Politicians In Congress Should Be Chosen From Single Parents, Ex Military Personnel, Fast Food Workers And Farm Kids.....AND I AM DEAD SERIOUS 
By David A. Franklin, Jr.
Let us focus on the positives - what needs to be done to make this country begin to lift itself out of the pit of economic, environmental, social and mental poverty as listed by the President  State of the Union. 

     *  Immigration Reform
     *  Gun Control
     *  Climate Change
     *  Energy Efficiency
     *  Raising the federal minimum wage
     *  Initiatives aimed at spurring job creation
     *  $50 billion infrastructure building fund 
     *  Program to rehabilitate abandoned homes
     *  etc, etc

In addition, we must also focus on the negative elements in the society who most times have the biggest voices and furthest reaches for their doom, gloom and stubborn, stupid ideologies -  

CONSERVATIVES who understand the responsibility of the job for which they were elected is a mandate to support
the rich while themselves are getting rich. For those who are already rich their job is to protect what they have and to increase their wealth. 
Nothing is wrong with striving for upward mobility and wealth creation but not at the uncaring, unthinking and callous
expense of the others in society whose only purpose in the ‘game’ is considered to be pawns in the get rich/ get richer/ stay rich schemes.   
AND there are the “EXPERTS” who consider their prime reason for existence and their function is to analyze and
paralyze everything put out as possible solution.  If you note, they are always saying what cannot work and why and seldom if at all, give reasonable suggestions for alternatives.  

These two divisions (Conservative and ‘Experts’) differ widely and contradict each other to such extreme that nothing gets done and the country suffers - a suffering that has a ripple effect on all countries on planet earth. They seem to forget  or they simply don’t care if obstinate adherence to their ideologies and selfish agendas cripple and maim as long as their individual and collective egos are maintained. Earthlings live in a global village and not only breathe the same
air but live in intertwined and totally interdependent economies.

This dichotomy must be recognized and examined and wherever you are in your small corner it affects you,  it is absolutely imperative that in whatever way you can, you should speak out, act or throw your suggestions in the pot.
  • Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida so eloquently makes utterances which are only a repeat of the boring talking points of the Romney, the Santorum and the 2012 election. He does it so glibly without engaging his head or making     
    no effort to include any semblance of truth, reason or honesty, the oh so familiar list of criticisms of the president's approach
  • President Obama "told Americans that only his ideas matter, only his way is acceptable and only people that voted for him should have a voice in solving our nation's problems." This is the gibberish spewed by Rep. Kevin      McCarthy, the third-ranking House Republican. We will remember that Mr. Obama won with 51% of the votes and Rep. McCarthy and his cohorts are well advised to work on their amnesia or their downright dishonest thinking and      accept the fact that over 60% sometimes over 80 to 90% of Americans agree with the President’s policies he is putting forward! Mr. McCarthy says the President thinks that “only people that voted for him should have a voice…” Is the Republican Party still in that bubble that caused them untold embarrassment in the recent months where they refuse to accept results of polls?
  • Texas Rep. Kevin Brady: "The Obama economy is marked by persistently high unemployment, stagnant growth and excessive spending that is holding back hiring,"

"The Buck Picks Up Speed Here"
Rep. Brady and House Republicans and the GOP in general have as their mantra "the buck picks up speed here". They share none of the blame, and let me accept that, but where is evan a suggestion of an alternative?  Where is their coperative spirit and their recognition of their oath of office to manage the business of the country?


Americans 98% reality is lost on these Republicans because of the 2% blessings they enjoy as their reality.

It is reported that 48 million Americans were in low-income working families as at 2011 – the latest year for which data is available. “Experts” say that raising the federal minimum wage from its current $7.25 per hour to $9.00 “would not be enough to lift many out of poverty”. Very true since an individual working 40 hour work-week would earn less than $19,000 per year which is still below the poverty level!

