By: David A. Franklin, Jr.

And the Republicans continue to lie!!!   Lying has become their platform.  Thier hobby of lies is now their full-time occupation!!

Neil Newhouse, Romney’s pollster said the campaign will not “be dictated by fact-checkers”. He plainly is saying to the electorate, “To hell with facts, because Mr. Miss & Mrs. America YOU ARE IGNORANT ASSES… you don’t know your ears from your asses so we can manipulate the truth, we will blatantly, and unashamedly play upon what we are sure of – you are ignorant of the facts!”  Ryan’s speech was a true enactment of this.

Huffington Post’s headline says Paul Ryan Address: Convention Speech Built On Demonstrably Misleading Assertions »
The Washington PostMr.Ryan's speech: Effective maybe, but definitely misleading
Daily Kos - "Paul Ryan fails--the truth." WOW. Jonathan Bernstein whales on Ryan big-time.
"It was, by any reasonable standards, a staggering, staggering lie. Here’s Paul Ryan about Barack Obama: He created
a bipartisan debt commission. They came back with an urgent report. He thanked them, sent them on their way, and then did exactly nothing. 

  “They.” “Them.” “Them.” Those words are lies. Because Paul Ryan was on that commission. “Came back with an urgent report.” That is a lie. The commission never made any recommendations for Barack Obama to support or oppose. Why not? Because the commission voted down its own recommendations. Why? Because Paul Ryan, a member of the commission, voted it down and successfully convinced the other House Republicans on the commission to vote it down." How Paul Ryan gets away with BS -  Salon.comEditorial Board: Mr. Ryan's misleading speech |  WOPULAR

FOX News
Fox News' Sally Kohn: Paul Ryan's Speech Set World Record for Greatest Number of Blatant Lies and 
Ms Kohn says “No decent person wants to go down in history as a liar, but Paul Ryan has won the gold medal for a single speech that was full of blatant lies.”
Mr. Ryan you have always scraped the bottom but you continue to sink your opportunistic, exploitative, devious, unprincipled and unscrupulous self to below zero.  I personally did not know that any human being could achieve this depth in stinky mire.  When FOX NEWS with all the Conservative Unfair and Unbalanced character that God can bestow on a group can call you out, you are subhuman…or worse!

Republicans  say President Obama must stop blaming Bush for what Bush did but they (Ryan) are blaming President Obama for what Bush did!!

On the GM Plant Closure Ryan said that then candidate Obama said “'I believe that if our government is there to support you … this plant will be here for another hundred years.' That’s what he said in 2008." Ryan continued his lie and painting the picture with his “lie brush”..  "That plant didn’t last another year. It is locked up and empty to this day. And that’s how it is in so many towns Today, where the recovery that was promised is nowhere in sight," 

Facts are Obama promised no such thing. The plant closed in December 2008 -- while George W. Bush was president!!

Republicans (Ryan) blame President Obama for killing bills that Republicans kill

The Debt Commission
Ryan thumped the president for not supporting a deficit commission.It is Ryan who voted against this commission and drove the final nail in its coffin. But the fact that he voted against it, is an insignificant detail he refuses to mention or even remember or accept.   

Republicans (Ryan) use dirty digs to disparage the President on actions that they themselves do.  It is OK if Republicans do it but “bro” that’s not for you!!

$716 billion taken from Medicare
Ryan made it a foundation of his fight, claiming that Obama "funneled" $716 billion out of Medicare to pay for Obamacare.  Ryan fraudulently refused to mention that his own budget plan relies on those very same savings and further, that his $716 billion is earmarked for giving additional tax cuts to the top 1%. 

Republicans (Ryan) took the country to the brink of bankruptcy and Republicans caused a downgrade of the country’s credit score but blame Obama.  Apparently in a case  of “The devil (Obama) made us do it!” 

