therefore have to develop self-reliance and take care of their families while applying creative, innovative ways of doing so to ensure varying levels of lifestyle. After doing so for generations, resilience, physical strength and strength of character, toughness, determination, resolve, grit, strength of mind and fortitude is what these people’s DNA is made of. They are not born in societies that welfare is part of the fabric of their reality.  All their lives and throughout generations they have had to do it on their own. Handouts and freeness is not at all available and the freeness-mentality cannot therefore be a personality trait. To highlight food stamps and welfare therefore in this conversation or in  any conversation related to
immigrants is an affront to these hard-working and proud human beings. 

This dependency theory that is sold in which developing and developed countries “work together to build and establish
thriving third world economies eventually making these nations equal players at a global level”
is primarily the cause for these “illegals” as Mr. Rubio stubbornly categorizes them. Since its inception over 40 years ago,  the Dependency Theory has seen millions of jobs shipped from America to third world countries where workers slave for big first world corporations for subsistence wages. It is no wonder that these workers hearing of the “land of the free and the home of the brave”, brave ocean waves and electrically charged fences to try to get even a smidgen more than slave subsistence wages. But when they arrive they realize they are rewarded close to zero pay in this new haven and in
addition have to live the life similar to that of fugitives and outlaws. Speak to any one of these “illegals” and you will know they yearn to be back in their natural environs where certain creature comforts are free and abundant, rather than being in an environment where their integrity, clothed in poverty is constantly debated and demeaned
These countries are put in a subservient position, not only by  the next-to-nothing wages for workers (off shoring) but by instituted sanctions and the free-trade policies attached to loans granted to them by the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund. A large percentage of the ‘inhabitants’ of these developing countries are kept poor in their own countries under the guise of help from developed countries bringing jobs to their shores so migration is seen as a way out whether legally or illegally.  

In their country, welfare is an embarrassment and folks are stigmatized if they take hand-outs. Welfare is so rare in these people’s reality that it is only the depressed of the depressed, the poorest of the poor, the most destitute that by utmost necessity have to rely on the meager governmental resources (welfare). In some countries welfare is called paupers’ roll and no one wants to be considered a pauper. The ‘illegals’ as Mr. Rubio calls them do not suddenly shed their pride when they arrive in America and overnight adopt 
a freeness mentality. No sir they don’t so please stop disparaging these people. 

It is apparent that Rubio has completely divorced his thinking from his origin as a “third world-er” himself. He has surgically removed from his mind and persona that back home, the land of his origin, is a place where his cousins, his aunts, his uncles continue to live and that they, I am sure are not takers relying of food stamps. They are proud individuals living with their pride and integrity as their main assets. These are people who have had to over the past decades of the US embargo had to repair motor cars with parts from bicycle, (total innovation).

Rubio and his fellow Cubans cannot fully understand the plight of Hispanics since they arrive in this country under refugee status and they get handouts to start over in America. Cubans who make it to the shores of America are generally permitted to stay in the U.S. and adjust their status the following year! This is contrary to the experience of “illegals” Mr. Rubio.

As a result, Rubio through no fault of his own, is not able to understand the plight of ‘illegals’ and so is certainly a misfit on any group trying to fix the immigration problem. By virtue of having a name that has a Hispanic flavor does not qualify him to speak and negotiate on these people’s behalf. He like the Republican media commanders (Fox, Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh et al) has his sights on personal gains. 2016 is his target; the Presidency of the United States is in his drooling, slobbering, dribbling vision. It has nothing to do with the wellbeing of his fellowmen.
He in his own style has joined the conservative media and relentlessly continues to whip these people because all he and his cohorts are into is getting rich, staying rich and become even richer. Their stated worry for what undocumented people are costing the country has little or nothing to do with real concern but for selfish gains and their mission is as transparent as a piece of thin, clear plastic.

Like most of these so-called “exiles” Rubio was born in Florida and know nothing about their motherland other than what they are fed by these Republican media commanders who themselves have zero first-hand knowledge of the place. He might not have been born in the lap of luxury but certainly in the cradle of comfort. A cradle that America has provided for himself and his family and so his reality disqualifies him to be the voice of suffering undocumented workers. While he pretends he is a force in fixing the immigration ‘problem’ at the same time he keeps in his back pocket the curse of welfare and food stamps which he pulls out as it becomes convenient to feed as red meat to the right wing of his party. Thank God and America he has not had to swallow his dignity like so many ‘illegals’ have had to and avail himself of welfare. 

These people do not need handouts – what they need are good jobs.

It is plain. Just look at how hard they work for subsistence wages and the sterling work ethics they exhibit and you see that these people are not takers.

In conclusion, let me just say that there is an absence of decency and good sense whenever the Republicans are involved in any workable legislation. Although there is bipartisanship with this Gang of 8, I have a hunch that Republican members of this clique will vote against their own bill; Rubio included.

 He's acknowledged that he could break with the Gang of Eight over amendments added to the legislation. And though he's said the bill is only a "starting point," that could be revised, he's also said he may walk away if it changes too much. Rubio has a fine line to walk on the issue, and if he sees a final bill as too lenient for conservatives to swallow, he could bow out to avoid their ire.
By Jon Terbush | The Week – Mon, Apr 15, 2013

He like most elected Republicans fear a far right fringe revolt against them. It has started already. It is already evident. Rubio is a self-appointed point-man for the ‘gang of eight’, to showcase the bipartisan bill and he is cloudy and shifty in the bill’s support and in its presentation depending on the bully level of his conservative host or audience.  
Senator Marco Rubio is all fluff and no substance only seeking a meteoric rise in his first term in Washington but his transparency shows his lack of depth and total lack of readiness to assume greater responsibilities. He is not proven that he is even qualified to handle the post he now occupies as a Senator! His days in Washington are numbered and I really cannot see him being re-elected to a second term. He lacks backbone and political courage to do what is right. It is all about maintaining his job as a U.S. Senator at all costs and  his mouth watering hankering to be president post
The bill, or parts of it, is basically endorsing what Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan campaigned on---SELF DEPORTATION! It is just repackaged. 

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