There is a Jamaican saying that goes “one-one coco full basket”. This means that if there is an empty basket, putting in one coco (potato-like tuber) at a time, the basket will be full at some point. Translated it means that rather than doing nothing to correct/alleviate a situation if you keep putting positives in the mix in small increments, even if over a short time you do not reach your desired goal, as time elapses you will be better off for having tried. 
Then again, the one-one-cocoa scenario cannot be appreciated by these egotistical, financially comfortable Republicans who even with their fat pockets continue to collect not $19,000 per year but $174,000, not Mr. House Speaker Boehner $223,500 per year (among the 10 top highest paid government worker).
These salaries are not for working 40 back-breaking hours per week but for working an average of 160 days per year!! 
And it is these 40-hour a week moochers (stealers, users, beggars, takers) who by law have to foot the bill for Congress’ excellent pay, healthcare, lavish perks and benefits:

1.      Free parking spaces at the airport in D.C.

      Guaranteed pension if they hold office for 5 years or more

      Social Security benefits without having to forfeit any part of their pension

      In addition to their pension, Speaker Boehner for example will receive an additional $1 million per year for up to 5 
         years after he leaves office “to facilitate the administration, settlement and conclusion of matters pertaining to, or 
         arising out of” his tenure as Speaker. A provision allows him to incur huge bills to “archive” and document 
         materials related to his time in office.  You will agree with me that there won’t be much to document or archive 
         since nothing is being done under his leadership. But he will be paid the $1 million per year none the less.
         Can you appreciate why Mr. Boehner will kiss all and any parts of the radical GOP’s anatomies so as to maintain 
         his job while screwing the people (the taxpayers) who gave him his job?

      Senators get $40,000 which is more than twice times the annual salary of so many moochers who have to live on 
         sub-poverty wages. This paltry sum of $40,000 and potentially more is used to furnish their home-state offices

      Members of congress deduct up to $3,000 for expenses while outside their home districts or states.

         Irrespective of this pampering, these moochers and takers in Congress will not, cannot or do not see it necessary 
         to do the job. That is why my firm belief is that single parents, ex-military personnel, fast food workers and farm 
         kids are much more equipped to do the job that congress is shirking.

        *  understand commitment - it is their second nature because  they live it every day

        *  They are outstanding problem solvers

        *  They are great at prioritizing and multitasking and are incredibly efficient because they have no 
            choice but to be efficient

        *  They keep multiple balls in the air, and truly understand the meaning of responsibility and 

        *  Know and respect the value and the importance of teamwork  because this is how they live and breathe

        *  They are dedicated and take personal responsibility for the results of their performance 
        *  They adroitly adapt to shifting priorities, to changes in focus and directions and the multiplicity of changes in 

        *  Their analytical and reasoning skills are strong and they know how to make decisions

        *  They accept that they are accountable for the task at hand and are reliable

        * They not only encourage teamwork but also lead by example.

        *  understand the value of best practices

        * They adhere to and work with a system that generates consistent, proven results.

        *  They truly understand the importance of productivity and deliver high output under steady, sometimes 
            unrelenting pressure.

        *  Will stay up all night to do the job/chore which is allotted to them – care for sick animal for example.

       *  These kids understand responsibility and sacrifice.

       *  Their mantra is “we do whatever it takes to get the job done”

       *  They are creative and find solutions to problems

       *  They are willing to accept responsibilities beyond their years and experience

        * They roll with the punches of situations outside their control

These are absolutely necessary qualities that are sadly lacking in the buffoons America vote into Congress.
Is it possible for us to select candidates that have even a fraction of these qualities? The country’s business would be taken care of with such efficiency and America could rise back up as a beacon for other countries to look up to and emulate.

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Establishment vs. Every Other Fringe Element: How A Culture Of Losing & Extremist Beliefs Threaten To Kill The Party of Lincoln & Ike
By David A. Franklin, Jr.
As a Democrat, nothing feels better than to witness the exploding war between factions within the Republican Party. For the past 4 of 6 Presidential Elections, the GOP has had their butts handed to them handily by Democrats. Two for Bill Clinton, two for George W. Bush and two for President Obama.  We are all painfully aware that had it not been for the debacle of the  rancorous 2000 election that was resolved in the Supreme Court over a month after elections were closed the ratio would have been at very least 5 of 6 or who knows, 6 of 6!. 