GOP Causes S&P Downgrade, but Republican Candidates Blame Obama - The Nation, Ben Adler, August 8, 2011
Two of S&P’s biggest concerns about whether the United States will pay off its debt are whether Republicans will be
so insane as to refuse to lift the debt ceiling
, a possibility Republicans intentionally stoked fears of, and whether the United States will raise much-needed tax revenue. Specifically, S&P changed its baseline assumption that the Bush tax cuts would expire on schedule in 2012 because Republicans are so insistent that they must be renewed.  “We have
changed our assumption on this because the majority of Republicans in Congress continue to resist any measure that would raise revenues,”
wrote S&P. That adds $4 trillion over ten years to the projected deficits.”

Ryan also packaged and delivered the Standard & Poor's downgrade of U.S. government debt to Obama at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC.  What Ryan dishonestly, deceitfully, and fraudulently, failed to mention is what S&P in clarifying its reason for the downgrade made reference to the debt ceiling standoff.  -Paul Ryan himself was the standard bearer for House Republicans in politicizing the process of raising the debt ceiling. 

But will America be fooled by this dishonesty? Unfortunately some will flatly be fooled while others, driven by hate for the President will justify the truth in these lies… an oxymoron if ever there was one.   The hope is that  these“Morons of the Oxy type” will be in the minority and the majority will see these not just as lies but go further to insist that what America needs in leaders is honesty and we will all recall the words of the gem I learnt at pre-school “Speak the truth and speak it ever, cost it what it will.  He who hides the wrong he did, does the wrong thing still”.

These Republicans, if they win in November cannot be expected by some streak of pure magic, to be honest and  truthful in their dealings suddenly after they gain the power they connive to achieve by pure, unadulterated mendacious lies.

We can only keep Hope alive and trust as in the words of Bob Marley in his song “War”
  “And we know we shall win
As we are confident
In the victory of good over evil – of good over evil…. of good over  evil.

The “we” being the American people.
Why Do Republicans Hate Women So Much?
By David A. Franklin, Jr.
Nirvana’s song “Rape Me” may be open to several interpretations.  Republicans it is apparent, are receiving this as an invitation by the women of America to commit this bastardly act on them. 

“Hate me
Do it and do it again
Waste me
Rape me, my friend”

Republicans display a penchant to debase, demean, degrade, and defile women with the thinking that they have the absolute and supreme authority over all aspects of women’s lives.  Whether it is on the job (less pay for equal work and no recognition for promotion although women may equal and even outstrip their male counterparts in ability and performance), in the bedroom, in their uteruses, in their sexual organs in general, being against preventive healthcare for women, and the list goes on. As I asked in an earlier article - where did these people come from?  Did they happen on planet earth from outer space and even so, do they have mothers, grandmothers, sisters, wives, daughters and nieces?  Or are they themselves women – since women too, are among those who vote for these laws? Or is it that these Republicans who repeatedly cosponsor and vote into law these suppressive, authoritarian, and draconian rules by which women should abide, are still living in the cobwebs of time? In the late 19th Century to early 20th Century rights were fought for and won, during which period:  
1.      Married women were legally dead in the eyes of the law 
2.      Women were not allowed to vote 
3.      Women had to submit to laws when they had no voice in their formation
4.      Married women had no property rights 
5.      Women were not allowed to enter professions such as medicine or law 
6.      Women had no means to gain an education since no college or university would accept women students 
7.      Women were not allowed to participate in the affairs of the church
8.      Women were robbed of their self-confidence and self-respect
9.      Women were made totally dependent on men.

Item number 3 above is what obtains within the thinking of the Republican Party- Women have to submit to laws when they have no voice in their formation.
The status of women in the Mormon Church has a
question sign hanging over it and continues to be a source of debate as it has been since before the death of the church’s founder Joseph Smith, Jr. in 1844. In other religions also, woman equality is still being hindered – the Catholic Church where nuns/women cannot be ordained as priests for example.  These Republicans (under the pretext of Christianity) see themselves better than other religions that practice these anti-woman sentiments. Republicans are among those who are the strongest critics of other religious  practices as it pertains to the treatment of women in other cultures and societies. How different are they and their faiths from Islam where equality of women is abhorred?  Is this not the same horse?

