By David A. Franklin, Jr.  

Would you as a high school senior complain that a kindergartner "made me do it’? Ted Cruz came to Washington with his Ninja Turtle lunch box and his only book Dr. Seuss’ ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ but as a junior having not finished his first year of playschool was able to lead seasoned GOPs who have been in Congress for decades making decisions on every aspect and facet of the country’s business. 

The scenario plays out in two obvious pictures:

The one sees Cruz building an image and recognition to serve his aspiration/ambition to sit in the White House
after the 2016 Presidential Elections.  Of course – news flash! It is not going to happen. Cruz is nothing but a Sarah Palin who went to school.
The other which is the serious, very serious picture – we recognize that these men and women of the GOP are incompetent, have no integrity, conviction or backbone and act with one motivation and one only -to save their jobs and
at the expense of their employers – the voters. And as in the kids’ story ‘The Emperor’s New Coat’ here a child Ted Cruz exposed the weakness, flaws, and failings of (the Emperor) in this case, those we put to run the country. 

The reasons for Cruz’s actions are understandable although the route he is travelling to achieve his selfish end is totally disgusting, obnoxious, loathsome and repugnant. But the gravity of the second picture is unspeakable. 

These more seasoned men and women of the Republican House of Representatives have exposed their true self; they are nothing but links in a ‘chain of fools’. Of the 232 Republican members, 49 are members of the Tea Party Caucus.  The majority of 183 sits back and is content to be led by this puerile bunch! And yet they, the older heads, the more seasoned and experienced political professionals, argue that this bunch of numbskulls are ruining their party! News Flash again…it is you who are wrecking the party. You are playing the bullied and sitting back and blaming the bullies.

Rep. Peter King(R-New York) who, in my opinion, has earned the “loud mouth” award continues to talk sense going against the opinions of his party but then turns around and vote against his own conviction. He is included in the group of seasoned and experienced. He has been at this job since January of 1993.

Then there is poor John Boehner who everybody insist means well, is an honorable man but neither of these qualities have been brought to bear in performing his job. As a matter of fact he continues to collect his close to quarter of a
million dollars annual salary coupled with all the other perquisites that come with the job – fantastic health insurance no less. And he has done/accomplished absolutely nothing for his almost 5 years of speakership. Not only should he refund all the money he has so far collected but he should be called upon to pay for the damage to the economy he has caused because of his bad stewardship. But like all the others in the ‘chain of fools’ he is only there to protect his personal interests. He has been in the House since 1991. He is being hauled and pulled by the Tea Party members of the House and without saying a word, Rep. Eric Cantor, the Majority Leader, is daring him to take a decision such as to bring a vote to the floor for a full majority vote. Cantor is ready and waiting with his dagger in Boehner’s back to take over the Speakership and he Boehner knows it and is afraid. His life is a constant Halloween with ghosts and goblins coming at him from all angles and he is petrified.


I could name each member/link in the ‘chain of fools’ with seniority dating back to 1971. One would think that if these ignoble men and women some of whom have apparently become bench-warmers, by now would have had enough and would realize their demitting office at this point will in no way affect their pension. Once upon a time somewhere before the invasion of the Tea Party some of these representatives used to make their voices heard and respected. I keep asking couldn’t this faction of the party revolt against the upstarts of 2010. 

My God, some have been in the House for 42 years - for as many years as Ted Cruz is alive and almost as long as Dr. Seuss’ ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ was published! This means they have been running the country’s business since Cruz was pooping in his diapers and before he was old enough to read Dr. Seuss yet they are afraid of being primaried back home? They are obviously at the advanced stages of diminishing returns so either they do some real work or its time to

Puppeteers of the Republican Party

Now - a little on the Tea Party Caucus. This was launched and chaired by none other than the infamously, notoriously, scandalously, disgracefully stupid Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. 

Again, this is one of the most unintelligent human beings I have had the displeasure of watching on my television screen. Yet she sits on the House Intelligence Committee no less. This is not saying much either for whomever afforded her the pleasure of such lofty position. Following a trail of idiocy and as recent as April of 2013 in an article "Michele Bachmann embarrasses herself during House Intelligence Committee hearing” in the CityPages Blog – a topic I deem faulty because this person cannot be embarrassed because she has no sense and hence no capacity for humiliation or discomfiture. The article opens with the observation:
“If you had any doubt that ousting Michele Bachmann from the Intelligence Committee should be a no-brainer, check out this video.

FROM  LAST WEEK: Jim Graves will run again next year, setting up rematch with Bachmann [UPDATE] 
Bachmann, who remains on the committee despite
a recent 200,000-person petition drive calling for her ouster, made a fool of herself while attempting to question CIA leaders during a hearing last Thursday. Bachmann's questions either didn't make sense or pertained to classified information CIA officials weren't about to discuss during a public hearing. She repeatedly elicited blank, baffled stares and extended silences in which the CIA leaders seemed to be asking
themselves, What the hell is this lady talking about?”
Read more and/or watch video at

So much for the definition of the concept (intelligence).

Then of course she repeated in her shrill and annoying voice for President Obama’s entire first term that her and her caucus’ only goal is to make him a one-term president and she repeats it even in his second term. Thank goodness she won't be running for re-election in 2014. She's still dangerous because she can still do damage outside of Congress.(like former U.S. Senator Jim DeMint)
Should we visit the other stalwarts and front leaders of the Tea Party to whom the other 180 plus Republicans in the House are cowering to? 
-         The Rand Paul
-         The Marco Rubio who won – was handed a gift for the only reason that the continuing infighting and self-serving 
          make-up of the Democratic Party in Florida will not stop. I am watching the gift that will be handed back to them 
          in the governor’s race of 2012. Here comes Rick Scott again.
 -        And this list is already nauseating enough to stop at Sarah Palin. Enough said.

But these are the people to whom the country’s business is handed over fully, and the dumb high school seniors (House Republicans) keep cowering to, simply cringing, trembling and recoiling from the pack of nit wits. 

God bless the United States of America. And while you are at it God, please help the United States of America!
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