Their failure to translate their message or forgive me… their failure at having a message period is irrefutable, overwhelming and convincing. The absence of a message that could be deemed sensible and not far over the edge of modern thinking, one that can translate into cohesive sensible alternatives are reasons for the obvious chaos within their ranks.  

One would think that with the shellacking that Republicans received from Obama-Biden in 2012, (such an easy and decisive defeat) they would want to do some introspection as a cohesive group and change their tune. But all that comes from the group is discord having the country and the world sticking their fingers in their ears from the sound coming from this group; a sound which is as intense and annoying as fingernails being scratched across a chalk board. It was an unthinkable defeat for the GOP ideology but they keep fooling themselves that winning the house is a mandate for them to continue with their foolery and irresponsible behavior. Despite the GOP house majority which is their second biggest House majority in 60 years we all know that school children in England know that they ‘won’ this by foul means.  They manipulated electoral areas, altering boundaries, in order to gain an unfair political advantage which is all this House majority adds up to - skullduggery. 

The word “moderate” is a dirty word within GOP politics today.  This is causing uproar within the closed minded and the small thinkers such as exhibited in the sad and absurd 2012 line-up of Republican presidential hopefuls. The varying factions (and there are many of these) continue to flex their individual and idiosyncratic muscles as they each want to be kings and king makers and power brokers within today’s Republican Party. 

1. There are the Traditionalist Conservatives who:
- Favor cultural traditions of old teaching methods to inculcate values and natural law. 
- They oppose feminism and show no love for what they say is “Big Government” while at the same time are in favor of ‘
  No Government’ for issues such as they pertain to big business.  But then again, they are overwhelmingly big 
  government with women’s issues and all else.
- Equal pay for women act is a ‘no no’ women should keep their places in the kitchen and at home where they belong – 
  where God intend them.
- No abortion even in the case of rape yet again because God ordained the rape and the escaladed voting restriction 
  which affects the very large/majority population of voters. 
- They fight the inevitable change of the status quo because they believe in pulling yourself up by the boot straps” while 
  those who have the heart to pull themselves are not provided with living wages to buy the boots with the straps.

2. Then there are the Fiscal Conservatives. These types believe in supply-side economics and claim to be hawkish on the Federal Deficit who were conspicuously absent during the Bush-Cheney Administration. They want to simply: 
- Privatize Social Security and are all for Free Trade also known as outsourcing American jobs
- They want to drastically reduce government spending by cutting social programs like Medicare/Medicare and Social 
- They want to totally eliminate regulations that guide varying industries in the Private Sector (Wall Street, Banking 
  Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, etc.)

In this group are the infamous Grover Norquist, Jeb Bush (Florida), Mitch Daniels (Indiana), Mark Sanford (South Carolina), Senator Tom Coburn (Oklahoma), Steve Forbes (Forbes Magazine CEO) Congressman Paul Ryan (Wisconsin) and former HUD Secretary Jack Kemp