Anti-Women Bills
In the past four months alone, all across the United States, State Houses dominated by Republicans have introduced some 916 Anti-Women Bills – at the  expense of, and forgetting jobs, healthcare, budget. Another 300+ bills are pending. Their hate stems from fear as women are thriving in all spheres of life in 21st Century America coupled with these haters’ un-emancipated minds. When compared to the Taliban, today’s GOP is exactly the same. Their avid
supporters bomb health clinics that provide the opportunity for women to choose not to have a baby (even in cases of rape and incest) and strongly believe that women should be seen but not heard (Stepford Wives Syndrome). They have done a good job in demonizing Planned Parenthood and have become the standard bearers for the last of the chauvinistic Old Boys Network.  Any female who still would vote for Republicans after all this, needs serious  psychological help with their Stockholm Syndrome. GOP “War On Women” (from

Let it be known that a woman’s place is in the House. In the House - in the State Senates and State Houses, in the U.S. Congress, in Governor’s mansions across America and ultimately the White House. 
And, for the love of everything that is good in this world, can someone please explain to me what the hell is “legitimate rape”? When we find this out, we can rename Nirvana’s song to “Legitimately Rape Me Republicans”!
From Todd Akin to Paul Ryan to Mitt Romney to the entire Republican House, those in the Senate and beyond in the “jerk-osphere” of the Republican Party they share those backward and anti-woman sentiments and one can only postulate that those females among them be it professional colleagues or family members are keeping their places in the male-centric moronic commune called the Republican Party.   
I will ask one delicate question for the road – Should Todd Akin’s daughter be raped (God forbid) by one from the “other side of society”, by someone of other ethnic origin and the baby comes looking “not like them”, would he allow his daughter to keep the pregnancy and would Akin walk around with that "different” baby and be proud of his grandchild?  He sure should but would he? I am absolutely positive he would damn well not!  Talk about circumstances Mr. Akin et

By: David A. Franklin


Quite a seemingly innocent question, the answer to which is dependent on who you ask. In this culture of severe political gridlock and polarization, I dare say “Yes!” America is doing better across the board. There have been many real accomplishments of which the Obama-Biden Administration should be proud. Here are a precious few of those accomplishments:

OBAMA’S JOB CREATING PERFORMANCE – from 2009 to date, over 4 million private sector jobs created)
Obama has turned the “Jobs Lost” report from red (dismal) to green (road to recovery). It took him only one year after the Bush eight year calamity for this statistics to start on the upward/positive swing and the swing continues. And don’t forget, this is despite of Republican obstructionist mantra!!
How Many Jobs Were Created or Lost in 2009?
•  Jobs LOST 2009: -5,060,000
How Many Jobs Were Created or Lost in 2010?
•  Jobs ADDED 2010: +1,027,000
How Many Jobs Were Created or Lost in 2011?
•  Jobs ADDED 2011: +1,840,000
How Many Jobs Were Created or Lost in 2012 to date (July 2012)?
Jobs ADDED 2012 to date: +1,059,000
Molly’s Middle America - All Jobs & Unemployment Reports (2011 & 2012)
Bureau of Labor Statistics Report LNUO2000000

• According to CNN Money Report’s David Goldman, 2008 was the worst year for jobs since 1945. “Annual loss biggest since end of World War II…November (2008), in which 584,000 jobs were lost, and December marked the first time in
the 70-year history of the report in which the economy lost more than 500,000 jobs in consecutive months.” This is the hemorrhaging and tide of job loss that the Obama Administration inherited.
BENEFITS OF OBAMACARE – Yes he cares!!The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office lists the advantages of Obamacare: 