3. The Social Conservatives are the “one trick pony” element within the GOP who focus on wedge issues every 4 years. They strongly believe in the Merging of Church Doctrine in State Affairs. The Holy Bible and not the U.S. Constitution, is the constitution and should dictate how elected officials write Laws of the Land. Homosexuality is a sin and those who practice it are doomed to Hell. Curious to know that many of these noble folks who are the most vocal against homosexuality continue to be ‘outed’ and still there are some, who behind closed doors practice this lifestyle yet they are so adamantly against it
- Strictly Pro-Life including the cases of rape and incest. Pro-Death Penalty. Sounds contradicting but, that’s hard line religious dogma. It doesn’t make sense and contradictory.
- Vehemently against tax-payer funded Embryonic Stem Cell Research because they find it “ungodly”. They want religious clergy and Faith Based Organizations to run welfare programs not the Federal Government and they preach and run on a political platform of “Family Values”. 
- Anti-Affirmative Action, Anti-Immigration and Anti-Women’s Rights
- Opposes Gun Control of any kind and so believe that the United States was founded on Christian principles and should therefore outlaw any thinking that the diversity of peoples that make up the citizenry should bow to these Christian principles and abandon their thinking. 
3. The Paleo-Conservatives represent various publications and organizations acting as “think tanks”. They are traditionalists whose worldviews are socially and culturally conservative. They have a strong distrust of modern political ideologies and structures. Their beliefs include:
- Gun Rights and States’ Rights
- Strict adherence to the U.S. Constitution (Constitutionalists)
- Anti-Multiculturalism and economic nationalists (Protectionists/Isolationalists)
- Non-Interventionalists in times of War

4. The Neo-Conservatives main goal is to promote an interventionist foreign policy. They think it is America’s right to dominate the world through pre-emptive military action against designated enemy nations. Strongly Pro-Israel no matter what and are ready to unilaterally strike foreign soil “in the name of spreading & preserving democracy.”  They feel morally obligated to defend freedom according to the Father of Neo-Conservatism Dick Cheney. These types believe in War as a first and last resort. They are neck deep with promoting and benefitting from the Military Industrial Complex and flex American global dominance as the only Super Power remaining.

5. Moderates/ “Rockefeller Liberals” (aka R.I.N.O.: Republican In Name Only) are fiscally conservative and socially liberal for the most part. Only a handful of this dying breed is socially conservative and fiscally centrists. They also clash views with other factions within the Republican Party. They are for balancing the Federal Budget, Lower Taxes, for Free Trade, deregulation and Welfare Reform, pro-Same Sex Marriage and Pro-Gay Adoption, against Legal Access/Federal Funding of Abortion, Gun Control Laws, strict Environmental Regulations, Few restrictions on Legal Immigration, anti-Climate Change measures, they would like to abolish the death penalty, support “Sanctuary Cities” (relax on Illegal Immigration), and are for the Civil Rights Laws and Embryonic Stem Cell Research.
6. The Establishment Conservative group has the ability to galvanize all factions with one goal in mind---WINNING! They are well healed financially and have the backing of Big Business. There is name-recognition outside of the borders of politics and are known internationally. They possess all attributes of all the factions mentioned in this article. It galvanizes the base. They are the charismatic and/or well respected of the breed of Republicans. This group seeks to unite and members are not polarizing. They appeal to moderate and conservative Democrats alike. 

7. Libertarians are considered out of the main stream. This faction emphasizes open and unregulated Free Markets, minimal Social controls and non-interventionism in foreign policy. They oppose government social spending, regulation and taxes and favor unfettered free speech, oppose Gun Control of any type and are anti-Civil Rights, anti-IRS, they want to outsource infrastructure programs (take it out of the Government’s hands), reduce the National Debt and support the Fair Tax (or Flat Tax where everyone pays one rate). One of their pet wishes is to reduce military spending and they are highly critical of the Federal Reserve, are Anti-Women’s Movement, Anti-Gay and Anti-Immigrant isolationists. 

8. Tea Party: WHO THE HELL REALLY KNOWS WHO THESE ARE!!! But they and their fanaticism were gladly embraced in the 2010 elections by the “Win at Any Cost Republican Party” And by God this crazy radical group is costing the party big! They want to take back America. Take America back from what and/or from whom? Extreme right wing trolls on all issues imaginable. This group is mostly made up of W.A.S.P. who fail to accept that the status quo and demographics of America have changed. There now exists a “Minority Majority” but this faction does everything to upset that new status quo. 
- Anti-Progressive in all aspects and Ultra-Conservative (the further right wing is the better). Its Theo-Cons meet Fiscal Conservatism. No space for compromise on anything. It’s their way or the highway
- The group believes America should have a white majority always and refuse to accept that there is no longer a white majority. They are religious bigots, Anti-Multiculturalism, Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Minority, Anti-Gay, Anti-Civil Rights and Anti-Women’s Rights.