1. It reduces overall healthcare costs for the 32 million who currently can't get insurance thus making healthcare available and affordable to these Americans. This starts in 2014.
2. For people who can't afford health insurance, the Federal government will pay the states to add them to Medicaid.
The income requirement is expanded up to 133% of the Federal poverty level - roughly $29,000 for a family of four.
3. Those who don't qualify for the expanded Medicaid will receive tax credits if their income is below 400% of the
poverty level ($88,000 for a family of four). States will be required to set up insurance exchanges to make it easier to shop for private health insurance coverage.
4. Insurance companies cannot deny children coverage for pre-existing conditions. This benefit applies to everyone in 2014. Insurance companies can no longer drop anyone from coverage once they get sick. If a company denies someone coverage, that person can go to an external appeals process.
5. Parents can put their children up to age 26 on their health insurance plans. As of 2012, more than three million previously uninsured young people were added. (Source: Department of Health and Human Services)
6. The Medicare "donut hole" gap in coverage will be eliminated by 2020.
7. People with existing health insurance will keep it. For those businesses preferring to offer a tax-free benefit like health insurance to attract good workers that won't change under Obamacare.
8. Obamacare does not apply to businesses with less than 50 employees. Larger businesses are required to offer health insurance, but receive tax credits to help employees pay premiums. In 2014, the tax credit increases to 50%.
9. The Act will lower the budget deficit by $143 billion over the next 10 years by raising some taxes and shifting more cost burdens. (Source: CBO CBO Report on Health Care Reform and the Budget; Wall Street Journal, What Health Insurance Ruling Means, June 28, 2012; NPR, Medicaid Expansion, June 27, 2012)

• Barak Obama has doubled Pell Grants. 
• He has signed into law a bill that keeps interest rates on federal student loans from doubling this year. This would have hurt approximately 7 1/2 million students raising their loan payments by an average of $1,000.
• He has invested in universities and early in childhood education for  research and development 

The list is so long it will take pages and pages to complete:
• Osama bin Laden, and top Al Qaeda leaders, are dead! A lot of relevant Al Qaeda planning documents for future attack against American soil, and interests around the world, were recovered by the heroic SEAL 6 team. Obama can boast the “Mission Accomplished” sign so stupidly and dishonestly displayed by the Republican captain of the last failed presidency!!
• General Motors and the American Motor Car industry have never before been so alive and so well. The American
Auto Industry was saved. Mitt Romney tried to claim credit for such the successful recovery after shamelessly saying “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt!”
• The $787 billion Stimulus Package. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 spurred economic growth amid the greatest recession since the 1929 Great Depression. Many Republican Governors have benefitted from this although they continue to be their true hypocritical selves and bash the stimulus.
• The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 was signed to re-regulate Wall Street. Their unchecked practices caused the Great Recession which started under the previous Bush-Cheney Administration. Positives stemming from this  law are:
 -Tightened capital requirement on large banks and financial institutions
- Mandated large banks to provide “Living Wills” to avoid chaotic bankruptcies
- Limited their ability to trade with customer’s hard earned money for their own profits
- Created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to stop abusive predatory products and companies.
• War in Iraq was ended with last troops leaving on December 18, 2011 on the orders of President Barack Obama.
• Equal Pay for Women signed into law
• Women’s Rights to choose how to care for their own bodies supported and laws passed to uphold this right.
• Afghanistan War - In June 2011, troops numbered 101,000 in Afghanistan. That is down to 91,000 and a further 23,000 leaving by the end of summer 2012. All combat missions “…will be over by next year 2013” according
to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.
• “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell!” The discriminatory policy repealed. This new policy enables gays and lesbians to
serve openly in the Armed Forces for the first time in the nation’s history.
• Colonel Moammar Gaddafi was toppled because of a joint coalition of American, European and Arab governments in a joint military action. The dictator’s 42 years of unchecked power was ended with his unceremonious overthrow by rebels on October 20, 2011. No American lives were lost and Gaddafi was killed.
• The Arab Spring saw Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak ouster on February 1, 2011. Obama publicly called on Mubarak to “accept reform or step down” which weakened and undermined the dictator’s position in, not only Egypt,
but the entire Arab world. February 11, 2011 saw Mubarak’s 30 year rule end with his overthrow and arrest.
• Improved America’s image abroad because of deft diplomacy, new pragmatic policies and lowering the caustic rhetoric employed by the Bush-Cheney Administration. 
• All “enhanced” interrogation techniques reversed a practice not only lauded but applied by the Bush-Cheney
Administration.  It is considered inhumane under the Geneva Convention. 
• The Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability and Divestment Act of 2010 was signed punishing firms and individuals who aided Iran’s petroleum sector. In early 2012, America coordinated with our Western Allies to impose
further sanctions aimed at Iranian banks. 