Their ultimate and only wish was to make Barack Obama “a one-term president” but they failed miserably.

The want to start a war with Iran and to be Pro-Israel no matter what not even exempting situations of human short comings. Their supporters/members are in part, “Armageddon-ists” born-again religious nuts and odd balls.
They act as spoilers for Establishment Republicans in primaries across America and suffer from classic “foot in mouth” disease where they say outlandish nonsense only to have the electorate turn against them. Mitch McConnell (Kentucky- US Senate Minority Leader) is one classic example, perched at a vantage point to create havoc for the country and to make a fool of himself and his party.

9. Rush Limbaugh and FOX News are the major group if not they form the biggest faction – they are the major influencer and enabler of the aforementioned eight of this tortuous group of people GOP. 

Diversity is good – at times…but the Republican party has nine or more diverse groups, each with its strong and firm beliefs; groups notoriously unwilling to see/accept that it is one party and a house divided among itself will not stand. There are at least ten battles in the GOP war which continue to be waged with each army, all ten battalions standing firm ground in their exclusivity and non compromising dogma. 

There is an implosion of gigantic proportion within the GOP so it is easy to predict with this unrelenting stand-their-ground of each faction, there is no chance of a Republican president in the White House in the near future. Good luck to them in retaining the House of Representatives or getting a solid majority in the U.S. Senate come 2014.

I really don’t mind especially if these crazy people are all the GOP has to offer. It is sad but to stop ourselves from sinking into total depression over this demise of a party I invite you to bring the popcorn and soda and join me watch the "War Games”

COPY & PASTE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DccJgxK0kQs
Clip from "HARDBALL with CHRIS MATTHEWS" (MSNBC): "The Stupid Party" (14 mintues 20 seconds) 
Guests: Joy-Ann Reid & David Corn 
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Marco Rubio - Opportunist in Chief 
By David A. Franklin, Jr.
It is as plain as daylight that Republicans are not sincere about any “pro-people” causes or bi-partisan effort they have latched on to since their defeat in the 2012 election. While some in the party continue to be their true self in opposing anything that would benefit the 98% of Americans and God forbid anything that benefit the other group of “them” such as undocumented immigrants, there are those who are walking a tight rope trying to pretend that they are reasonable and rational human beings. But of course they are playing characters in a circus and America is watching sometimes for comic relief but most times in nauseating disgust.

If we hit the memory recall button we would remember that:

• In 2010, then Senate Candidate Rubio came out in support of SB 1070 the Arizona’s “Papers Please Law" while not in favor of the Dream Act.  Notably, previous to that time he had expressed “concerns” that the bill would “unreasonably single out people who were here illegally” echoing what his mentor Jeb Bush said. He is no different than Republican lawmakers who worry about risking primary challenges and the rage of a section of the conservative base if they don’t toe the extremist and hate-mongering line. What we are witnessing now is Rubio Version 2.0.  The versions will continue to infinity.

• In 2011 Senator Rubio said he was opposed to the “Dream Act because it was a form of amnesty”. He further stated at the time that his family came to the United States legally and he believes that others should follow the law. This claim of how his family came to America is still in question especially since he had lied when he saw the opportunity to evoke sympathy with his claim that his parents fled Castro’s Cuba. This we will recall proved to be a lie since his parents first came to the United States in 1956, three years before the Cuban Revolution in 1956.

Let us give Senator Rubio the benefit of the doubt and let us accept that human beings evolve in their thinking and his hard-line on immigration has been genuinely softened. And let us also give him the point that Cubans cannot truly empathize with the hardships that the ‘real’ Latino population undergo. Rubio and his fellow countrymen benefit from the “Cuban Adjustment Act” of 1966 so he, et al benefitted and continue to benefit from being given a relatively easy shot at the American Dream. This is what many call the “Cuban Amnesty”.  This affords in the past and up to the present day Cubans to become Legal Permanent Residents after only one year after entering the country and this courtesy is extended also to those Cubans who cross the Mexican border illegally. There is no “Mexican Adjustment Act” no “Dominican Adjustment Act” nor any “Venezuelan Adjustment Act” and so on so. 