These are only a handful of major accomplishments by the Obama-Biden Administration. At this point in the
previous Administration, all was touted was “The War on Terror” forgetting everything else that was important. 

Rome was not built in a day.  For America to be where it needs to be, it will take a massive undertaking of epic proportions never before seen. What was destroyed and the devastation brought on the country in eight years by the
previous Administration cannot be rebuilt in four years. I doubt it can be fixed in even eight years. Barack Obama is human not a miracle worker or a messiah. 
In conclusion, having witnessed the lies and pitiful desperation of the Republicans at their recent convention, it is time to dig deep and get the honest truth America. It is a bitter pill to swallow for the Republicans but, America is on the path of economic recovery. And it is the Obama-Biden Administration to be commended. 
It’s time to go “Forward Forever, Backward Never”.   


Today's Special
Paul Ryan Plays Dodgeball

Isn’t it amusing, even comical and indeed it has an entertaining flavor to it!!!  First of all I will highlight the fact that the first “drool-er” (those drooling to become “The Pick”) I mentioned in my most recent article “GOP Convention 2012” is Paul Ryan. The others can move on and hang their heads in disappointment.  The Romney clan which by now has perfected the art of the game of dodgeball, having not answered any question directly has acquired a new team member. 

Not Florida
When in his first outing as the VP running mate, Paul Ryan did not visit Florida the campaign was quick to say “Ryan skipping Florida has nothing to do with his plan to end Medicare”.  They claim that the division of the duo, one to Florida and the other to Iowa is only to spread their resources.  Really?   Believe me, any hint of jeopardizing Medicare benefits whether true or imagined, is not received well.  Medicare is such an appreciated social program that you cannot call Medicare and “cut” in the same sentence. 

Questions:  1. Do you think those over 55 (current beneficiaries, current recipients) would not be nervous of any hint of 
                      disturbing Medicare?  They are scared that adjustments might spill over to their over 55’s group
                  2. Do you think coverage would be easy to come by, inexpensive and affordable 
                      for those now under 55 when they become voucher-qualified?  
                      Insurers - would they be welcoming and provide equitable rates? 
In Iowa, Ryan dodged the ball again!  He was asked to comment on the charge the President made that Ryan joined his House Republican colleagues in “standing in the way” of legislation to help the drought stricken heartland.  His response – he will get into “those policy things later.”  Further “Right now I just want to enjoy the fair”. 

Questions:  1. How long do you think it will take for Ryan to realize that he has no breathing space, he does not have
                     the luxury of taking a break and go to the cafeteria for a snack when he is sitting in the chair and being 
                  2. Does Ryan realize that his being picked by Romney means only that he is on a short list of one and the 
                      real interview begins with the real CEOs - the electorate?
I think Ryan’s actions over the first few days are indicating that he thinks he has arrived and the job of VP is all sewed up…  He acts not only as if he has arrived, but that he is already there!

What are your thoughts?

By: David A. Franklin, Jr.

We wait with bated breath - some to enjoy and others to be horrified with  the excitement, restlessness, ferment, debacle at this 2012 GOP Convention with all the rival factions, the undercurrents, the dictates of big Super Pac donors, et al.  It’s a must see!!!