Where was the good Senator only months ago in 2012 when the Republican primary candidates and the candidate elect were self deporting, building electrified fence at the Mexican border and constructing a mote with alligators to keep out those who are trying to enter? Was the rising Republican star and 2016 Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio deaf or tongue tied? 
John Huntsman, the only honorable one in the 2012 group of Republican hopefuls, described Mitt Romney as a “well oiled weather vane” that turns to the direction that the wind of opportunity is blowing. Here comes another of the breed Senator Marco Rubio!

He, like the GOP establishment is playing the danger game; the danger of losing the support of hard-line “Anti-Immigration Reformers”, who think that these undocumented immigrants will take jobs that should go to citizens especially with the current unemployment reality. And lest we forget, Rubio and others running in 2014 are cognizant of the danger and risk of being challenged in primaries.

Then there are the neo-conservatives in the persons of Bill Kristol (son of Irving Kristol, godfather of Neo-conservatism), Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney and the ‘totem pole climber’ Ann Coulter  who said “Rubio’s bill is nothing but amnesty…. a wolf in wolf’s clothing”.

Of course Rubio and his colleagues have considered and planned their escape route should they feel the wind is shifting directions and the bill is being dubbed amnesty.  This is almost a certainty since there are those in the party who are dead set against Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  This escape route is evidenced by his continued insistence that border security has to come first. Stop and consider ‘border security’. Who will decide that the border is fully secured? I haven’t heard an pragmatic and distinct method of determining this so am left to think that this condition will be dependent on the subjectivity and personal satisfaction of the Jan Brewers and Rick Perrys of this world!
We all have our ambitions and that we should; since it is by projecting our successes that we humans and by extension our countries and the world enjoy progressive and positive development. Rubio is being touted as a Republican “rising star” but other than riding on bandwagon after bandwagon making public utterances as the wind blows and dictates, he has not shown any level of inner strength and personal conviction that can propel him to sit in the heavens where rising stars end up and belong. 

Again, lest we forget in 2010, Rubio won only because the Senate race was split three ways between himself, Charlie Crist who ran as an independent having fallen from grace of conservatives because of his moderate views. Rubio was the favorite in the heyday of the ‘Tea Party’ and former Congressman Kendrick Meeks (D) took votes which would certainly otherwise have gone to Crist. 

The Daily Caller reported in an article January 30 that Rubio is attempting to sell his Miami home and will move his family to Washington, D.C. He is fighting a fight of his political life by putting himself in the forefront on this immigration reform issue which represents for him and his party a drastic shift which is driven primarily by the massacre of the 2012 election results. There is a rift within the party on this hot-button issue. We note that as is expected when Republicans fear they might run afoul of their masters Rubio went and pay homage to the mighty Rush Limbaugh whose diet is venom and whose only target is his ego and revenue inflow.

The circus continues and America is on the frontline watching - some cheering, some booing and others just watching and musing what they know will be the sure outcome – civil war within the GOP and a ripping and tearing between factions of the party. Bitter war between moderates, and the  right-wingers and the soon-to-be defunct, Tea Party. I would want to say “sit back, relax and enjoy” BUT there is nothing funny about persons not doing the job they are employed to do. Let the show continue, the employers (voters) will issue pink slips come 2014 and 2016 and I predict Rubio will be one such recipient.

And some food for thought.  With the cloud of uncertainty hanging over the Rubio family’s entrance into the United States is he a ‘natural born citizen”? Were his parents citizens when he was born in 1971? Can he satisfy the constitutional requirement to be POTUS as it is obvious is his ambition? His own lie about his family’s entrance into the country casts a shadow of doubt.

Oh dear, am I becoming a ‘Birther”? Heaven forbid.

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