 As far as the intrigue is concerned I focus on the VP pick.  There are those with mouthwatering desire to be picked and those who are convinced that they have the ‘big axe’ to dictate their wants and demands.  The first category of the “drool-ers” includes Marco Rubio the Senator from Florida and Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana and we cannot rule out the secret wishes of one such as Michelle Bachmann being a woman and all, who she thinks could help the Presidential Candidate with this demography in which he is trailing so badly.  Don’t forget she thinks she could be president so why not vice-president?

The second and larger category includes the million-dollar donors, together with those who are afforded un-tethered and unbridled access to conservative news organs – the Rush Limbaughs of this world, the Christian Conservative groups, the Fringe Right Republicans, the Tea Party and those who the “Unfair and Unbalanced” Fox Network breeds to feed their festered hatred and tension while causing the proverbial pus and infection among GOP base. Each player in this group with absolute certainty thinks that they can dictate who should be or should not be picked. 
And last, but by no means least let us not forget the indomitable Ron Paul with his resolute, stubborn, spirited and determined persona who is expected to inject a level of excitement we could truly enjoy or which could be cringe-worthy depending on which side of the isle of the theater you sit.

 I will get my glass of lemonade, and I invite those who prefer soda or beer to join me and my popcorn and be a part of the 2012 GOP Convention and whether to sympathize, or with vicarious pleasure be a part of what threatens to be the most exciting party Convention ever!

Conspiracy, plot, deception, scheme, stratagem, maneuver, ruse, subterfuge and trickery which have been applied and traded among fellow Republican Presidential hopefuls during the primary season and currently in the Presidential Campaign against President Obama and the Democrats will be for those few days later this month of August (27 through 30, 2012) expected to be directed inwardly at the Convention. It will be inbreeding of a sorts, of the bile that is so much a part of their character. All we have seen and can anticipate is that they will go against the very laws of nature: the human body for example recognizes organs and tissues as its own and does not attack them with antibodies but the GOP has never and cannot be expected to adopt this law of nature.  Great theater for some and horror for others!

Sarah Palin & the Tea Party Shadow:
Can we expect some covert side shows with Sarah Palin’s silhouette hanging over the happenings?  I think we already are seeing this.  In an article of “The Ballot 2012” Rebekah Metzler on July 5th, 2012 wrote: Experts: Romney Won't Pick Woman VP Because of Sarah Palin.  Further the article says “the long shadow of Sarah Palin still hangs over vice presidential politics, says Jennifer Lawless, director of American University's Women and Politics Institute. John McCain's decision to share the ticket with the former Alaska governor in 2008 was widely panned after a series of missteps by Palin,..” 

Sarah Palin is still the darling of the Tea Party and although she spouts nonsense they continue to buy into her idiocy and insanity, hook line and sinker for reasons obvious to some but which escapes the understanding of most logical thinkers.  BUT Governor Palin is definitely one of the flies in the ointment.

Ron Paul and the Obscure Rule 40

RNC rule No. 40(b) states: “Each candidate for nomination for President of the United States and Vice President of the United States shall demonstrate the support of a plurality of the delegates from each of five (5) or more states, severally, prior to the presentation of the name of that candidate for nomination.”

Four years ago, the Republican National Committee (RNC) instituted the Rule 40 which opens a window of opportunity for the Paul camp to cause major heartache and nuisance for Mitt Romney in the nominating his choice for VP at the convention. 

Ron Paul and his loyalists control majority delegates in at least three states (Maine, Minnesota and Iowa) a fact not to be forgotten and which has been clouded by all the other shenanigans being played out over the past few months in the party. 

In an email in June, Paul said “…When it is all said and done, we will likely have as many as 500 supporters as delegates on the Convention floor. That is just over 20 percent!
And while this total is not enough to win the nomination, it puts us in a tremendous position to grow our movement and shape the future of the GOP!"

Tell me – how better to “shape the future of the GOP” than to demand and succeed in choosing the VP pick? 

 Ron Paul backers fight effectively for GOP goals: 
The rest of the world may have moved on, but loyal followers of Rep. Ron Paul of Texas are still fighting a rear-guard — and effective — battle for delegates at the state level with just weeks to go before Republicans gather for their national convention in Tampa, Fla. A federal judge this week allowed delegates supporting Mr. Paul to file an amended complaint in a case in which they accuse the Republican National Committee of manipulating the delegate allocation process” David Sherfinski of the Washington Times, August 8, 2012 

Although some of the Paul camp says they do not plan to cause ruckus at the convention, I know the GOP Establishment is on edge. Is a speaker position for his son Rand enough pay-off to stop this possible show?  

Friends, neighbors, believers and non-believers all - the intrigued, and those who belong to the group that think “it’s not funny”… sit back, relax let the show begin because I believe there will be fun for all!

Why is it that caring for the poor in other countries is so honorable but caring for the American poor is Socialism?  Not only are jobs being sent offshore but compassion too.

By David A. Franklin, Jr.

“I will not be party to socializing health care ...” ~ Governor Rick Perry (R-Texas), which boasts the highest uninsured residents in the nation.
Why do Americans – Evangelicals, Mormons and Republicans included - give so generously to the poor in other countries?  And the troubling question is - why in America these “Christian, kind-hearted, caring” people do not give to, or pray for, or vote for healthcare for America’s poor but they boast of their work for the poor in other countries? Work that includes running and building schools, clinics and hospitals.  They teach, heal and feed the poor and unfortunate of other countries but no – not here in America. 

         “Most white evangelicals in America reflexively dislike the 
         Affordable Care Act. They don’t know why, and can’t tell you why other than 
         ‘SOCIALISM!!!’ or fear of contraceptive religious persecution or death panels or 
         some other myth…White American evangelicals support health care for poor people 
         overseas. And White American evangelicals adamantly oppose health care for poor 
         people here in America.”
Fred Clark - former staff person with Evangelicals for 
         Social Action and a graduate of Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

The Mormons in their GLOBAL HUMANITARIAN OUTREACH states“The Church humanitarian work primarily helps those in need who are not members of the Church. There are many people in virtually any community in the world who struggle to meet their basic needs. The Church seeks to help as many as possible”. Where is the love for the American poor? 

Christian Conservatives Right-wing US based Christians especially Evangelicals and Pentecostals.  This group is consistent with its assault on human rights. They have broadened their US and international agenda to breed cultural wars and implant right-wing political agendas. Jesus according to their actions would not want the sick, the poor and injured to get Healthcare!!  Their “in your face” arrogance about Jesus under the guise to “save” people is a total disconnect from what their Champion preached and lived. Their Champion Jesus healed the sick (the leopards, the blind, and the lame) and fed the hungry. He said “Blessed are the poor..”  “In as much as you do to the least of these, you have done it onto me.”
The concern for poverty alleviation exhibited by these Republicans, these “benevolent Americans” begins at America’s water’s edge and radiates outwards or more distinctively away from America. It is apparent that their love of people can be and is compartmentalized.  It is fully evident that this “love and concern for others”exhibited by these holier-than-thou and concerned people and organizations is rooted in prejudice. 
“Despite significant advances in civil rights, race remains a significant factor in determining whether an individual receives care, whether an individual receives high quality care, and in determining health outcomes.”~ Kaiser Family Foundation “Eliminating Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Health Care: What are  the Options?”

And I boldly state that this lack of care is driven and dictated by a pot pourri of prejudices. Their utterly despicable and
  contemptible behavior is as a result of who is putting forward the agenda for helping the American poor and also driven by self aggrandizing agendas of these benevolent do-gooders. The deliberate plan is intended only to let themselves  seem bigger and better with their self exaggerated praise of how much good they are doing and not because they genuinely want to do good! But they should remember that the same God they claim to be serving and at the same time acting as if they own this God, knows the inner workings of their hearts, minds and souls and know the truth.  The Good Book by which they claim to live states that “God is not mocked”, and this hypocrisy and prejudice, both overt and covert is nothing but a mockery to truth and honesty.
Let me move outside of the realm of emotions and document some facts. 
The United States government is the largest donor in dollar terms to this crucial help to poor developing nations.  The US helps these countries to grow out of poverty and we must remember that this ‘gift’ must be agreed to by congress and written into the Federal Budget therefore these GOP Congressmen and women play a crucial role in allocating these sums for foreign countries while they block any bill that would help America’s poor.
The US admirably contributes to the World Food Program and the Global Health Initiative to assist the millions of starving and undernourished people in foreign/developing countries. 
The Kaiser Family Foundation 2012 Survey of Americans on the U.S. Role in Global Health looks at, among other things, the attitudes of Americans about the role and contribution of the US in its endeavor in improving the health for people in developing countries and how the public views the country’s support for global health.

 Improving health in developing countries is one of many priorities the public sees as important for the president and Congress to address in world affairs….  Within health, basic needs such as providing clean water and reducing hunger, along with improving children’s health, are seen as the top priorities, though every health issue asked about in the survey is seen as important by a large majority of the public.” ~ Kaiser Family Foundation – US Global Health

A precious few of the benefits of the Affordable Care Act read like this:

 1.       3.1 million more young adults will have health insurance under their parents plan
 2.       3 million seniors have already received a 50% discount on their prescription drugs
 3.       Millions of Americans are provided to no-cost preventative services 
 4.       Abusive insurance practices are being abolished
 5.       The Act helps small business with the cost of health insurance for their staff
 6        Coverage for pre-existing conditions

Poverty levels among children in America sees almost 15 million
children (that is 21% of all children) live in families living below the federal
poverty level. And don’t forget child poverty rates are highest among black,
Latino and American Indian children.  Statistics show the official child poverty
rates ranging from 9% in New Hampshire to 31% in Mississippi. With facts such as
this, I reiterate the obvious flavor of prejudice.  Why care for the Americans who are living below poverty levels?  There are more accolades, goodwill and publicity to be had if aid in Healthcare and Poverty Alleviation is given offshore. Not only are jobs being sent offshore but compassion too.

There are some GOP governors who flatly refuse to implement the nationalized health care plan. Texas’ Gov. Rick Perry, Gov. Rick Scott of Florida, Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona and Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana are adamant that they will not implement Affordable Care Medicare expansion into their states. 


Texas             Uninsured  27.5%        Child Poverty  34.0%          Governor's Decree: “I will not be 
                                                                                                                                  party to
 socializing  health care”

Florida         Uninsured   21.0%         Child Poverty  28.0%         Governor's Decree: “ Opting out of Obamacare
                                                                                                                                                  is the right decision for 
                                                                                                                                                  our citizens."
Arizona       Uninsured  19.0%         Child Poverty  35.0%           Governor's Decree:"Obamacare must be fully

Louisiana   Uninsured  17.0%         Child Poverty  31.0%           Governor's  Decree “We are committed to 
                                                                                                                                                working to elect Gov.
                                                                                                                                         Romney to repeal Obamacare.”

Uninsured and Child Poverty - Source Kaiser Family Foundation
The United States Congress allocates billions of dollars in Foreign Aid annually. In FY2010 alone, U.S.foreign assistance totaled $39.4  billion, or 1.1% of the total federal budget. This was the highest level of U.S. foreign assistance since 1985. The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the State Department, the primary administrators of U.S. foreign assistance, provided $10.38 billion in security-related assistance; $10.93 billion for health, education, and social welfare programs; $3.64 billion for governance programs; $5.21 for economic growth activities; and $4.98 in humanitarian assistance. Assistance can take the form of cash transfers, equipment and commodities, infrastructure, or technical assistance, and, in recent decades, is provided almost exclusively on a grant rather than loan basis.

Don't misunderstand me, I am all for foreign aid having been brought up under the edict that "you never  have too little to share" but.....
  Why is it that caring for the poor in other countries is so honorable but caring for the American poor is Socialism?  Please help me understand!!!